Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 – Man Bites Dog

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poison-pharmaIt is said Dog Bites Man isn’t news. Now Man Bites Dog, that is news. This is like that. How could a science company willingly set back science with their own actions? In a simple answer, greed. In a less simple answer, idiocy. Donald Rumsfeld is more likely closer to the bulls eye when he states “We’re not that smart, and we’re not that stupid.” You can’t find one peer reviewed paper that actually confirms that fruit tree leaves are poisonous as claimed. On the contrary, there are papers that extol the virtues of the leaf and bark compounds for good health. What this tells me is that we are really on to something that the company wants to hide for itself at all costs, including their own reputation. It’s a super desperate Hail Mary shot to prevent total meltdown. They know what we found out that first day. This owns the Nobel Prize regardless. For Everything! They just haven’t discovered this fact yet like I did.

pound-o-wormsWe are all 10+% worms and worm poop. Wild Apple Leaves will show you. You’ll need a microscope because the worms are small. You’ll know they are gone because you can feel the load being lifted. All from eating Wild Apple Leaves untouched by Bayer and others. Of course the only way left to proceed would be to grow your own organic orchard, but for the leaves and not the fruit, and from the ground up. This will make the medicine ridiculously uneconomical, and set it back years. It’s hard to pull a wild orchard out of a hat.

One thing would be to call for peer reviewed papers demonstrating that fruit tree leaves are poison. We all know or ought to know that the pits and seeds contain cyanide, but not the tree foliage and bark. I’ll take any paper. Make sure to list any glaring conflicts of interest, such as “Written by Bayer Advanced Orchard, Orange Grove, and Vinyard Biocides.” I’m having trouble finding any papers that will pass muster. Maybe it’s just me.

House, M. D. is in pain. I went through about 50 years of that, but no medication for it until Celebrex about 10 years go. NSAIDs wouldn’t touch it. Bayer aspirin wasn’t that good. Tylenol Extra Strength not as good as Ibuprofen, which leads to depression with prolonged use. Then I discovered wild apple leaves. They are 10+ times as effective at relieving chronic arthritis pain, imparting a warming tingling soothing feeling that left affected areas actually cooler to the touch. Later, I found that wild apple tree bark alleviated the swelling from inflammatory cytokines. Didn’t seem very poison to me. Celebrex is, causing heart attacks and strokes.

True to form, watching House Season 3, I wonder when the cops will prevent wild apple leaves from ever gaining an alternative foothold? They make arthritis sufferers feel better, so the cops will want to torture us by making wild apple leaves illegal. That was where my thought process went a couple years ago. Bayer stepped up to the plate by offering us a huge lawsuit on a platter. They poisoned the whole crop, then claim all harmless apple leaves are all poison to cover their deadly allegedly “edible” poisoned fruit tracks. Of course, sufferers have their backs against the wall. There is no alternative pharmaceutical or otherwise that even comes close to Wild Apple Tree fibre for the number one chronic ailment of all time. It is the number one ailment because bugs are number one, and the worms in them cause it. The more that wild apple leaves smoke out, the better you will feel.

Ahh, what’s the use? I am getting as bitter as House. I’m pretty sure he ordered that latest spinal tap for shzts and giggles. People want useless painful procedures and deadly treatments like IV Antibiotics for years. I’m not sure how they get the idea it has to be miserable to work. The other one is that everybody has to die. That 10+% worms will ensure that, but they don’t want to know. All the more for us. They can all eat pretty Bayer fruits and vegetables while avoiding the ruined deadly Bayer leaves. By S3 E16 “Top Secret” an ex Marine presents with Gulf War syndrome AKA Lyme Disease “Doesn’t exist.” I can make it exist in no uncertain terms as pounds of sand fly worms drill out of you. Then all of a sudden it becomes the Mother of All Diseases. Hollywood had no answer, other than it wasn’t because of depleted uranium. It was supposedly because the patient had nosebleeds when he was a kid. Where were the 20 pounds of worms in all that? Crickets. No wonder the VA doesn’t know it all exists. Hollywood doctors are even stumped.

That’s a revelation because Hollywood doctors usually know the answer before they start filming. This time they knew bupkiss. I know something about Gulf War that they don’t. I know something about pretty much everything medical that they don’t. Obviously, because the next episode, House gets a plane ticket to Vancouver Island where Cook likely caught Lyme Disease in the latter 1600’s just before he died. Since House already has it, he’ll just get more lousy kinds of it like Duncanii and Myamotoi. Borrelia is additive not exclusive. The whole flight catches viral meningitis. House cures them, worms and all.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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