Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Dec 6, 2016 – Back to The Back

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After suffering for 5-6 years or so from age 8, 1964 to 1970 after being stung by a nest of Yellow Jacket wasps it turns out, I was finally diagnosed with Anklosing Spondylitis, a rotten form of juvenile arthritis. Likely my first tangle with Lyme Arthritis. From the 60’s on, my life was ruined, 4 hours sleep, then having to sit vertical until the pain subsided, and maybe catch a few winks before awakening again. Nearly 50 years later, 6 or 7 nematodes came out of those stings. They never tell you about the spinal stenosis that comes with that. In Feb 2014, I had the peripheral neuropathy that comes with that in my legs. That is what I found is happening from an early episode of Grey’s (SIC) Anatomy (I have an English – Not American Spiel Chequer) that I am watching on Netflix. Doctors will not give you access to your data here in this screwed up public health paralysed murderous hell hole. It is the Dave DeBronkart argument. “Give us our damn data!” I’ve had enough CT scans to nuke a Hoagie to a crisp.

Long story short, it makes sense. What I thought was MS or ALS is more likely spinal stenosis with long term AS causality. It is affecting my lower mobility neurons now at age 60. It explains why they wanted to try lumbar anesthesia, a low risk with low success rate non invasive procedure, in 1990. I thought they were nuts because I couldn’t trust them by that time. They proposed paralysing me and putting me in a wheelchair then. Nothing worked and it became obvious they were shooting in the dark. True to form, they threw me in psych because I was having pain so I could not sleep. A lot of pain at the time. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense they moved to become2 immune to prosecution because they do not know WTF they are doing.

In that type of arthritis, the calcium deposits and bone spurs must be dissolved, as opposed to osteoarthritis, the exact opposite. This is the stuff that makes up plaque leading to heart attacks too. Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey does that, but I am going to try a new thing. I know that apple leaves and bark are the stuff that makes the cloudy “mother” stuff in unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, giving it super powers. Why not just regular vinegar and unpasteurized, or air dried, powdered apple leaves and/or bark? I will have to see. Another thing I noticed is ethanol was the only relief from a life time of rheumatoid arthritis. That could be from the vascular dilation effect of ethanol. The biggest trouble is making the stuff palatable. Blecch! Honey recommended, but I still have lots of old sugar. It couild be getting old enough past a couple half lives of all the glyphosate in it. Again, I will have to see. Unpasteurized honey is hard to find since Monsanto killed all the bees then paid to blame Bayer for it with a weak science paper. Bayer countered by moving to buy the comparative Monsanto pipsqueaks.

OK, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 2 tsp sugar, 1 cup coffee, 1 capsule 2:1 AppLyme. Blecch, but it is doing *something.* Producing more lower viscosity mucus. Hopefully that will help get the vinegar down to the small intestine where it is more bioavailable. Trying to lower the pH here, a standard process engineering technique. That should start getting the calcium deposits dissolving. I know it works in  urine to remove calcium biofilm build up on a urinal for example. Note it is affecting biofilm, dissolving in situ  on the teeth, a good sign. An hour later, I have minor dull pain in a formerly numb area. I suspect the stenosis is L4-5 and lower due to the associated neuropathy. I suspect it affects bladder and bowel control too. Chalk it up to another huge apple leaf discovery. Well, that, and nobody knows their way around this processing plant like I do. I have sensors in every cubic mm of it.

my-assK, what is it now? Couple hours? Still minor running nose. Weird spell a half hour ago like a brain clot freeing up. Bit dizzy for 15 seconds, then back, but with a bit of WTF was that? Vertigo like feeling. This is definitely targeting something in the blood stream. I am still thinking I should lie down for a bit, but I want to keep updates rolling here. Maybe too much vinegar, and I should have put more sugar in my thermos of coffee. My right hand Parkinsons is getting decidedly steadier. The formerly shaky muscles feel stiff.

It’s been 5 and a half hours. I had a nap. It helped. Minor improvement. I don’t get enough vinegar in my diet obviously. Apple leaves and vinegar together is a new trick to fake super apple cider vinegar.Extra Mother. Leg muscles that were problematic are less stiff, but stiff too. That is actually a good thing. Right side Parkinsons shoulder is sore but more uncomfortable actually which is a totally new thing. I thought this was all lower body stuff but it is even higher up to a definite degree. It’s a little TMI, but like Yolanda says with Lyme Disease, you don’t get it until you get it. Then again, it could be too much binge watching Greys Anatomy (I’ll keep correcting the spelling to English. WTF is up with that on a major TV series… a misspelled title? Possessive doesn’t deserve am apostrophe and it isn’t “Grey is” Anatomy.)

Doctors don’t want to kill people, nor does their Medical Association, all being a higher bunch o’ doctors. They are taking the fall though for the Insurance Racket. Sure can’t let that go. It’s still RICO at least. But back off that thing to work on this alleged permanent damage. I’m a lot better at TMINAD™ than that law shzt. I’m also immune to all that RICO stuff because of it. I’m more than Lyme Literate enough.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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