Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 8, 2016 – “V” Is For…

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I find it interesting that things common to the diet, yet not so common, can fight rheumatoid arthritis and thus possibly Lyme rheumatoid arthritis build up of calcium in muscles, joints, definitely the urinary tract, and as we have seen, the spine. They can work in concert with pectin enzyme and apple leaves I notice. Apple cider vinegar is a common holistic remedy, unpasteurized. I have a new trick. I can make Super Mother apple cider vinegar with  fortified mother from apple leaves and bark. You can take them separately. You don’t have to mix them together, and I haven’t tried that yet but there are cautions. It works with plain white generic vinegar. Worms definitely think it is a Super Mother. It dissolves their old biofilm “brains.” I can re unite the fam damily of the apple tree easily.

To this end, I discovered a new little bug. I thought it was a piece of dirt, but it started moving. It tried to snack on my neck. Surprise. Apple leaves. The little bugger decided no more of that. “V” is also for Vamoose, Vitamins, and Veterinarian too. There is the Season 3 or 4 Graze Anatomy where Izzy and the interns resuscitate the deer caught in the headlights for little Mikey. BVM, paddles, clear, and voila! Cool. All the time, Mikeys dad is talking about road kill cafe to discourage him. Some of  us in that general Washington area know all too well about the struggles of deer to survive under the radar with urban sprawl. “V” is for Victory sometimes, and Vanquished others.

Acetic Acid and cigarette ash produce Hydrogen Sulphide which is a deadly Poison according to my oilfield HAZMAT professors, but do not try it! It is 1,000 times deadlier than cyanide. Hydrogen Sulphide is also readily soluble in water, but comes out of solution as a gas when agitated. It also has the widest spread of lower and upper explosive limits of any known volatile gas. Not a good thing. Very explosive. Make sure you do not mix it with burned apple leaves! Burnt plant matter is potash, so it has the exact same effect. I just air dry my apple leaves in good ventilation, or with carbon dioxide exhaust from a heater. Carbon dioxide also kills midges/bugs deader than a door nail and is how some mosquito traps work. Apples are stored in carbon dioxide to preserve them. The leaves could be too, but they keep OK if you just keep them dry.

Neurocysticerosis is worm parasites in the brain from cattle or pork. Graze Anatomy Season 5 again. We found there is a LOT more than just that, and it is all unknown. S6 E1 is the one where George gets hit by a bus, but the sideline is a kid comes in and the doctors are all stumped. Welcome to Lyme Disease kid. Vet eyes got it in seconds. The doctors all go to the back of the class Lyme 101. Their mark so far? 00%. lol. It’s even a Racket in Hollywood. Since 2009. Statute of limitations doesn’t run out in  murder though. R.I.C.O. That’s the scalpel to cut this one out. I read my Lyme critters the riot act over a couple years ago to the point where they blabbed. They left their slimy brains behind they were is so much of a hurry, but the channel is still open. We are made of worm brain. They maketh, and taketh. S6 E2, the mystery patient is Andy, still no diagnosis. 2009. Do I win a toaster oven or something? Still 00%. License to Bill.

pound-o-wormsWhat is worm brain made out of? AFAICT, frog shzt and snot. I  thought it was water but it’s thnot. Thnawt, I tell ya. That is a pretty smart life form to make a brain out of something there is lots of, and especially not to carry it around in a bone container on its shoulders. Fail there with humans. They  mostly have their brains in their biofilm ass any way, minus the cellulite dimples they crap out. They crap out multicolour threads too in Morgellons. Rock star 00%’s think it’s a mental illness. More 00%. Or 007. Either or.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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