Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 29, 2016 – Reverse Tap

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If you have worms in the spinal fluid, as is the case with neurological diseases, they would be impossible to find. They will avoid spinal taps or lumbar punctures because they are intelligent worms. Apple Leaves are a way to make the worms perform the lumbar puncture all by themselves, access out of it, and all as relatively or less painfully than they got in there. Now that is a lot less invasive than a Spinal Tap/LP Procedure. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is worth at least a thousand squared. One million words. Conservatively.

Nobody even knew there were worms in the spinal fluid until Dr MacDonald went looking in autopsies. Nobody even knew they were hiding anywhere under your skin. Worse yet, nobody knew they were alive and intelligent enough to remember the way out. They do when wild apple leaves make them come out of your spine alive. Both you and that cuddly little worm. Of course, if you would rather go get a lumbar puncture (LP) or autopsy of yourself to prove how smart you are/were, be my guest.

Worms have never been found in LP’s or else that would be the first thing doctors would know, and they would figure this all out. They know bupkiss. Apple leaves smarten the worm up to beyond doctor, and they perform their own LP, hoping for the best, or better if possible. I suspect better because they struggle to get out and be with their buddies, all the worms that used to be in you.

Pat Lanips™ is Spinal Tap spelled backwards, and it is also what worms do when they are alive like the hundreds that are in you right now. They just need a little Wild Apple Leaf impetus to abort themselves. The worms don’t die, so they can’t create a Herx in the brain or spinal fluid. The funny thing is Wild Apple Leaves are your ticket to a worm abortion. You’re on a mission of death undeniably since everybody dies, and Wild Apple Leaves are the abort button.

Worms are picky eaters, and the ones I saw didn’t like to eat much of anything on the way out. They went out the way they came in mostly unless blocked. A few were blocked by callus on my foot. Most were like “etib gub” or bug bite in reverse. They came out the way they came in. They remembered! Fascinating as Spock would say. Since then there is a logical deduction that they always were a higher life form than all humans, vector nematode parasites, until me. Nyah, nyah. lol

Back to the relentless Mission to Die. Only an idiot wouldn’t hit the abort button on that one given the choice. Now there is a choice. I had the guts to prove Wild Apple Leaves are not poison. That is providing they don’t have any stray pesticide products the manufacturer warns that they make deadly poison intentionally, and cover their tracks falsely claiming all fruit tree leaves are poison. You get more poisoned in the supermarket produce aisle actually eating the fruit of those poisoned trees. It is the closest you will ever get Bayer to admit their products are poison, while they look the other way to let us eat that poison knowingly. Instead they claim all leaves are poison. Better skip the lettuce and spinach then.

Enough reality. House Season 2 when he goes dumpster diving for a heart to transplant, and finds one. They do lumbar punctures every episode it seems. Only in Hollywood would they be so cavalier about it. S2E16 “Safe” has a girl with tick paralysis. It takes a whole episode for House to figure it out. He grasps the tick wrongly and yanks it off. No doctor has ever miraculously cured POW that way. Another Hollywood kill. On the upside, it is the world’s first introduction to POW, Powassan Virus, from Canada. POW was just the beginning of my troubles. Even alternate medicine Hollywood won’t admit they can’t cure a tibovirus. Even a House “Out of the Box Tick Yank” can’t touch it.

The Übermother™ trial continues since Dec 6. I test the components separately, not mixed. Wild Apple Leaf powder with pectin enzyme, vinegar, coffee, and sugar. There is another type of powder I tested in September, and that is Organic Apple Leaf powder. Wild Powder is much safer, but in extremely short supply. It may not solve House’s Pussy Tick Trouble, but then again it might. It may reverse live pussy tick illness and DTaP live vaccine caused deadly illness. Chances are they inject live worms and not just worm poop. DTaP causes autism if you believe the manufacturer. Worm outing is my department. Wait until you see how many are hiding in you.

Once you skunk out that boatload of worms, you tell me.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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