Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Dec 18, 2016 – Nose Ark

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On Grey’s (sic) Anatomy Season 6 Episode 1 is the first mention of Lyme Disease, but has no solution. In Graze Anatomy, Deer use their incredible sense of smell to select the best apple leaves to eat. They must know something because they are tick magnets by all accounts as I later found. Deer are in a life and death battle with Lyme Disease constantly, as they are with human hunters. I can’t help but think we have been here before. Genesis 6-9 describes the story of Noah’s Ark, but on this second go around, there are a few tweaks to the plot. All humans host biofilming nematodes with endosymbiont borrelia variants. Deer gave me the clue. It seems that all doctors are clueless to this fact. Like the story of Noah’s Ark, mankind will not know what hit them, with me cast in the unlikely role of Noah this time. I’m not exactly saviour material, nor am I intended to be obviously. You’re all supposed to die miserably, and I can guarantee you will because I know how, why, and what it feels like first hand.

Can you smell what is cookin’? Nematodes themselves have given me an inkling and a medical education in Graze Anatomy 101. The education they have given me in physics is far more astonishing though, and checks out as far as mankind knows up to this point in time. The early Bible also all checks out. Time is just like a rubber band to nematodes, and trust me, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. You will see what happens from the current state of “Ask what your country can do for you, not what you can do for your country!” Canada is leading you all over the cliff in that regard, swirling the bowl in Alberta, BC, and Ottawa. The politics of organizing community riots has run its course in the US, but is just getting started here. It looks like God got the memo, and is ready to do something about it.

IMG-20140809-00087This time building a boat won’t save you. It will just get stolen. Apple leaves are the only way out of this one, and as intended, nobody is listening. That reminds me. Extra popcorn on the shopping list this time. Here is mother Deer. Her nose knows an ark or an apple tree when she sees one. She nose humans have worm homes too. She’s my kinda gal. She’s near and deer to me. She is also the Star of Graze Anatomy, a 100% real medical phenomenon, unlike the Hollywood Grey’s Anatomy. Hollywood can only wish they were really as good as that.

Genesis 8:21 says that there will be no do over of Noah’s Ark. That doesn’t flange up with what I am seeing with all these vector parasite nematodes. They will make it hell on earth and you will have to see for yourself I guess.

Veterinary Hobbyist is a satisfying pursuit for old people. We can learn a lot, the foremost thing of which is how to be young of mind with the wisdom of the ages. Getting rid of all the bug worms does that, but also lifts a larger load on your systems than you would expect starting with Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Betcha didn’t know that. It doesn’t do much for the borrelia worm poop they farm in you all your life, but it’s a huge head start. The worms leave a pile o’ biofilm behind though that you can actually live on for months by converting it to sugars. I prefer converting it to honey pineapple lime salty mix and adding tequila. YMMV depending on how many bugs bit you. Adjust medicine to taste. lol Diabetics take it easy and monitor your levels, however you have to be able to detect fructose.

Just hope everybody has a safe organ donor season.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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