Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Dec 23, 2016 – Vector Parasitology

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Killing JesusI notice Jesus has a Facebook page. Can you imagine how many Happy Birthdays he would have to answer in a couple days? Oy! If you have a boatload of FB Friends like Jesus, and you are 2015 years old, I don’t know if that would be happy or not so happy. When you get older, pain is the gift that keeps on giving to piss you off. Each birthday gets  more painful than the last. When you say your cup runneth over at that age, you are likely talking about your hockey cup. The percentage of people suffering from urinary tract issues matches your age.

That brings us to the myriad mosquito borne nematode parasite diseases that like to scavenge your lymphatic system, not the contents of it. Dr Richard Horowitz is our Rock Star in the Lyme World, and 1b on his famous MSIDS Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome Map is parasites. Yet he still doesn’t know about the new class of Apple Leaf parasites, nor do most people. Then you have to mow down all those years of accumulated biofilm they are obviously making. The military doesn’t know about all these things as much as their enemies do.

That makes us vector nematode parasitology rock stars. If we formed a super group, we would have to play with karaoke backing tracks due to a shortage of players. It is like being able to sing like Robert Plant. There are no Jimmy Pages, no John Baldwins, and no John Bonhams. Led Zeppelin gave up when John Bonham died because even losing one of those players was like losing  the 4th beat in 1-2-3-4. These worms are sort of like that John Bonham. To stop a virtual borreliosis Led Zeppelin, they are that critical member that could kill the band, much to the cheers of all the other bands that were decimated while the Zeppelin floated effortlessly overhead. His son Jason continues, a bare shadow of the old man, but now Plant has his panties in a bunch. See how that works?

Maybe that analogy is a bit much. Imagine Rush without Geddy and you get a better idea what “Lymelight” without Lyme could be like. Geddy is the worm of our theoretical Rush of vector parasites. He is the quintessential star that makes Rush rock. Alex and Neil alone would be cool, but c’mon. Apple leaves are more a military grade M13 Stinkbomb pill for worms. OD Bug Dope. I tried to dumb it down, but it still rocks as a solo regardless. I had to strengthen it a bit to hold the filariasis at bay though. I just had to take more to bring it back up to TG-36 grade. That amounted to twice daily 1:4 AppLyme (“There’s an App for that…”) 4 times enzyme to 1 time Apple Leaf by dried weight. The enzyme gets rid of a bunch of the biofilm  s’lyme. Slyme Disease is what it really is. The stuff of parasitic bug Worms.

ashley-olsenAshley Olsen has S’Lyme. Her twin sister on the right doesn’t. She is putting on a brave face here, but I know her pain. To myu eye, Ashley has about a dozen pounds of S’Lyme Worms eating her. I know about double that feeling. It’s no picnic.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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