Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 2, 2017 – Deer Diary

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Why do people phone me up in the middle of the night to tell me they ignore my advice and kill people? I remember this particular person well because I quoted her the Johns Hopkins study citing medical error as the third leading cause of death. She argued that it wasn’t in her experience, and questioned whether Hopkins was a reliable source. I rest my case. All these shztheads deserve to die because they are so smart.

I give up. That was last May 3. That was before two major developments of 2016. One was the May 15 London revelations of Alan B. MacDonald. The other was the smoking gun of a RICO Indictment of Health Canada, the AMA, the CMA, the IDSA, the CDC, WCB, Et Al. Coincidentally, all those events happened within a couple weeks in May 2016. Everything I had been saying for nearly a couple years was proven then. A pervasive nematodiasis exposed by Wild Apple Leaves was behind all infectious disease, chronic or otherwise. It killed even more people than medicine itself, no small feat.

Any idiot knows that Johns Hopkins is one of the premier medical scientific institutions in the world. Believe it or not, the rank and file of Health Canada has such a high opinion of themselves that they do not recognize it. It takes a special idiocy to be that conceited without any accomplishment. Worse yet, it takes a special idiot to phone up the inventor of the cure in the middle of the night to tell them that the patient they are unplugging in minutes is the person they did not follow the detailed instructions to cure 7 months earlier. They bragged that they failed their way, and have tortured the woman for over half a year. I told you this was going to be a horrific new year.

ZePlanBayer was one of the partners of IG Farben tasked to gas the Jews by Hitler. Death is their name, death is still their game with AGFA, BASF, Bayer, and Sanofi. House, MD S5E18 “Here Kitty” touches on cigars and bartonella. Oh, the irony. All the infectious disease of House is Vector Nematodiasis with endosymbiont borrelia. Biofilm buildup from that is COPD and asthma. Smoking simply is a symptom stimulus that can be used to eliminate the underlying nematodes and biofilm they use to slime bayer-advancedtheir host to death. Just add apple leaves and extra pectin enzyme. One disease. Two lethal problems. A simple cure. I’ve called it AppLyme for over a year since Day 313, June 6, 2015, now. I think we are up to over 900 Days total now. I have foiled IG Farben who said my cure was poison. It would be if I used their Vinyl Zolution Apple Leaves. Note the cheery enthusiastic Bayer Advanced board meeting participants above.

haworth_projection_of_phlorizin-svgLet’s look at Phlorizin, the main constituent of apple leaves and bark. Type 2 Diabetes treatments are based on Phlorizin, such as Canagliflozin and Dapagliflozin. Our interest is in treatment for inflammatory cytokines that the bark of apple trees seems to treat especially well. Why would that and pectin enzyme save billions of lives? Well, the real phlorizin is abhorrent to the vector nematode parasites riddling mankind for starters. Why is not known. Just know that it does it along with the other phenols and PC’s in apple leaves. One of these, Rutin, is the basis of many holistic drugs. It is a good antioxidant. I thought that Wiki used to say it had anti cancer properties, but not any more. It must be some other component of the wild apple leaves that made my skin cancer vanish.

Looking back, sadly, I have a study group for an A versus B clinical trial. The hospital. Simple cures for me are a death sentence of botched treatments and procedures in their allegedly capable hands. There is an argument for a double blind study too. They’re so conceited they’re blinder than a bat, and they won’t let me see what they do to kill all these people. Whatever they do is efficient because nobody is making it out alive. The silver lining is they haven’t got me yet, but they got all my age group, and all of their money too. They don’t want to know what I do, or they just revel in mocking it, holding up advertisements for the Monsanto Bayer death machine. 6 million Jews was just the documented start for them. 6 billion mongrels is their new ambition. The New Hopspitalcaust is upon us.

It’s a grey cold day outside. The days are getting longer, but still colder. February and January are the worst months. The forecast is for clear skies and colder yet over the Tuesday Friday time frame or so. Needless to say, the medical forecast here is horrifically chilling for years. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition when Netflix seems more real than our broken corrupt socialized health care system. On House MD, Chase, the Aussie doctor is fretting over killing a genocidal dictator. In reality here, they don’t give a shzt about killing EVAHrybody! S6E10 “Wilson” on House talks about chemotherapy. Isn’t every pharmaceutical chemotherapy? Chemo is any drug targeted to kill defective cells or microbes, but usually refers to cancer. Wild Apple Leaves are technically targeted chemotherapy, but with little side effects, and no need for radiation.

I see that the media is already bashing the President Elect over Cyber Security. In the dhsMedia Is Really Stupid file, I guess they do not understand that the Secret Service is the world’s most L33+ ha><0r squad EVAH! Last I checked, the President Elect has exclusive access to them, since the current president cannot pass security clearance, having been born in Hawaii before it was a state, and DBA with a forged birth certificate date and name. Only a totally idiotic and corrupt media would fake surprise at all that, still thumping the tub for their deposed kiddie porn bastard in chief. How could that happen? Ask them and they’ll say it’s because they’re so smart. People brag about videos of their child’s birth. The Secret Service  has videos of this lame dork’s  conception!

They want Canada health care? Yeah. They’re SOOO smart. The money they save will cost them everything they own. Then they can transplant and transfuse unchecked borrelia into everybody. This is not any one person though. It is a culture of coy incompetence that rewards criminal taunting behaviour. Wild Apple Leaves prove beyond any doubt now that medical incompetence is the leading cause of death, and to ignore what they show is a major criminal act. Far fetched? Look back at this when it finally breaks out what Wild Apple Leaves actually do. It is an undeniable litmus test that cannot be ignored for barbaric criminal health care and blatant mass murder. It can also be shown that the medicinal properties have been historically known as well. Premeditation adds a huge amount of gravity to the charges. Denying Wild Apple Leaves takes on a new air like denying the knowledge that loaded guns actually fire bullets at lethal velocities.

It is easy to prove that, but just imagine how they will ignore and stonewall it. They will whine that all sick people come to them. You have to point out that competing interests are not permitted to provide superior or comparable service on their insurance racket, creating a criminal enterprise rife for abuse and the demonstrated abrogation of reasonably superior scientific and economic alternate solutions. They intentionally thwart superior scientific solutions proven to be far superior to their capabilities to the detriment of their forced client base. That is not an obtuse exaggeration by any stretch.

The real truth is much simpler. They can’t treat anything  Wild Apple Leaves cure, so they ignore or dance around all the things they do cure to pad their take out of the insurance pool. Their pharmaceutical cohorts rip off the insurance as much as they can because they cannot figure out how to do it easily, or so they claim. Any explanation these thugs offer leaves them in the burning white hot Klieg lights around the prison courtyard trying to escape the obvious. Now it is found all the things they said about cholesterol are wrong. Wild Apple Leaves show them not only why, but what the real problem always was.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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