Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 28, 2016 – Occam’s Razor

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The simplest answer is usually right. Hut, MD, simpler. Vector nematodes are the scourge of mankind. They cause everything from Alzheimer’s to autism, to spinal stenosis, to MS, to ALS. Them and Snot.  A marriage made in heaven, by inevitable evolution. Vectors may have the fastest evolution cycle in history if you don’t consider their endosymbiont worms.

Yes I had better fess up. I am @TheRealDr House. Except that is not my name. I am mike1baker gawdamnit! Any similarity to persons real or imagined won’t win you the lawyer lottery. I cut my teeth on trauma just in case. Lumberjack medic. Then Graze Anatomy for good measure. Chainsaws just a tool hazard, but when it goes south, I’ve seen better. lol The lumberjacks themselves size up the medics when we see who we’re forced to work with. Of course, I successfully blackmailed the pathogen. That was WAY easier than working with loggers.

It is the pathogen behind nearly all disease masquerading as a pathogen.  It kills everybody, so witnesses are in short supply. It is actually a nematode packing pathogens. It knows you’ll blame the pathogen and not the nematode behind the curtain. Pay no attention to the man or worm behind the curtain. Yeah, fat chance, skippy. We own your vector hopping azz, so the game is over.

House, M. D.,  has Lyme Disease, in case you didn’t get the memo yet. It is the mystery illness he suffers from himself that even he can’t get to the bottom of. Wild Apple Leaves are a Holistic Universal Treatment to eliminate baffling nematode caused conditions like Lyme Disease and arthritis, and all the top killer diseases. House has a typically awful bedside manner. If you ever had Lyme disease, you understand perfectly why. Nematode Lyme Disease is what kills mankind under 100 years old, short of major trauma, and I can prove it with Wild Apple Leaves. I have been writing about it here since October 14, 2014. It sharpens Occam’s Razor to a simplicity an idiot can understand. This is apparently too complicated for Bayer Advanced Goon Squad Doctors.

bayer-headlineThey sell the poison that coats all the produce in your supermarket. They spray all the leaves in the orchard with bug poison and fungicide. The best indicator as to whether a tree is wild is the presence of fungus and bug bitten leaves. Apple leaves are different because bayer-advancedthe bug eats a little and dies generally if it has a nematode in it. Apple leaves have procyanidins or PCs in them. How else do you think apple seeds, or cherry, plum,and peach pits get their cyanide? Wild trees haven’t had their procyanidins converted to cyanide by Bayer Advanced pesticides and fungicides yet. At any rate, Bayer should go down as the dumbest drug manufacturer in history, not exactly a resume bullet point to admire. I guess I will have to scratch “Baker Advanced” off the potential names list.

In the advancing over the cliff file, what are we going to do to get wild apple leaves that aren’t “advanced”? First doctor suggestion was to develop a process to isolate the active ingredient. I just found out you could no longer do that akin to synthetically recreating bee pollen or building a fly. Phage is like that. I did find that phloridzin is a great anti inflammatory though, but nowhere near as powerful as the whole natural leaf. Then I discovered the Smokers Paradox where it works even better for people who smoke. More worms come out faster. AppLyme was developed to alleviate and cure COPD and asthma as a kicker. There was previously no cure for COPD. Now you know why House tends to hate doctors. He is one himself, but looks for the underlying disease. I found it. Vector Nemtodiasis underlies everything. Wild Apple Leaves make it as clear as a jellyfish. You can see right through it all. Like House, you will also know “Everyone Lies!” from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

kryptoniteHouse also hates people because he is really a potential veterinarian. This puts him centuries ahead of modern medicine literally. Yet the Hollywood version hasn’t discovered the works of Dr Evans 1880 yet, discovering Surra, which is a large part of Hollywood House’s affliction. Oh the irony. The House character’s cranky Ego can’t let him get over the hump for himself. Not so with me. I am Dr Doghouse, MD (Mad Dog,) but you can call me mike1baker. Trust Me – I’m NOT A Doctor!™ That’s always been that way with me before the episode where they try to fire House, M. D., and kill his patient because they didn’t listen. lol Wild Apple Leaves address spinal meningitis symptoms that don’t test positive as well. I doubt they’ll want to know about my Supermother™ Synthetic Apple Cider Vinegar. Extra Mother. Kryptonite for Super Bug  Worms and multiple forms of vector nematodiasis.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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