Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Dec 24, 2016 – Christmas New Zealand

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Santa is already workin’ his butt off over there. Naughty nice, Lumps of coal, and a moderate 68 degrees F forecast high. The International Date Line isn’t Mexicans lined up on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. Or leering Euros on the Riviera. Jesus is busy answering his HBD posts on Facebook. Tis the season 2B Jolly. Ho, Ho, Ho is not a fat guy in a red suit looking to round up a posse along Davie Street in Vancouver. It is the real article, Reindeer nibbling apple leaves and all, twitching their tails as the worms flee.

It is also yearly award season. Overheard at a transplant doctors convention awards gala for 2016… “We took a hand off a Norwegian, and a foot off a Dane, put it on a Swede, and now that man is out looking for work!” A German doctor boasts “That’s nozzing! Ve took an arm off a Polack, a leg off a Czech, Put zem on a German, and now that man is out looking for work!” Canadian laffs and says, “That’s nothing! We took a French azzhole, put him in Government, and now we’re ALL out lookin’ for work.” I’ll be here all week. Try the fish…

The best thing about azzhole transplants in Canada is there is no shortage of donors. On Grey’s Anatomy, they weigh an average brain at about 8 lbs. To high-grade prime azzhole candidates in Canada, we set the brain weight bar at 8 ounces. Just get Lyme Disease and see how you are treated to find prime azzholes everywhere in health care. Perhaps in 2017 there will be a cure. A RICO indictment. Insurance rackets have had their way long enough with this.

There is a sure fire test. Eat Apple leaves and watch the worms, several with endosymbiont borrelia, bartonella, and babesia, if not all of them, start drilling out. This is a way to discover the worms riddling your tissues while you are still alive before the autopsy where they can only find them in the spinal fluid. The disease is a small egg that is a ticking time bomb when it finds a suitable mammalian vertebrate host, generally by a bug sting or bite, or through contact with an aquatic bacterial biofilm.

In the absolute bullshzt category, Bayer Advanced claims apple leaves contain cyanide. Cyanide is the easiest chemical compound to eliminate, for example if it touches gold as NaCN in the presence of O2, where it becomes soluble gold cyanide. Apple SEEDS however do contain enough cyanide to kill you. Cigarettes contain cyanide, and that is perhaps why apple leaves work spectacularly well for people who smoke. It scares the daylights out of the worms. The best thing about this is that I have a process that can eliminate all cyanide in apple leaves, simply. There is more cyanide in sunflower seeds, or else I would be dead. Still kickin’ though. It isn’t true that apple leaves are poison any more than Aspirin, which is toxic at high levels. If so, I have the only process in the world to eliminate any cyanide in apple leaves, and the price just quintupled. lol According to Bayer, a bewildering array of food is deadly. Of course, it isn’t. Drink tea, eat chocolate, grapes, apples, apple leaves, cherries, blueberries, and fzck Bayer. “Apple & crabapple: All types of apple trees, including crabapples, can be toxic to dogs, cats and other mammals (including humans). Tree stems, leaves and seeds contain a chemical that’s metabolized into cyanide during digestion. In foliage, the chemical concentrates during autumn, making fallen leaves more dangerous than living ones. Apple seeds must be chewed for the toxin to be released. In most cases, small children, dogs or cats that consume apple seeds, twigs or leaves experience a mild case of gastrointestinal irritation.” I found that darker coloured fall leaves are actually better tasting, and still medicinal. I don’t know where they are getting their info. I can see them wanting to corner the whole apple tree market though, and we already know whose side their bread is buttered on.

And Ye shall know Evil from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Bayer is decidedly evil to put their name on that. “It has been reported that several polyphenols including PC (ProCyanidins) show potential benefits to human health, such as antioxidant [10], antitumor [11], anti-inflammatory effects [12], and longevity [13], as well as protective effects on glucose consumption [14]. We have also revealed that apple PC showed antiallergy [15], antitumor [16], and antiobesity effects [17] in a rodent model and longevity effects on Caenorhabditis elegans [2]. In this context, PC might be a promising polyphenol that can prevent age-related diseases.” That is from this peer reviewed true scientific link.  The procyanidins are actually touted as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. We found out so much more than that. lol

In North America it is Christmas Eve. Disregarding the Bayer lump of coal, I hope it is still a good one. I thought I was supposed to be dead according to Bayer Advanced, but it feels like I am not, unless this is really Heaven or Hell. If that’s the case, nothing changed when I died. I could dump out some peas so we will have Peas on Earth. That doesn’t seem different either. Santa must be getting near the end of his run now, any way. That would explain why he doesn’t stop here any more. I am dead! It was so painless I didn’t even know. Watch those peaches. They say they are killers too.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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