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Tues, Jan 3, 2017 – Same Old Story

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77 years later, Bayer hasn’t changed its spots. This horrific bastard child of the Nazi regime is up to its old tricks. They poison not only apple trees, but every other edible plant in the produce aisle. It mimics their move from headache pill maker to giant headache supplier, thus becoming the premier problem and solution supplier in the world. Why can’t we dissolve these awful enterprises of Holocausts before they repeat it over and over? The prime reason is Doctors. Take Two Gas Chambers and call them in the morning.

TwoWaysHealth Canada has become an envious problem – Final Solution provider. This miserable Baby Aspirin pusher has moved to exclusive Holocaust provider status, only allowing their way or the fry way. Like famous Nazi sympathizer Henry Ford, you can have any colour of life you want, as long as it is death. It is like having a choice of line ups for the “showers.” Bayer says their 1/4 strength pills prevent heart attacks that their poisoned fruit and vegetables likely cause.  Their neonicotinamides killed all the bees, but it could be Monsanto doing that. Bayer’s solution to that was that they moved to buy Monsanto recently, also bagging their Beelogics GMO Bee subsidiary. It is simple enough to get your Bayer Alzheimer’s addled brain around. Bayer says the cure for Type 2 Diabetes and all the other top lethal illnesses is poison, and they would know because they sell the products that poison it!

The biggest threat apple leaves pose is that they impart the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that itself scares the daylights out of Bayer. Pure evil is their business, and wild apple leaves make it obvious. Given their way, IG Farben Monsanto Bayer will be the only ones left to use all the Liebensraum they are creating. This time they are targeting you in the guts and using their thugs in Health Canada to look the other way while they poison us all.

The superior science of Wild Apple Leaves will introduce you to invisible dark matter and energy. Together they make up over 95% of our Universe, and even physicists can’t put their finger on where it all is. Wild Apple Leaf science blows the lid off of it all. So called physicians look like hapless gomers once you “see” and feel what is really happening. Physicians actually dismiss their own cognitive thought quantum mechanics. Almost instantly after the initial confusion, some physicians will possibly “get a clue” after which they will discover they are going absolutely nowhere the way things are in their so called “science.” The “Hammer of God” will leave it all in ruins. It’s long ovetdue. You will discover formerly invisible insect vectors and nematodes. What was that bug? Now you will know. Knowing they even exist is a good place to start. I assume that deer must already know as they have for millions of years. They aren’t talking. Squirrels also nibble the tree bark. They likely know too. Of course they are what they eat as doctors say. They are nuts.

This may all sound nutty, but nutty is anything but nuts. What is totally nuts is the inability of the health sciences to admit that they have failed. Wild Apple Leaves are the plunger that this huge turd of unprecedented failure needs to traverse the drain. If they hadn’t failed, and with their granted budgetary push for science, lifespan would be increasing. As it stands, lifespan is decreasing. The more that new information comes to light, it becomes obvious that the actual push is to kill us all faster. Supermarkets are stacked floor to ceiling and wall to wall with poison laced staples. Why is that allowed? It is the call to arms for a new kind of World War to skunk these Nazis out for the second time now. Nobody will lift a finger though, and it looks like the enemy has already won it. Vivre La Resistance? This crop of the Worst Generation in history couldn’t organize a 3 man rush to a 4 hole shzthouse.

Much is made   of Apollo and the manned lunar landings when a Herculean effort is required, and stat. We could all see the Moon, the plan was made, and we executed. This requires a larger effort, nobody can see it, and they can’t plan how to fall off a turnip truck. Same end of the decade deadline. You tell them repeatedly that they are going to die for two and a half years and now they’re dead. That’s because they’re so smart. They all said it wouldn’t happen to them. They couldn’t explain why they were exempt. Now they are all dead, stinking up the place as their bodies rot. I asked them if they wanted to know why they were all dead when they were still alive and they said no. The couple dozen pounds of bug worms in them wouldn’t let them know because they knew they were smarter. Now they are at the head of the Holocaust class. One more joins their club every 15 seconds, but that is based on the old numbers. I drained my swamp, and you know what I found. Vector Nematode parasites galore. If you don’t know it, don’t bother. Get your things in order.

bayer-headlineWhen a pesticide and fungicide manufacturer declares a miracle drug component that they poison with their products unfit for consumption whether treated or not, what is that? A crime or a gross exaggeration of a warning label? Given their logic, salt should be pulled off the shelves for containing deadly chlorine. Given any logic, all the products they treat with their chemical poisons should be unfit for human consumption. They brag that it is all commercial crops in the produce isle. Plain apple leaves are poison if Bayer gets anywhere near them, but natural apple leaves are not. They are actually a miracle drug by many peer reviewed accounts. There is not a single sole source of that information so maybe I should write it. There will be multiple footnotes and all will be peer reviewed. Bayer wrongly tars the whole crop with the same broad brush they use to poison it.

Everything people have been told about Lyme disease is wrong. The big story is the wild apple leaf expunged nematodes. Descartes said Nothing So Hidden. Here we have discovered Bayer is trying frantically to hide it, intentionally or otherwise. Wild apple leaves show why Rife Machines like the Doug Coil work sometimes, but not always. It is the stealthy nematode and not the spirochaete. The leaves make the nematodes anything but stealthy. You can go through every treatment, and the efficiency is predicted by what wild apple leaves make so obvious immediately.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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