Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Jan 4, 2017 – Nothing So Hidden

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Rarely, new things get discovered. This is one. There is so much misinformation that it actually conspires to hide it. Why fight it? Why not make a reverse firing bullet out of it? Then troll for battles with lawsuit trolling whores, and reverse the hit at the last second? Then they can sue the real perps, like Bayer, hiding in the weeds and the produce aisle. Why go looking for a fight though? Avoidance is the best policy. It is reassuring to have a defence plan though.

I tried to be as open as possible, but that doesn’t work. That is not to say that clamming up will help much either. The main satisfaction is that a pervasive human parasitic nematodiasis was discovered on July 31, 2014, and until that time, nothing was so medically hidden as that. All doctors are still baffled going on two years and 5 months later. No papers. No science. Bupkiss. It will stand as the largest disappointment in history, pretty much destroying all credibility they had as a science IMO. That is because eventually this will all come out. The clock is still ticking, with cobwebs growing on it now. The serious take away is that wild apple leaves are far above the capabilities of all medicine, and likely always will be since medicine has no clue how or why they do what they do.

What can you call a science higher than medicine? Metaphysical? That word seems to be a catch-all for poorly understood. Beyond what is perceivable to the senses; Supernatural. Add Metamedical to the list? It isn’t even a word, yet Wild Apple Leaves have proven beyond a doubt that they are above all medical understanding. A poison manufacturer is where medicine goes for information on all apple leaves understandably to default on the side of safety. Like Hollywood House MD states, everything he prescribes is addictive and dangerous though. When pressed, doctors would all admit that to be honest.

In my experience, natural apple leaves are anything but poison. They are super to the point of being metaphysical. All the problems medicine is facing are explained simply in days by the wild apple leaves themselves. Even problems House, M. D. faces are explained without all the medical baffle gab. Time is well overdue to de worm this puppy.

Infectious Disease and Trauma are the two basic cornerstones of all medical services. Infectious disease is poised to overtake all healthcare and bankrupt it. Insurance rackets commit fraud regularly to ignore the largest ID component of all health care. Public health care is the worst offender worldwide. I can prove it with a pill, a metapothecarial substance. A super drug for the super bugs.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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