Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Dec 27, 2016 – Tween Days

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bayer-headlineThese are the days between Christmas and New Years. Wassail your apple trees in the Northern Hemisphere if you want. Golf and pick apple leaves in New Zealand, but not in the same place. Golf courses are deadly chemical exposure zones by admission of the chemical suppliers, one of which is Bayer Advanced. The golf course won’t tell you that. Scenic death is what they sell to their genius customers. The customers are genius only because they golf. It explains why the world is so fzcked up.

You can golf in New Zealand. Nice golfing and apple leaf picking but beware. Golf courses are toxic brown fields, slathered with chemical poisons. Wild apple trees growing around golf courses may get some of those chemicals on them. Deer have a better sense of smell than a dog, and can tell when the leaves have been Bayered. Golf courses sell pretty chemical laced lawns with  the occasional divot. Premature chemical death is just a bonus kicker.

bayer-advancedAFAICT Deer vary their diet from apple leaves to daisies to hemp to chamomile. Marijuana growers hate deer for eating the crop. Deer like some of the noxious weeds that golfers and farmers hate. Monsanto is homeless on the range where the deer and the antelope play. Let’s hope Bayer stays away too. We can get those seldom heard discouraging words more seldom then. Until all this chemical madness stops, we will still cuss like lumberjacks on the range.

My Wild trees make this a rare find. I eat these leaves and the nematodes take a hike. Bayer must like all of their employees being a comfy worm home. They lie and say ALL apple leaves are poison after they poison them with their bug and fungus sprays. Wild Apple Leaves are not poison. They are the Greatest Pharmaceutical Discovery of All History, a Live Anthelmintic, outranking 2015 Nobel Prize Winners Artemesinin and Ivermectin. Wild Apple Leaves make cancer, brain, lung, and heart disease self explanatory when the worms come out. Just subtract worms to feel the mess they are making.

I want to make a batch of Half and Half AppLyme 1:1’s™. 1 part Wild Apple Leaf to 1 part Pectin Enzyme. The pectin enzyme alleviates snotterboarding, more likely from starchy human diets. A 4:1 is a snotterboard antidote of 4 parts pectin enzyme. It takes a while to blow out all that pectin biofilm guck the bug worms paint the inside of you with. Booting the worms stops them from depositing more. I could see how that will kill you if left unchecked.

How about Invecticide 1:1™? It gets rid of those worms that were in the vectors, but are 100 Capsules Apple Leafnow dragging you down. I only need 4:1’s these days for maintenance like a few a week. At the beginning, I used straight Wild Apple Leaf capsules. In other news, Donald Trump is Time’s Person of the Year. Bayer is All Time’s Most Ironic Self Defeating Too Big Company for  poisoning the entire crop of the Greatest Pharmaceutical Discovery in All History.

In the edutainment category, Netflix has House, MD up in Canada now. If you are familiar, House is a doctor who has had a stroke, and specializes in diagnosing infectious diseases that cause other doctors to be baffled. He is a mythical character that does not exist in Canadian health care. In the pilot episode 1, he finds a worm in a girls thigh that gives her baffling symptoms.

pillBy Episode 5, House treats a nun with a rash that keeps dying. He treats a Santa with inflammatory bowel by prescribing two cigarettes a day. When questioned House points out EVERY drug doctors prescribe is dangerous and addictive. By now you are starting to get the idea that House is quite a character, always threatened to be sued by doctors and patients alike, but always winning, making them all look like sophomoronic dumbasses in the process. It explains the exact problem with the number one disease that doesn’t even exist in most doctors’ eyes, so called borrelia, but really massive overriding filarial nematodiasis.

We are more like Hut, M.D. TMINAD™, with our AppLyme™ Holistic Universal Treatment Medical discovery. House hits a target nobody else can hit. I hit a target that nobody else can see with a Smart Bullet of my own design. Unlike Bayer, it doesn’t treat pain, but eliminates the underlying cause of all chronic disease by shocking out the dozens of pounds of parasitic vector nematodes and breaking down biofilm guck. True organic fruit tree foliage is hard to come by, since most organic orchards are concerned only with the fruit. Wild Apple Leaves solve that problem instantly by virtue of their name.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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