Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Jan 6, 2017 – Mycology

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Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44I knew a mycologist. He was a fun guy. Unfortunately, he passed away recently. I don’t know cause of death. Likely it was health care, leading cause of death here. My Wild Apple Leaf protocol has radio excluded me from any health care facility, so I will have to find out through the grapevine. Someone will risk a trip to their leper colonies. My eclectic medicine keeps them away from me. I just light a cigar. They just cut your colon out, which they think is somehow preferable to smoking. In case you didn’t get the memo, no smokers suffer from IBD until they quit smoking. Wild Apple leaves and pectic enzyme wipe out COPD and asthma, while the leper farm cuts your lungs out. The whole thing is open book once you get rid of all of your vector nematode parasites. Then it becomes crystal clear what the problem is, and they haven’t got a clue. Richard pictured here is still alive, 110 going on 111, after mixing whiskey in his coffee between smoking 15 BIG stogies a day.

phage-group-bright-2-russell-kightleyA mycologist knows fungus is everywhere between picking mushrooms. If you find apple leaves without fungus, you know there must be an explanation, such as a fungicide, or as I found, a phage has been applied. I engineered a phage to apply to my wild trees, transferring the human Venturia Inaequalis resistance to them via their soil and roots. It only lasts for one growing season AFAIK. My 2015 leaves are that phage type, and my 2017 leaves will be too. Back to plan A, Tree A. I have a secret stash of trees for every letter of the alphabet. Synthetic equivalents are too expensive, being $1 per mg CDN. Meanwhile, I am testing a new source of apple bark. I can tell exactly what is in it by taste now, and effect and toxicological side effects, referenced to the wild bark I have. I am using ABC Cork enzyme by the kg now, and it is preferable to BSG so far. It converts the biofilm to a less viscous liquid than BSG.

haworth_projection_of_phlorizin-svgSigma Aldrich sells synthetic phloretin for $1 CDN a mg if you are afraid to find a Wild Apple Leaf source. Just to clarify, that is $1 million a Kg. That’s a bit over my budget. Phloridzin, pictured here, hydrolyses to phloretin in the small intestine. You can extract it from the bark and/or leaves with ethanol or just eat it to give your small intestine a worm out. After that initial shock, and the first wave of worms heads down the hatch to greener pastures, it is very probiotic. It took a couple weeks to my first main worm dump, but I wasn’t taking that much, being a little apprehensive for Du testing after that first salad and aggressive head worm drill out. Temporary symptoms of Parkinson’s may point to Mancozeb, Dithane, Mycozeb, etc. fungicide contamination, so watch out for that. The way to check for that is TCM Du Herbal Testing if you want to save on toxicological testing. Mancozeb is used to emulate Parkinson’s in lab rats to mimic primate Parkinson’s Disease. If you want to get Parkinson’s to see what it is like, just buy lots of fruit from the supermarket because it is all laced with Mancozeb and surfactants like carcinogenic POEA polyethyl oxylated tallow amine. The Maneb in particular is the Parkinson’s aggravater.

CaliforniaOn a related note, I have almost finished going through the entire House, M. D. series on Netflix. I have been carefully looking for mentions of Lyme disease, and similar misdiagnoses attributable to arboviral infection that Wild Apple Leaf would wallop easily. The added benefit of the bark is that it chelates heavy metals if you are old enough to remember leaded gasoline. The WAL will chemically remember it for you, and you will urinate cerusite lead carbonate from all that still stuck in your liver and kidneys for a few months or more. You will likely also piss Strontium 90 from all that atmospheric nuclear testing in the 50’s and 60’s no matter how old you are. It was in breast milk, or any milk for that matter, and still is today. there is no other known way to get that out of the soft tissues of your vital organs, and probably underlies all leading causes of death other than medical error.

On a related note, respiratory techs beware. A lot of those bronchodilators and mucus meds actually contain hexavalent chromium, a guaranteed carcinogen. My AppLyme converts the cancer to sugar and assorted biofilm snot though after you give the asthma or COPD patient lung cancer inadvertently. They save money on groceries while living off the cancer/sugar lumps instead for a while. I’m trying to create a USDA approved analog to the Wild Sources I use now, but that may fail if Mancozeb/Dithane symptoms appear. USDA is clueless about all this stuff so beware.

parasiteMichigan State has a fungus susceptibility page up here. Know your apple fungus to ensure safe fungicide free Wild trees. Know the appearance of Apple Scab VI Fungus to ensure the trees have no Mycozeb or other fungicides on them. Potassium bicarbonate (rarely the mineral kalcinite) is a GRAS FDA fungicide though. I will have to see if I can get a USDA formulation that should eliminate all these parasites, but I’ll have to wait 10 days for shipping. In New Zealand, the wild leaves should be good to go now for a few months if the deer haven’t nibbled too many away though. Also add Cellulite, ARD/Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, IBD, nephritis, UTI, and heart disease to that list among all the other ones here.




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