Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Dec 25, 2016 – Christmas Day

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I know Apollo 8 is old. 48 years old to be exact. It was that first Giant Leap for mankind. On this day then, after they read from Genesis 1 the evening before, they fired their engine to head back to earth. It was a really big deal. Within 7 months later, they actually landed on the moon. You may say that is a long time ago but I have had worms come out from before the Mercury Program. Everybody has them, all their life. I don’t know where there wouldn’t be bugs with them in them.

I’ve been wondering what is worse? All these worms or all these foods Bayer Advanced says are bad? Definitely the worms I think. I’m not giving up chocolate, cherries, blueberries, ginko biloba, acai, wine, grapes, and apple leaves. They all have procyanidins, or PC’s, in them. Tea has them too. No big loss there for me. I drink coffee instead. I don’t feel a new year’s resolution urge coming on about it. The Real Reason Bayer Advanced has their panties all riding up is that they sell pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to spray all over apple trees. They likely want to cover up the fact that they poison apples, cherries, bayer-advancedpeaches, pears, plums, etc. down the entire produce aisle. I have always maintained that wild apple trees are better, but do know what particular Bayer Poison products the trees in the entire produce aisle are slathered with. It is said that apple trees are the most contaminated from spraying. Merry Christmas. Back to Wild or verified Organic Apple Leaves Only!

That is how they have poisoned the pharmaceutical crop. Apple leaves are a cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, among other deadly diseases, wiped out by Bayer and their competitors. This makes it much more difficult to solve what the CDC says is an epidemic poised to break the healthcare system. Just know Wild Apple Leaves and some Organic Apple Leaves are OK, but you may have to test them on lab animals first. This is the more likely reason doctors are leery of them, but we aren’t that stupid. Between the GMO’s and other poisons they are sprayed with, you’re playing with fire. Really useful, but don’t get burnt. I’m sure they didn’t intentionally destroy the supply, but your leaf supply has to be vetted by a toxicologist and ELISA toxicity tests. It could get very expensive. Blame Monsanto and Bayer, and even consider a lawsuit. People just don’t know though.

phageWorse yet, they have pissed on the phage base. As if it wasn’t enough to fight the discoveries of Felix d’Herelle for a century, now they add insult to injury. You see what is happening. By declaring all fruit tree leaves, bark, and roots are poison, Bayer is justified in poisoning them, in their own assessment. You know what we call that? Mens Rea and Actus Reus. Book ’em, Dano. The crime? Poisoning. The causality? For Money.

Now we know where all that is coming from, but it has just recently cropped up. I have maintained that they use pesticides, fungicides, and even herbicides extensively in orchards. I live bordering an old apple orchard that the forest has reclaimed. The apple trees, now reverted to wild, still stand in the forest. They have no “xxxxxx-cide” products on them, but there aren’t many of them left. Surely not enough to go around. You can always grow your own special pharmaceutical orchard from scratch. That sets the potential back immensely, but the silver lining is that my leaves are rare, and worth their weight in gold or more accurately, diamonds. Primarily, organic orchards still manage foliage and fruit scab or Venturia Inaequalis fungus. Ironically, the presence of apple scab on the foliage/leaves naturally indicates a higher proteolytic enzyme content, while being harmless to humans. What this shows is organic does not necessarily mean the foliage is organic. Try a google for more.

epipenNow here we go. This whole Bayer thing is like that, but we sure didn’t intend it. Bayer ensured that the greatest pharmaceutical discovery in history was poisoned albeit unintentionally plausibly. The best intentions pave the Road to Hell. Nobody here but us chickens… and a couple dozen pounds of worm goo. Naturally, fungicide and pesticide manufacturers don’t know, but they should. They say you can attract more pests with honey than vinegar. Apple leaves are the poison in the bait for bug worms, but NOT humans. Christmas pneumonia paranoia? Maybe. I know there is a Christmas take-more-than-2 “bug” going around.

Looking at Graze Anatomy S12E2 “Walking Tall” Bailey becomes chief surgeon. An epic netfilx graze. Trauma and drama. Medic things.  Like when they cut the rebar from the guy they could have done it under water to get rid of the sparks and  heat. Slip a slightly larger rubber hose over it, turn on a small bit of water, and cut thru the hose. Why didn’t they do that? Whatevah! It’s not like “Weeds” low budget… It’s HD with deeper colours it seems. Bailey’s Meat Mkt. 1 was interesting.

I opened a bit of the tequila Christmas Present. No driving for me now. I started drinking at midnight though… At the end and not the beginning of today… lol



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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