Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Dec 26, 2016 – Boxing Day

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A box hung on an adjustable strap is the best way to get those wild apple leaves. It’s the Wal-mart Protocol time. Get the new batteries. Good thing it lasts the whole week. It’s a day to “Wassail” the apple trees which means thumping on the trunk.  In New Zealand you can wassail them after the June 20 solstice on June 27. Follow  the deer to be sure.

Pyrus Malus powder is up on ebay or from Starwest Botanicals. They note that apples are the most heavily contaminated in the produce aisle. Contaminating apple trees is big business for Monsanto, Bayer, and others, so it won’t go away any time soon. Now apple leaves should be vetted for toxicology fungicides and pesticides, Potassium bicarbonate or kalcinite is generally regarded as safe (GRAS.) Wild apple leaves are an easy way to get around all that.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy S12E4 “Old Time Rock and Roll,” surgeons know the brain has  a half dozen pounds of jelly where your thinking and personality reside. That sounds very much like a biofilm. Dr Sapi knows the parasitic complexes of borrelia like to eat brain matter and cartilage. Just how much of our thinking is evolved from biofilm? It gives one pause for thought about our slimy biofilmy thought engine, and actually navel gazing using that slimy meat lump. It is maybe one of natures little mysteries explained a bit more. Wild apple leaf and powder goes so much further than that and can show you first hand in a few days. A lot of it is that massive vector nematode parasite load finally leaving and being lifted. Consider over 10% of your body weight is parasitic, amounting to worms and their brain, not yours.

I still have mine, brain that is. How do apple leaves parse your brain and the parasites biofilm brains? Good question, but they do. Dr Bonnie Bassler says that over 90% of our bodies are bacteria, and 99% of the DNA is bacterial in nature. There are Good bacteria and Bad bacteria, so wild apple leaves know the difference between the good and bad bacteria, and are actually probiotic I found. You have to admit that is pretty wild in its own right.

Alzheimer’s Disease is poised to wipe out health care. I can’t forget that, but Lymies get a sneak preview. Alzheimer’s is caused by neural larval migrans, or worms invading the neural lymphatic system, farming borrelia spirochaetes. Wild Apple Leaves seem to attack this mechanism first and fast in few days. Considering they didn’t even know there was a neural lymphatic system until June 2015, or that it even had worms in it until July 2016, they will never be able to prove or disprove that. You will die from it if you want proof other than just going ahead and getting rid of it with apple leaves. I cannot understand the prevailing mindset of everybody saying they’ll die first because they’re so much smarter. But then I told my dad “I’m smarter than I look.” He replied, “Lucky for you!” That was after I saved his life once. He wouldn’t let me double down on success. People are funny like that to me. When you’re disabled, or even just limping, they talk louder slowly as if you are deaf and stupid. You could have straight A’s but  if you can’t golf due to arthritis, you’re an idiot. Talk about misguided priorities or even sentience. lol

Yet this will be the lovely coming world. Beware the Medical Industrial Complex Ike would say. There is a Canadian Bill C233 being acted on now. Go to New Zealand and pick the Wild Apple Leaf cure now. Be careful organic orchards use organic methods to control scab, but we want foliage not fruit. Wild Apple Leaves will be safe. Back to the topic like a dog tugging with a towel. I can do something about Alzheimers. There is no cure or working treatment no matter what they claim. Apple leaves make that so very obvious. Unknown worms and germs – kaboom! Toast. I mean this is so stupid it is maddening! The bayer-advancedgovernment will take years to even answer that bill if the Lyme Bill was any indication. Then there is Bayer spreading disinformation, saying apple leaves are poison. Once Bayer sprays them they are, but the natural leaves aren’t.

Maddening. Bayer Advanced is setting medicine back by hundreds of years. They intentionally poison the holistic cure base. But we want pretty fruit don’t we? Wouldn’t you rather want that and to change Dad’s diapers? I know you’re smart because you golf . Let’s chain Pop to the toilet and go golfing! Remember when he golfed? Would he remember his score, as if that would be a change? I’d rather just wipe out the causative worms in 72 hours. In a century, they’ll look back at this and see how it all came true. People don’t handle new well and especially if it doesn’t come from Bayer Monsanto. Even when it predates them by 50 million years. Enjoy it – You want it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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