Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Dec 17, 2016 – Take Two

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kirlian-leafThere are lots of ways to parse that. We always wish we could have done things a little better given the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. After realizing that insect vectors are the equivalent of Natures Dirty Needles, you realize that you need a do-over. Apple leaves are the closest thing to a second take. They un-bite bugs. How cool is that? The answer is Nothing is cooler than that once you find out what has been hiding in them all those years. The only people who don’t find it cool are Canadian Doctors. They’re running scared for a good reason. Their whole plan for chronic disease has been a complete sham from the beginning occasionally perforated by apple tree fibre every century or so.

On Netflix, I watched “How To Get Away With Murder,” a TV series about criminal law school. Everything I said about a RICO indictment for health insurance concerns is kosher when viewed in that light. Doctors have no Take Two in the matter. Only one murder per patient. When pressed, everybody lies. That is criminal law 101. Doctors think they can get away with murder because their Medical Association threatens them with lifting their licence. Guess again. The pilot first episode is about a medical murder where modified/denied treatment is the murder weapon. They try all kinds of defence strategies. Any practising doctor had better take note now that the cat is out of the bag.

Back to Take Two. It could mean Take Two Apple Leaves a day, or more. It could mean let’s try this again without all those dirty needle sticks. It could be the closest thing to a do over possible. It will mean rewriting the book of medicine, or at least coming up with a huge addendum negating a lot of what has gone before, and explaining the previously unexplainable. It needs a Take Two once you find this out. It means a second take on life itself if you stick with it. Until then, you are stuck with the baggage of all those dirty needles, alopng with all the parasitic nematodes, akin to being stuck with a garbage can or more full of dirty hospital needles, and daily up north in the muskeg where insects have ruled the roost since well before the Ice Ages or even dinosaurs.

Only an idiot would think they are immune to that. Kiss them good bye as they suffer a miserable death at the hands of their beloved nature in their natural idiocy. You can tell them until you are blue in the face, but they don’t listen. Just be vocal about it so they don’t charge you with murder out of errors of omission. Once people are out of school, they don’t take instruction well as if they ever did. They get smarter in their own opinion the less they are vetted, and get buried, and shuffled out of date by technology. The biggest thing I learned at school in engineering was that never ending necessity to learn the newer better things. The pressure of a never ending obsolescence cycle vetted me every time I had to step up to the plate. After 45 years of that, it is a humbling experience starting with a bamboo slide rule and winding up with an 8 core personal computer in a phone. What gives medicine a pass on going through all that? Canada is still at the bamboo slide rule stage with vector borne infectious disease. It is a mentality of clinging to obsolescence like I noticed several people do to stay in their comfort zones. Eventually they become unable to compete or be functionally literate any more. That is too much of a stretch to overlook their pending Murder indictments.

This is Take 2 on all medicine. Take One looks really dumb in comparison to Medicine 2.0. Apple Leaves make Medicine 1.0 look all “pixelly,” and quite frankly, idiotic. They are the new paradigm by which all medicine must account itself to, not the other way around. They forgot about several quadrillion little “issues,” and they are all like dirty needles. This is the medicine of chronic disease. There is a whole different medicine and that is Graze Anatomy type Trauma and Pediatrics and such. Apple leaves don’t change that yet, while still rewriting the book on chronic disease. They are the only 911 for the upcoming much predicted infectious disease emergency though. Zika gave us the first taste. They are stymied as usual. Now it is summer south of the equator, but the news has gone AWOL. Zika itself has survived the news cycle, and will continue to rack up victories. It is currently undefeated.

Apple leaves aren’t the ultimate solution, but they are an essential part of it. What does any proposed solution do to the vector nematodes riddling your body, and defecating in it, causing all the trouble? Those nematodes themselves are carrying every known biofilm disease to man. They are definitely the chronic part of chronic disease, and nothing treats them, save for anthelmintics. Medicine can’t even find them, so anthelmintics are ruled out. To correct their deficit and go to the front of the medical line, autopsies must start harvesting spinal fluid from all cadavers. Then the worms must be identified, and found in vectors. Apple leaves make you jump the line by forcing them all out while you are both still alive.

T4Trauma surgeons can still have all those disasters, that sex, train wreck marriages, plane crashes, and stuff like on Grey’s Anatomy. This is Graze Anatomy. Deer swear by it. Veterinarians have a chance to skip to the beginning of the line too, but they won’t. I see from the IDEXX database that they are idiots out west here. It has been that way since Cook caught Lyme disease in BC on his third voyage, went nuts, and got murdered in Hawaii. On Graze Anatomy, we have all the egos and sex we can handle, and we are all rockstar nanosurgeons that don’t need doctors who ignore all our deadly diseases. Eat your heart out. We’re on top of it. lol





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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