Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Jan 5, 2017 – Stupormarket

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It’s a building loaded with poisons. They call it a Super Market. All the GMO food looks pretty. That is because it is genetically modified where possible to withstand ever increasing amounts of poison herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to maximize presentability and shelf life. Commercial Apple leaves fall victim to collateral damage in this regard as they are over sprayed to make the fruit look pretty. Organic orchards also have pest and fungal management strategies because nobody knew about the pharmaceutical properties of the natural leaves, save for discoverers of the main derived treatments for Type 2 Diabetes. They use a synthetic to replace the active component of the natural apple leaves. Natural apple leaves have many more inimitable PC’s and bioflavinoids though that work in concert to skunk out nematode parasites from bug sting/bite and aquatic biofilm vectors.

IMG-20140809-00085It’s a saw off as to what kills you faster. The bug worms or the GMO food in  the super market. I think it’s all bad, but maybe that’s just me. Even commercial apple leaves are bad. The only ones left are one you grow yourself to be a pharmaceutical supply from the seed, or rarely, wild apple leaves from deer dropping seeded trees. That is the sort I have around here, tested by the deer themselves. They also love my little plum tree so much they nibbled it bare keeping it trimmed down to only about 2 meters after 13 years. This apple tree pictured is from an old orchard, but there are also wild ones around here seeded by the deer pooping out apple seeds in the late fall. They only eat the apples after they have fallen to the ground. That tree also has an old maple tree growing along with it. It is over 100 years old I think. A large Douglas Fir fell on it and broke half of it off, but the remainder is even stronger growing with the full original roots of a tree twice that size. That young deer looks scrawny but if you spook it it will be gone behind that far house in seconds. Not even other deer run like that one. She’s a sprinter.

I wish I could take her for a sniff down that produce aisle. I already know she would turn her nose up at most of it. She wouldn’t touch the neighbours pretty gardens. She didn’t like the smell of them. That’s saying something because she did like the garbage veggies and such. Perhaps it is because they like ripe or overly ripe fruits and vegetables. Maybe it was for the salt they crave too. Their eating habits puzzle humans but it works for them. It could be because they didn’t like the apple trees out in the open where predators like coyotes and cougars could get to them. They didn’t mind the young bear before I suspect it got poached for its paws and gall bladder. It is depressing how crazy people are. It will be better when they are all worm food. All those chemicals are making the insect populations, particularly the nematode infected ones, explode too.

I tried some organic leaves, but they use dithane for fungus like scab and fire blight on them in our moderately damp climate. Knowing is a large part of the search for pharmaceutical grade leaves. The presence of VI fungus points to a higher pharmaceutical potency though, so it is a marker for good leaves actually. One man’s pest is another man’s friend. It’s like picking mushrooms. You have to know what you are doing, and which ones are poison. There is the added difficulty in that the chemicals are hidden. In a super market, you can safely assume it is all poison stuff, GMO or otherwise. A recent clandestine glyphosate toxicity survey produced alarming levels across all major brands. We’re talking dozens of times the WHO/EU safe limits.

I have been trying to simplify a general overview of medicine, and thought a simple description had two categories, trauma and infectious disease. There is another forgotten separate area and that is toxicology. GMO’s are under that tent. Like infectious disease, it is on the upswing. Medicine itself tries to create an added separate area too and that is psychiatry, totally ignoring toxicology and infectious disease. They ignore the Lyme epidemic, and increasing toxicology pressure, lumping it all into psychiatric. This is narcissistic projection. You have to be nuckin’ futz to ignore the biggest rising epidemics poised to destroy health care. Picture a Venn Diagram with three overlapping circles, ID, Trauma, and Tox. Psychiatry wants to place that all inside the 4th big psychiatry circle. That in itself is a mental illness, delusions of grandeur. In Canada, you have to be totally nuckin’ futz to ignore insect vector parasitology, and wild apple leaves prove it beyond a doubt in the first 3 to 300 days. It proves to be a bigger encompassing circle than  ever imagined. Every single doctor in the system is even infected by it, so the system itself is doomed.

There is an argument that medical botched treatment is another overlooked circle in our Venn Diagram now getting too complicated, by itself ironically. Bad vaccines, pharmaceutical poisoning, cutting off the good leg or kidney, and so forth. It is the third leading cause of death, maqsuerading as life extension sciences. The poisoning of apple leaves falls into that category, creating a class of toxins from a pharmaceutical wonder drug. Now I have to specify Wild or Natural apple leaves, not necessarily organic as well. The poison manufacturers simplify this by spreading misinformation that all fruit tree leaves,  grapes, nuts, and whatever are poison. It covers their ass but sets medicine back centuries. Ironically it does more to out their toxic business hidden from view in super markets.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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