Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 14, 2016 – Common Chord

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Borrelia is just a common note to the symphony of all chronic disease. Parasitic Vector Nematodiasis has endosymbiont borrelia and God knows what else such as biofilm farms, RMSF, bartonella, and babesia/malaria. Why isn’t more research done into vector parasitology and nematodiasis? That is the $64,000 question, and they do not even know it exists. They can’t even say it or get eminent vector parasitologist Dr Rudenko’s name right. In a week I will be 61 years old and since I pound-o-wormswas 58 and a half, I haven’t been able to ignore it after discovering hundreds of nematodes hiding subcutaneously in me. Pretty soon it was obvious that they all came from bug stings and bites. And here I am struggling with bizarre analogies why they do not want to know why medicine cannot solve any chronic disease when the answer is right here. Unfortunately, they are mired down in picking fly shzt out of pepper, while leaving dozens of pounds of it rotting under their skin, complete with the live worm.

It is said that vectors are natures dirty needles. You could say nematodes are natures dirty catheters, except they are alive. It’s pretty obvious that they aren’t good, yet medical science knows absolutely nothing about them still, even after discovering them finally this year in spinal fluid from autopsies. I discovered them two and a half years ago by eating apple leaves. I have been trying until I am blue in the face to tell them about it but they don’t care. That is why I figure they are only interested in murdering us all, exactly the opp0osite of what they claim. It has changed my whole view of the white coat world. They are a bunch of incurious murderous greedy bastards, unreceptive to the most obvious hard science ever presented anywhere since Newton was bonked with an apple. We know what Newton did when science came calling. We also know what doctors are doing right now when it comes calling again. They are cowering in a corner reading the writing on the wall t0 their flat earth medical societies.

Of course that would all be different if they could get off their high horse and show a little respect to someone who handed them their ass on a platter two and a half years ago. Until then they are just lusers. They’re only interested in innovating on Graze Anatomy at Hollywood General. Then dumbasses will think they’re cool. Not so much anybody who has ever seen apple leaves through. Until they can come up with answers as to what is happening there, we all know they are going nowhere fast. They ignored it far too long and their intent can only be criminal now. Mens reas. I’d like to watch them prove they are incurious imbeciles though when it all finally comes out, and it will.

Dr Eva Sapi of New Haven points out that borrelia like brain and cartilage. That leads to some confusion that they won’t give up on spineless brainless doctors. I guess they’ll take what they are dealt. Be it doctor or actual sentient human being, worms are adaptable and resilient enough to tough it out. Another explanation is that they feed on ego and choke themselves to death getting it crammed down their pie holes. Could be. I’m open to suggestions. They kill doctors just like they kill everyone else except doctors don’t care. Call me dumb, but I think that isn’t exactly very smart. If I were a doctor, I would actually be interested in helping people keep alive. I guess I never got that memo. Being intimate with the nuances of Lyme disease, I am not exactly in their Rolodex.

BCTF.logoOh, of course it is another useless rant. Doctors only care about sexy Graze Anatomy surgery and snake oil sales. They’d sell you patented used motor oil if they could get workable quality control. Along comes some sort of vegetable and they’re done? They will be when they get around to “discovering” it in a century. I give them too much credit. The horrifically broken system they’ve built will do them just fine for another four or five centuries I suppose. Even Yang gave up on them and is taking over Zurich from Burke where they at least have a way forward, Hollywood style.

What is depressing more than shortened daylight hours is the awful way that this is progressing. They are the proverbial backyard mechanics foisting a scam water motor on an unsuspecting public. They have nothing to do with medicine any more. Canadian doctor has become a badge to wear with all the disgrace it has so roundly earned from a Royal College of Anti Science Myopic Lunatics. Don’t like your disease? Go to Canada where it doesn’t exist. See what that gets you. 2016 may have been the year of apple leaves, but it needs a shot in the ass to keep going. That’s a little too advanced for Canada.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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