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Thurs, Dec 15, 2016 – Douchebaggage

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Doctors have made more than just a few enemies over their handling of Lyme Disease. That actually solves two problems in one. There is no reliable test for Lyme disease. If your doctor is being a douchebag, you’ve got a higher confidence than any test of having Lyme Disease. Now you see it is an epidemic. It is hard to be or have a false douchebag unless they are faking it to get you in the Psych ward.

The second problem is that they have absolutely no idea how to treat it and scam the broken healthcare system at the same time. Everything they try can potentially kill you, and they haven’t got enough time to give you the care you need and make ends meet in the fake public healthcare shell game. If you ignore them, the chances that they will start treating you and kill you are minimal. They’ll try massive antibiotics, likely pissing off those hundreds of worms simultaneously, sending you into septic shock as they all shzt themselves in situ, a fatal Herx, and you die.

Back to that Test. I call it the “Western Douchebag Test.” It’s a target shaped thing in the middle of a piece of paper with a picture of your Lyme Illiterate doctor on it. 100% Reliable Lyme Test. One thing about douchebags is that you can’t just snap your fingers to stop them from being douchebags. I’ve had good luck ignoring them with apple leaves, being futile in holding out that some day they will simply de douche themselves. Realistically, that ain’t gonna happen. Good thing it keeps you away from them because they are lethally ignorant and negligent when it comes to treating Lyme Disease.

Apple leaves work differently. They cajole those worms out from where they have resided for anywhere from a day to your lifetime. They are apparently still alive, but they will no more come back in than you would to a barn where a skunk just blew. If you keep it up, it is great worm repellent. My hope is that with the worms gone, treatment will work again. Unfortunately, short of knowing a rogue vet, you are stuck having to use a douchebag. They’re still every bit as lethal.

There is another reverse douchebag rule. If you find a doctor who is not a douchebag, chances are that they have Lyme Disease. There is a high risk of false non douchebaggery though, and they just play coy to get a better grip on the knife to stab you in the back. Beware of false positive non douchebags! They are really sizing you up for three hots and a cot in Psych, and are every bit as much of a douchebag as the real up front pure unadulterated doush. Know your douchebags. Avoid them like the plague. It is about as much fun as getting dipped in shzt, but at least you are wiser for the experience.

In breaking news, Dr Stephanie Seneff, MIT CSAIL, has a new paper linking ALS to glyphosate in food from GMO crops. She is not a douchebag. Medical Doctors seem to have that all sewn up while they continue to ignore supermarkets stuffed floor to ceiling with weedkiller laced food. Dr Seneff has done lots of work on the still poorly understood biome or biotics of the GI tract. I should add that apple leaves are probiotic on top of being an obvious anti vector anti helminthic agent. The glyphosate adds insult to the worm injury.

Back to the Western Douchebag Test, but just how do you know you have a genuine western Douchebag? Simple. Ask them what they think about Morgellons. If they think it is a mental disorder, which is the antiquated view, congrats. You have found a genuine Western Douchebag. Morgellons has been known to be Lyme Disease for almost two years now.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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