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Sun, Dec 11, 2016 – Tables Turned

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Borrelia is evolving to the ultimate medical backfire. It is an inherent weakness in all medical systems. All the infected people are congregated in the same location. A very bad idea when you don’t even know it exists, can’t be sterilized away, and is extremely vector contagious. There is a cloud in this silver lining though. An apple leaf stink bomb a day can keep the nematodes away. You may think that is a bad thing until you look at the big picture. The inarguable thing is that with our medical system, everybody dies. It is a mantra drilled into medical people. Everybody dies. I found out a way out, and the biggest resistance to my discovery comes from medical people. they have failed for all medical history until borrelia worm poo won once, and never stopped winning. Until now…

It is so hard to explain that I have tried for 2 and a quarter years here to the point where I gave up three months ago. They’re all dead I thought then. Nobody will ever know about it I figured, and and I had come to the point where I just said fuck ’em all by that time. They mocked me, and a month or two later, they were dead. Just like they had been told all their lives. They all think it is borrelia in the ultimate misdirection of a magic trick. The invisible nematode pulls the strings. You have to be in an autopsy otherwise to see it. Although our medical system is horrific, the last time I checked there are no alive autopsies. Maybe that’s it to get the point across. Conduct your own autopsy with apple leaves. Sneak preview.

ShivaEverybody says the same thing in Graze Anatomy. Every “body.” I was fine until this. The same thing is happening with everybody right now and  this nematodiasis that you can’t discover without apple leaves. I can rewind the clock and they mock me. Well here is my message to everybody while they are still alive. Like that? Want more, better listen up, or pore over this whole blog for two years. I don’t give a shit any more. You are all dead although I have tried. My medical professional friend mocks me, a hospital administrator that I have repetitively told over two years how to cure everybody except the traumas, which this would also help immensely, and she mocks me. Not very professional.

T4Veterinary neurology – my niche, I guess. Call me on it. lol The phone ain’t ringing off the hook. At least they won’t mock my nano surgery. Phage were discovered by Felix d’Herelle a century and change ag0. He was a born Canadian in Montreal, but Pasteur Institute called… Eventually… I guess I am a lot like him. Nanosurgery Ltd. I became a phage engineer that delivered figuratively. I blame those damn apple leaves.

She looks like she’s got her hooks out… Just sayin’…

Worms hate ’em naturally. That must be how.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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