Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 22, 2016 – Eng1neers

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No Fzckin' 1I was talking to Dr Armstrong on the dark matter channels a couple years ago, and he said “There is no “I” in engneers!” I shot back “Ya, but there’s a Number Fzckin’ 1!” He agreed, and I got a passing mark. So I started a university “Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.” I remember modifying the Neil_Armstrongold Red Rag to celebrate the fact. Neil, worms, and all walked on the moon in case you didn’t get the memo, or live in Calgary as we know it. I used to watch all these idiots diss Texas on NNTP, but they would shut up when I pointed out it was a state that visited other planets. Now it is doctors and med school. I point out that they don’t diagnose and treat the most common WHO disease in the world, lymphatic filariasis from mosquitoes. Trust Me I’m Not A Doctor (TMINAD™) but that reeks of Mens Rea, the official law term for criminal thought.

Some of us are old enough to remember when we PWD’d that clock tower. Remember the “9 O’Clock Gun?” “The Grate Statue Stunt” “Mr Speaker!!” “What Pool Table?” and “The Omar Gate Bridge!” All Black E stuff. None More Black. More nothing light than EVAH! Then they started getting caught I heard. Some say they caught me. I was trolling for Rats. How’s that workin’ for ya, Rat? lol

LeafsYes, the black E is mentioned in hushed tones. None more hushed. We’ve got you where you want us. It is yet another yawner of a karmic weapon. Nature has some like that, like miniature flying chemical machine such as a Culex mosquito that can inject nearly everything you want or don’t want in you. People are oblivious until they eat an apple leaf and worms start fleeing the coop. It is quite a revelation because some of them have been in there for decades sponging off of you and making you progressively sicker. Only you will know how much after the fact when they are finally gone. Each worm is worthy of a Black E award. You had no idea they were even there. Then one day all hell breaks loose, and you wonder what happened?

We remember our youth when we get a little older. Apple leaves are like that in that they take you for a trip down memory lane and only you know where you got that bug bite as the worm finally comes out of it. You don’t remember the bulk of them exactly, but you remember where the ones were that snuggled into injuries to steal the fibrinogen. You can feel your own body down to the cubic mm stage, and don’t forget broken bones and strains or sprains and torn ligaments. Worms seek those places out to cocoon themselves in scar tissue for added stealth. You note wisely that stealth has the word “steal” in it. Worms are stealing your life. Once you finally find this out you are on the way to stealing it back.

Well, I’m still thinking of New Zealand Apple Trees and all those Deer there. It is estimate there are 250,000 deer there. Maybe they are moving up to the m0untains where it will be cooler in the hot summer months there, January and February. When they migrate, perhaps it is to find apple leaves and meet up with other timeless worms that will exit and live outside them like they do with me now. After all, those worms, some of them, are a higher life form than even people. They can communicate using common biofilm brains on all sorts of surfaces and in all sorts of aquatic environmental surfaces, or perhaps even on what we think are relatively dry surfaces. Dry biofilms are found throughout nature on concrete for example. Deer could simply become an intermediate host until they eat apple leaves and the split happens.

It would be nice if we could just transfer that southern heat up north here. Instead, we store energy with hydroelectric dams. Engineers emulate beavers, giant tree eating rodents that make millions of square miles of swamps behind their dams, or insect hatcheries. They are legendary to be busy and unrelenting. They are just being beavers, or little Castor Canadensis. They grow up and stop flowing water, making Canada a vector nirvana. Doctors claim to have no idea about this, so devoid of knowledge of the natural realities of Canada that they are lethal. The rest of us that know about it are all on our own with no resources or facilities to fight it, this epic battle and struggle for life, because doctors took all the money while they ignored all the problems.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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