Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 7, 2016 – Spinal Stenosis

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Yesterday, we explored the Lyme Disease link through late stage Anklosing Spondylitis to Spinal Stenosis. I am trying to treat it with AppLyme, vinegar, and Caduceus.svgsugar (for taste) to get the calcium from a depositing rheumatoid arthritis state to eroding away in situ. Remembering back, Dr A B MacDonald found chalky spinal fluid and worms in MS autopsies. I propose that this “chalk” is actually excess calcium, created by some unknown process, possibly just rejection, by those parasitic borrelia sheltering worms I discovered with apple leaves shortly after July 31, 2014. I’m in a position where doctors can’t go because their professional organizations will not let them further the science here. I can report that it seems to be working which they can’t. I would know because I seem to have advanced spinal stenosis symptoms, and I am in a fourth world health care system preoccupied trying to tell the third world how to do medical business that we know as a slam dunk R.I.C.O./T.O.C. Indictment. They won’t treat it, but instead may give your worms a tasty gourmet snack of fibrinogen with a procedure to cut the wall out of your spinal column. Mmmm, mmmm. (worm lip smacking sound)

Those calcium deposits took decades to get there, but it is actually a little bit frightening getting them out so fast. I started with a little bit too much vinegar with the apple leaves. It’s like a replay of when I took too many apple leaves to start, except the effect is more physical than neurological like it was then. Here we are right back at Du Testing from Dec 6, 2016 onwards with AA (acetic acid) Apple Leaf testing.

There is a marked UTI Effect going on here as then, too. There is also a GI Effect in that more control has returned to “Hold It.” Neurologically you can feel the chalk pound-o-wormsbeing dissolved in the spinal lymphatic system I presume, and it is the queaziness I am feeling I suspect. I am also not used to digesting vinegar it is becoming clear. Maybe that is it, but the effect is clearly more than digestion alone. There is a low grade single ibuprofen headache too, like apple leaf deja vu all over again, but less intense now. That first day in 2014 was a bit of a real shocker like switching on the lights after 40-50 years of darkness. It effectively read my brain the riot act, and all the bug worms too for the first time. It became clear I was pretty buggered up for 58 years.

Sorry kids – old guy stuff, unless you want a sneak preview of how far they will let you get down when they give up and want you dead instead. Too much of a drag on DiYthe system. There is some time that you have to give up on doctors and DIY instead. I sure wish I knew that 52 tears ago though. They aren’t invested in cures. They’re invested in making money, and they set it up in a legal paradox to do only that. Get Lyme Disease early, and count your lucky stars in a left handed way. TMINAD™, but just imagine the irony when a doctor gets it. Here the good news. They’re all going to get it and they won’t have a clue what it is. That’s because they won’t listen to someone else who found out. They’ll want a doctor to treat whatever the hell it is, and we know it’s about 20 or 30 pounds of worm glop that is feeding on them that they couldn’t find for all history. Some idiot just ate apple leaves, and Voila! There’s your trouble. All of it.

Talent hits a target nobody else can hit, genius hits a target nobody else can see, but what about hitting a dot in the bulls eye centre of a target nobody else even knows exists? It is like I used to say at work. I’m gonna run out of miracles one of these days, and when I finally did, they lost the entire $50B oil company to a $15B foreign bidder. I know how to fix that too, and make it worth more than it originally was. Eventually, they may find out how to worm up to it too. Now it is probably way less than $1B in scrap and all the reserves are worthless with what they are doing. Not my call any more. I’m on to T’s not B’s now. Not bragging. Just sayin’.

In make believe world Greys Anatomy, they can pick their doctor from a deep competency pool. Not in Canada with no choice in the matter. I think it’s The Insurance picks them because they cherry pick a certain attendant and clean off their liability slate. It makes a lucrative business out of a sure fire failure model. There are so few veterans in Canada that people have no idea how bad public health care is. Out of house science looked down on. They’re doing so “well” without us. Reality in place of Hollywood trauma queens. Egos and confrontations with extra blood and popcorn. Another Netflix binge watch. No life and death commercials.

Reality links bugs and arthritis from bug worms apple leaves boot out. Hollywood also has a reality. Ineffective CPR chest compressions. They don’t want kids trying out the real thing on each other. It’s a lot easier after the ribs break. I was taught by Street Paramedics. Jokes with practice robot patients on TV. Residents playing  hide the weenie with interns. Real HD is better than satellite in both audio and video. I’m up to Season 5 Episode 11 Graze Anatomy 2008. After they operate on the pigs. There was no way I could have watched it then working 20 hour days and fighting what would turn out to be spinal stenosis from bug stings. Now I finally have a chance.







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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