Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Jan 7, 2017 – Defogger


parasiteThe first thing that Wild Apple Leaves wipe out is so-called “Brain Fog.” If you are badly affected, it is like doubling your IQ in 3 days. YMMV. You don’t know how bad it affects you until it’s suddenly wiped out. It is these damn worms in the bugs responsible for it somehow. Like all neurological disorders, they still don’t have a clue what is happening. Jeremy Murphree from South Carolina posted this list online. I could add more, like alopecia/baldness. The parasites were eating my hair. It started growing again and was darker, closer to the original colours. Now I know why deer have no problem growing antlers.

This is why it is so expensive. It cures many cancers. Click on Protocols and Peer Reviewed papers. You can get it for way less than that. Wild Apple Bark and Leaves are made of the precursors to Phloretin which Phloridzin metabolizes to in the small intestine. Even the small amount in the leaves made my skin cancer like lesions disappear in a few months. The protocols link there says it cures liver cancer. I found Lyme and arthritis are much tougher than cancer but it was likely from the hundreds of biofilm farmer worms that got skunked out over time. I would say curing cancer was just a side effect of my testing. It wiped out my floaters around then too, Dec 2014. It might have been sooner but I just didn’t look before that. I guess I’m not vain enough. lol Anyway, there are about 94 peer reviewed papers at Sigma Aldrich there about lots of other things wild apple leaves wallop, but nowhere near everything they get which may be attributed to the multiple other bioflavinoids, PC’s, and polyphenols. You can actually feel the apopstasis as it munches then rebuilds all your worm damaged cells where it can.

I’m watching S1 E13 Star Wars Clone Wars on Netflix. “Greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil.” The Wild Apple Tree is the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil it says in the Bible. It is the tree of evil too. So find one any way you want. Hollywood or the Bible. Skid your oncologist and replace them for pennies. Just sayin’. If you figure that makes me evil, well, I’m good too after munching down a million bucks worth of phloretin off of one. lol I have another million worth of fancy store bought bark coming in the mail for 24 bucks plus about 60 bucks shipping via sled dog to the Great White Vector riddled North. Mush doggies! These ticks are hungry here for USPS dog meat in salmon ville.

Of course for the price of an oncology consult, you could blow it on a trip to New Zealand to scope out fresh wild trees, but it’s raining in Wellington. There’s a quarter million deer poopin’ out apple trees all over the place there. I’m hanging out here to try the store bought stuff for research for now. February is the better month to try New Zealand as the polyphenols like phloridzin will max out as the apple harvest time approaches. If you wait too late the deer will be in the rut so they could be dangerous. They are the jealous sort and they will be around those wild trees eating the sweeter leaves then. March April will be hunting season there as well I imagine. There is also a large Wapiti contingent there as there is closer to Fernie and Sparwood here. The damp weather this year will cause more VI fungus on the leaves, which is actually good for proteolytic enzyme and polyphenol content.

Pyrus MalusWild Apple Leaves expose more evil in Health Care than you can shake a stick at. When they charge $100,000 for a couple bucks worth of Wild Apple Leaves, then intentionally spray and poison all the apple and fruit trees, that is pure evil. It’s time somebody upset their apple cart. They don’t care how many people they kill as long as they get theirs. They feel they deserve it because they’re so smart. That’s why I hit them with a huge dumb nuke. They deserve to be wiped out forever. Then there are all those cancer and other charity scams. This is a proven cancer “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine. That apple tree graphic here is from King’s American Dispensary 1898 Edition. You can get the stuff from ebay for chrissakes.

The biggest thing is it will double your IQ in 72 hours. Then you are off to the races. Mind you, I have all that help from the worms themselves too. Their actions speak louder than words. Moving along, wait until they find out about all the other stuff natural non-poisoned apple trees cure. Where’s my award money for curing brain and lung cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes? Thought so. It’s a scam. They’re all fogged up. So what do I do for an encore? Autism, but they won’t let me treat it. They all say they would love a cure, but when one shows up, and their meal ticket is wiped out in days by some idiot hillbilly biofilm and phage engineer battling deer  for wild apple leaves in the Canadian Rockies, they’re all butt hurt. They bankrupted the kid’s family after DTaP’ing the kid into a conniption fit. They Jelly. They Mad, Bro.

Rod_of_Asclepius.svgI have known all this for over two years here. You can look back. There are over 700 posts here and elsewhere about it, but they’re so smart. If they’re that smart, they should figure out that I wiped out everything they have been working on their whole life, and in two weeks of reading and watching deer doing their Graze Anatomy from this exact same seat in July 2014. I tried to tell them, repeatedly, but after the icy reception, I swore they would rue the day they ever dismissed me in such cavalier fashion. Now I am going to wipe them out. I give you the Stinkbomb of Asclepius! The worms are all giggling in our makeshift Asclepian Temple here. The phone isn’t ringing off the hook from the Trump Transition team here. Canadians that don’t lie need not apply.  Hey, mike1baker, DeBakey… Close enough? Maybe it is the nonstop Netflix Clone Wars CGI ‘splodin’ shzt.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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  1. Thanks for the Props, Mike!


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