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Mon, Dec 5, 2016 – 007 – Licensed to Bill

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Effectively, Doctors are forced to murder their patients by their Medical Associations forcing them to ignore Lyme Disease in countries adopting public health care system racketeering tactics. They cannot diagnose or treat Borreliosis for fear of losing their licence to practice medicine. That extortion is the case for Racketeering against Medical Associations. Now I see why they give Dr Alan B MacDonald such a hard time, or ignore his discoveries. He has linked borrelia to all the top killer chronic diseases, effective murder weapons, and now he is starting to link nematodes as the effective disease “Kingpins” in this Apple Leaf RICO Takedown. I discovered they come from all sorts of bug stings, bites, and even contacting aquatic biofilm.

Whenever you’ve got murder on the table, everybody moves to blame everybody else. The Racket gets out of this by saying the doctor is doing the murder, which is true. We need evidence that the Racket, DBA (Doing Business As) Medical Association, “goons” the doctors. There are plenty of tribunals of Lyme Doctors that they have shut down and ruined their livelihood and credentials. All those are our Evidence. This sets a precedent which doesn’t absolve the other doctors from playing around Borreliosis. The only out is to claim incompetence. Ironically, the “Lyme Doctors” that did the right thing are the only ones not guilty of Murder for their OC “Bosses” running this Racket. To give RICO the claws it needs, the law has to stop looking the other way, literally putting Murder in their Court.

Early on in the first episode of “Greys Anatomy” up on Netflix (my latest binge watch,) one intern, George O’Malley, is chided for being “007” or “Licensed to Kill” over a mistake he made. Now here in Canadian health care we have ALL doctors “007” by order of their medical association goons. It is a legal paradox. It can be resolved by fingering the licensing body, issuing these “Licenses to Kill” as requirements of Association. In My Opinion your Honour, the obvious Goons have been outed. Capital Goonery in the First Degree.

Just who are leading the Goons? Follow the money, and in our case the lack thereof. Apple Leaves not only show the way to a new, innovative solution, but they can give the doctors a pass by obviously demonstrating horrific incompetence. It’s all Vector Nematodes. That is what should be targeted. Everything else about medicine is largely a scam dancing around this inescapable fact demonstrated physically by Apple Leaves. Back to the law, I can see the judge striking down that “License to Kill” exemption power because it is for Money in terms off loss prevention for the “Insurance Scam Outfit,” and not the intended reason. The intention is that because of the life and death power inherently vested in doctors by the nature of their business, they are given a pass to be 007 or Licensed to Kill. That is not a licence to commit murder for money, which they are currently doing, by getting muscled to eliminate their Licence to Bill.

And that is a given as to why they turn Lyme Patients away. They have had legal advice from their Governing Body Goons. It is horrific legal advice from the point of the murder victims, and of course the goons will deny it. Oh, they were going to die anyway, say the goons. Put a gun to the head of the goons and cock the trigger. Say you’re going to die anyway. They will say that’s different. Tell that to the judge, you say. But I digress. We are being misdirected by the real Kingpins in this whole scam, the Insurance Racket where the Money is, plus and minus, and the real crime is, making minus minus by eliminating doctors that make it simple minus in the first place. Lyme Disease Minu$ Doctor = Minu$$$ Minu$$$.

Canada has public health care insurance run by the government DBA The Crown. Who is above the law? The Central Bank, but it is not the government. The implications here are that the government is murdering for money with their public health care murder for money schemes. This is a new kind of mass murder crime. By effectively creating the Power to Create Money out of Thin Air, using murder for theft of Loss Prevention Credits, this insurance racket has become a National Bank, above the law. Mayer Amschel Bauer DBA Rothschild famously said “Give me the power to create a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws!” By effectively “coining” negative money out of existence, they have a commodity every bit as good as gold if not better. A penny saved is a penny earned. A Lyme disease patient killed is all their real estate, belongings, and lifetime insurance contributions earned minus the pittance that they frantically blow on stuff to ease their pain outside the system. What about inheritance? It will kill most of their relatives or even vector transfer accessible acquaintances too.

Moral of story: Public health care seems like a great idea until they are forced into racketeering to make ends meet, and use the Canadian System rife with legal loopholes that escalate all the way to Licence to Murder and total net worth theft. How do you prosecute for RICO with the QCs representing both sides? You can’t sue City Hall even for murder and organized crime.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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