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Mon, Dec 12, 2016 – Mockery

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The way things are, it’s a mockery of medicine. You get bit by a bug, nature’s dirty needles, get sick with an “unknown illness,” and get locked up in a psych ward. What is the world coming to? Extinction. It is that stupid.Whenever you have smart people being stupid, you have criminal behaviour. Some get a pass because they are undercover or intelligence agents or leaders of the same. These doctors use their license to kill to destroy people. When you have doctors being extorted and threatened to have their licence lifted if they treat Lyme disease, that is Organized Crime. They’ve ignored this disease for 40 years.

Then along come apple leaves, and they mock that with their 00% credentials. Apple Leaves should explode a whole new front on Lyme disease. Instead, the science gets suppressed. What is that when a mockery mocks you? Criminally stupid. Here is Graze Anatomy S8 E23 “Migration.” Worm in C4 cervical spine, Hollywood 1″ worm from Thailand. The ones here are less than a tenth that size when apple leaves spook them out. It’s the one where Alex finishes first and gets a job offer from Johns Hopkins, or as it’s known in Canada, “Who?” 00%. Meredith is going to Boston, and Christine to Mayo. But at the end of S8 E24, they’re all in a plane crash. They are Hollywood all stars and we are at the other end of the scale.

Today after phoning around, there is a hidden epidemic of spinal stenosis going around here, just one symptom of long ignored and untreated Lyme disease. They do multiple crippling back operations to replace what they could have treated in the first place with Cameron, Johnson, and Maloney. Ironically, the day after it was published, I discovered eating apple leaves would skunk out hundreds of vector nematode parasites acquired over a lifetime of bug bites and stings. All of the heartache and needless surgeries that could have been avoided by simply treating PTLDS and smoking out the causative nematodes. On a side note, the Honeycrisp apple tree is the state fruit of Minnesota. At least Dr Bauer has a good source of apple leaves for the Mayo Clinic. We already have borrelia mayonii from Minnesota apples. Now we have the apple leaves themselves that I told them about.

This brings us back to the medical mockery that is destroying lives in Canada, and now there is no argument about it. They let a now curable disease progress to a point of multiple surgeries for money and reduced quality of life. This is all because they refuse to believe the disease exists. I am stuck in spinal stenosisville because of it. That is what happens when they play patty cake with Lyme Disease. Now doctors are in ethical hell through no small fault of their medical associations. Make no mistake, apple leaves expose what makes borrelia chronic, and that is the nematodes. Getting rid of those nematodes is the first step to the cure.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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