Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 21, 2016 – Southern Summer

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On Grey’s Anatomy S8 E13, “This Magic Moment,” the plot is an alternate reality for all the characters. It shows what could have happened. The southern hemisphere has a real alternate reality.to us climate wise at least. Up north it is the first day of winter. The days start to get longer, but due to the time lag in cooling and heating from insolation, there are still a couple cold months to go here.

The grass is greener on the other side literally, as are the apple leaves. I imagine what could have happened in that alternate reality in say New Zealand where they are having their summer solstice today. In two months, the apple leaves there will start to go into their ripening phase. The proteolytic enzymes will then be optimal and this is shown by the apples as they start to change colour to their typical red for those varieties. Some varieties like Granny Smith don’t change colour, but the enzymes in question still increase to ripen the apples. The leaves make the apples, not the other way around. The tree itself seems to key on astronomical scheduling, so this is a red letter hump day in apple tree world.

For me, it is also my 61st Birthday, a real hump day for me since at 58 and a half I was dying. I found apple leaves skunked out all these little nematodes from bug stings and bites over my entire lifetime up until then. Later, I found that they skunked out more new ones as they tried to get established right after the bug vectored them into me. It has been the learning curve from hell, literally. I try to tell people and they all think there is nothing wrong with them and don’t pay attention because I am not a doctor. Oh, the irony. However, through a stroke of incredible luck, and an extremely bad risk management strategy by the medical associations, there has also been a strange solstice of sorts there too. Only given this set of circumstances could you say, “Trust Me – I’m Not A Doctor!!™” and actually make it fly.

One of the most amazing discoveries in all medicine for all time actually demonstrates without a doubt that all medicine regarding chronic disease is on the pillwrong track. This is simply exposed by the true causative factors literally being physically outed from your body. They are vectored parasitic nematodes, and they build dozens of pounds of bacterial biofilm in your body that does not ever digest or get eliminated or excluded. It doesn’t need to be regenerated along with all your cells every 7 years, being excluded from that apopstasis. It is built to be ignored, and is. I discovered how to convert it to fructose sugars and planktonic germs in situ and thus get digested and otherwise eliminated. Let doctors argue. Their track record with chronic disease speaks for itself, and is the most abysmal and least cost effective record ever, completely trumping all wars, and creating more problems than it solves. That is a no brainer conclusion because they solve nothing.

220px-Nobel_PrizeWell, almost nothing. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule when Big Pharma abandons cures. The 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded for the development of avermectin, ivermectin, and artemesinin for the treatment of parasitic disease. Apple leaves are obviously in that category as well, but do not treat lymphatic filariasis. Instead, they repair the lymphatic system which may be still co opted by filarial nematode farmers. That is treated by a two drug regimen, but both drugs, Ivermectin and albendazole/DEC (diethylcarbamazine), are off patent. So apple leaves can’t do everything, but they do a lot. They also do not treat babesia, or malaria, which is treated by artemesinin. The effectiveness of these treatments particularly in children under 5 tells me they are fighting a biofilming disease. It is up to AppLyme™ to back you up all the way to 5 years old, which it seems to do biofilm wise.

Let’s get back on the clock. In New Zealand, South Africa, Tasmania (Apple Island,) or southern Chile and Argentina you can pick “green” apple leaves now. They are better in the next few months though, and the fruit is a litmus test as to9 how far they have matured for each variety of apple. Ideally, you want to harvest the fruit and subsequently the leaves.This also reduces the potential for fungus, since that grows from leaves falling on the ground beneath the trees. There is a dual purpose for harvesting the leaves of the apple tree; Proactive pharmaceutically and botanically.

I have been beating around the bush here for a few weeks. This epidemic requires a counter strike with the effort of the Apollo space program. All my peers are crippled suffering from the equivalent of a hospital garbage can full of dirty needle sticks daily from vectors. All medicine ignores them and beats around the bush torturing them until they die to save money for a corrupt insurance racket. It requires a bold stroke to Call them on their weak hand, and I am holding all the Aces to depose their Royal Flush bluff turd down the hole. This is Real Horror, requiring a military level medical counterstrike to a military grade incident 1,000 times worse than 911. I may not be Dr Michael Debakey, but I am Mike Baker, Clowe Snuff Division. We need tonnes, metric, of apple tree fibre, stat. Got your Kiwi game on yet?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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