Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 1, 2017 – Happy New Year

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Yesterday we pointed out that Wild Apple Leaves themselves are the ultimate Graduate School, far above all medicine. Medicine knows absolutely nothing about them or what they show. If there was an alternative to grad school where you could just take a pill, you would think people would jump at it. The trouble is the Wild Apple Leaves are too good. They are a ten year medical degree in days by wiping out everything you thought we knew about medicine. Naturally, doctors are jelly and butt hurt badly. You would have to be a special kind of idiot to spend ten years of your life doing something you could have taken 6-12 pills to trash in 72 hours.

They just don’t know. We all admire House MD, a Hollywood composite creation, but a deeper analysis just exposes how botched all medicine is with needless complexity borne of pharmaceutical bad science and mismanagement. Wild Apple Leaves expose the stupidity of it all in 3 days. In a year, you will have long since fired all doctors or you are seriously too dumb to deserve to live. Meanwhile, I watched Happy New Year in the Big Apple. I have to do something to take my mind off a hopelessly defunct and murderous medical system that is a juggernaut that can’t be stopped. When they quote Bayer Advanced, a pesticide manufacturer, as a peer reviewed source, they are all done exactly as described. Now I just sit on the sidelines watching the inevitable train wreck. We know the truth about Apple Leaves that they never will. The future is doomed to be lonely.

It is better that everybody is dead anyway. If they don’t listen to reason, let them be victims of their own incredibly stupid reasoning. They will have to repair their bug worm addled brains to even realize that, and apple leaves are the only way to do that. This year I have resolved to get the word out to paramedics, my former colleagues, only. We are the bayer-advancedonly people with enough guts and brains to deserve this, let alone preserve this. Darwin weeds the idiots faster as well. St John Ambulance has all the paramedics in New Zealand, and that is where the Wild Apple Leaf hunt shifts for now. A very simple story is made incredibly complex by a poison manufacturer such as the one logo pictured here. They say all food tree leaves are poison and they should know, because they poison them for a living.

You have to know what Venturia Inaequalis fungus looks like. You have to know it is harmless to humans. It is a dead give away that apple leaves are probably untreated with fungicides. Also look for evidence of pests on the leaves and fruit. If there are no pesticides, there will have been pests. You will see that many eat the leaves and stop because the leaves make the vector endosymbiont worm kill the vector or pest. Complicated, yet simple. The worms don’t like the apple leaves, and when you eat those apple leaves, that becomes obvious as all the worms in you head out.

Why was that so hard for medical science to get their heads around? They are all victims, and they live and work in a dangerous environment, exposed to the lethal infection every working hour at worm central. It can’t be cleaned or disinfected away, and constantly replenishes with every new patient. The more apple leaves get rid of it, the more you can feel it in their concentrated worm cesspools they not so laughingly dole out health care from. As soon as you take the antidote, wild apple leaves, the problem becomes more obvious. How do you go about righting that mess? It will take care of itself eventually, but it will take a few years. Billions will die, but at least it will be them.

That’s why it is not really a Happy New Year. It is a Horrific New Year. I have tried to get the word out every way possible, and have failed, so billions will die needlessly. I guess there is nothing I can do. I tried and they died. They died because they wouldn’t even try not to. Every single person who told me they feel fine has had major health issues these past two years and 5 months since I discovered Wild Apple Leaves. Heart. Brain. Guts. All seriously worse. Some are dead. More will die. All I can do is throw my hands up, and say they told me how they are so much smarter than me, at their funerals. I guess I won’t go. There are just too many funerals.  The next time I see the few remaining ones, I will have to say we had better have a living funeral now. The local obituaries are all full of people in our age group 55-65. That was our Happy Holidays 2016. 2017 will be much more lonely unless people really smarten up and listen to me. After all, I was right about all the dead ones who thought I was stupid.

800px-Agave_fields_hillJose Cuervo has been making Gold Tequila for 222 years now since 1795. I added a bit to my coffee. He bought some land in a town named Tequila where the Blue Agave grows. They use the same enzyme I use to break down the pure Agave polysaccharide that biofilm is made out of. I wish I were there. I wonder if they need any testers? I could make new friends out of all the ones waiting in line to replace all the ones that have died around here. The Led Zeppelin era fan group are all dead or dying here.

I guess it is meant to be. God wants you all dead in this try out for the big team. He kills you from the day you are born. He delegates the job to insects with worms in them like Johnny Appleseed likely found out over 200 years ago. He sowed the cure everywhere all his life, but God denied us the common sense to figure out why. Then He put a bunch of greed addled pseudo scientist idiots in health care to ensure you would never find out. If you die you are cut. I’m lucky I found out exactly how He does it, or should I say did it? Now I have been given a gracious way out by an evil chemical company. Adios, geniuses. This is a fatal disease and everyone dies except only one I know of so far.

It explains another epidemic, obesity. People fluff up with all the stuff their worms don’t want or need. The cellulite you see is where the worms high grade what they can use of all that blubber. When you get rid of the worms, your body can finally take back what it needs and get rid of all the stuff it doesn’t. In the Out of The Blue file, I was phoned by a person who felt it was important to tell me a person she phoned me about with COPD is being pulled off a ventilator tonight. 5 months ago, I told her about the cure I had discovered, and precisely outlined the steps, including extra pectin enzyme for that patient. She ignored it. Tonight that patient will die. Their way, not mine, after 5 months of prolonged misery. Even when you outline the exact steps, people ignore it. They deserve death themselves. Perhaps they will listen closer when you link their well being to their patents.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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