Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Dec 19, 2016 – Dr³

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banksy-in-nyc-2Dr³? Any way you slice it, the number of borrelia patients in Canada alone is staggeringly enormous. Even cubing the available doctors won’t be able to touch them with effective treatment for an unknown epidemic. It actually DOES take a degree in Rocket Surgery to even begin to get your head around it. Imagine every third bug bite or so all of your life had a nematode parasite in it. Once they hatch inside you, it’s game on, and the war for control of your fat ass and juicy biofilm starts. This is likely before your first birthday, and new pretenders for the throne come with every new vector injector. While the worms enjoy eating your brain, there is a war for control of the various sectors of your endocrinology, and Darwin applies. Survival of the Fittest worms rages inside you as we type. Not me. I lived to tell the tale and still have the curable wounds to show for it. The ceftriaxone treatment for Lyme Paralysis is old hat, but in Canada until doctors are safely doing imprisonment for crimes against humanity and Transnational Organized Crime, they have a liplock on the butt of their own murderous professional associations to keep practising medicine. The ethical Catch 22 for them is that they must resign or be forced to ignore millions of patients, the Mens Rea for the Actus Reus to kill, Murder in the First Degree. “Oh, we didn’t know” they all say as if that justifies it. Every single perp tries that one.

Rod_of_Asclepius.svgAs things stand now, by default I own thekryptonite Canadian Medical Association given their own logic and by clearly demonstrating technical superiority. My first act is that they must demonstrate the peer reviewed ability to be able to treat borrelia to practice medicine. First I suppose I should come up with an acceptance speech though. This is where I am kinda at a loss for words. It isn’t really an acceptance speech, being more a declaration of a coup d’etat. Hand out boxes of ChapStik™ all around. Then the obligatory “Kiss my ass!!” as I accept the coveted Cubic Zircon encrusted Rod of Asclepius to start kicking some worm butt.

heartOf course that will never happen and they will kill you all first while insurance rackets go scot free. It would be the largest RICO/TOC take down in history, but lawyers are too lazy and comfy to worry about taking out their largest clients. Consider that it is the largest international money laundering operation in history and Pablo Escobar would be jelly. Better Not Call Saul. They’ll park the trains for decades to decide how to proceed without wrecking the trains. Yet consider that swamp drained as the worms slither off in all directions from the Mighty Apple Leaves getting butt plugged into their cushy racket.

Do you know what DTaP is? It is Diptheria, Tetanus, and acellular Pertussis AKA Whooping Cough vaccine. The manufacturer warns that it causes autism while also waging a campaign on Snopes to discredit the link to autism. That is a smaller bone to pick, yet just as typically evil. DTaP is typically administered before the first birthday, and possibly before the first infected nematode getting established. In cases where the nematode gets established, the live vaccine weakened pathogens get co opted into the biofilm causing autism before immunity can get established. I propose that this is the trouble and autism is an established vector nematode cerebral illness. Doctors are clueless because the physics is unknown to them and even the manufacturers of the vaccine. Apple leaves prove it. As they get older, people become more worm or parasitic nematode than human. Dr Seneff of MIT CSAIL shows a glyphosate link to autism and ALS as well, demonstrating that it is a parasitic nematode friendly chemical we all eat.

The medical system is consequently such a mess with all the money being directed towards reactive treatments and operations while one tenth of that could be put towards prevention eliminating the other 90% expenditure. Their own attempts at prevention like DTaP have been disastrous sometimes, yet the theory is still justified. The ounce of prevention is worth the 16 ounces of cure. Apple leaves are a lot better prevention. They can also show how to pursue new venues of prevention. Speed freaks might not want to try apple leaves. You may go from Breaking Bad to Breaking Up completely from going so fast the wheels fall off. That is OK because you have to be E-tarded to not use apple leaves anyway. Your thousands of parasites are totally in control of you any way.

In two days it will be the 48th anniversary of Apollo 8. I remember having the German Measles or rubella at the time. It launched on my 13th birthday, Dec 21, 1968. May 18, 1969 was Apollo 10 to strafe the moon with the new lunar module. Things happened fast in those days. Medicine needs to duplicate that now with apple leaves. The stakes have never been bigger. It is all the marbles of medicine. Gene Krantz famously said “Failure is not an option.” From where I sit and what I have seen, failure is the only option in Canadian Healthcare unless we take control of this whole turkey stat.






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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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