Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 8, 2017 – ReBoot from Bupkiss

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LeafsI knew Wild Apple Leaves were doing something to cancer since August 2014. At the time, I cynically predicted nobody would care, or believe it. Nothing has changed. You could stack peer reviewed evidence to the roof and you will never get a cent out of the cancer society. I tried to stay focussed on Lyme Disease which is way tougher than cancer and I know exactly why. It could be those thousands of parasites coming out of your skin after Wild Apple Leaf treatment. All medicine is completely baffled by why they are going nowhere, but it is a little too convenient if you ask me. We should want all of our money back now. We have the smoking gun and as usual they have bupkiss. Their argument is they are focussed on the microscope. Give them a shot upside the head and they may start looking to see the entire lab is burning down.

pound-o-wormsThe way things stand, you are born to be a worm meal, and they are doing absolutely nothing to prevent that. When a puppy is born, the first thing they do is take it to the vet to de worm it. When a human is born, instead these lechers move to sponge the insurance company and bankrupt its parents. That has to change. It was supposed to with the affordable care act so they could tap into the bigger pile of government cash doing the same thing. Now the people have spoken and they elected a guy who became famous by saying, “You’re Fired!” Can you see where this is going? I know how to fix it but DHS says I am a threat to US Jobs. No shzt, Sherlock. Everyone who works for the Government take one step backward, because YOU’RE FIRED! I think the Skidder in Chief is who they should worry about a little more, because they all have two weeks to clean out their desks. I’m a little past The Apprentice stage here. What do you get when you cross an Elephant with a Chicken? You get a dead chicken with a big fzckin’ hole in it!!! Just sayin’. Let me assure you there is no problem there. Do these hands look small to you?

OK, so my bedside manner is a little rough more like a quarterback sneak up the middle. If I had my way they’d all be fzcked. They deserve a good ol’ eyes crossing fzckin’ anyway. TMINAD™. I have experience in Amateur Gynecology and that’s good enough. They’ll have Wild Apple Leaves and worms coming out of their ears before I’m through with them. Mr. President Elect may be a tad sceptical about lying Canadian health care but I’m not lyin’. They’ll all be fzcked when I’m through with them. “CMA and AMA: Under New Management.” Pick your three letter agency. We’re firing!

haworth_projection_of_phlorizin-svgThe first thing I would do is take over all infectious disease from Cancer to Canker sores. Doctors know bupkiss about bacterial biofilm which is responsible with for 90% or more of the chronic disease that has broken health care. Their response has been to ignore it like Lyme Disease, fraudulently making diagnosis impossible. Send them back to bedpans, because they have gotten nowhere. They’ve wasted over 6,000 years on failure with a brief spate of antibiotic success until disease out evolved it exactly as predicted by Fleming, the inventor. Fancy scans have wasted all sorts of money to cut out tumours that can be dissolved in weeks by AppLyme. Get them to finish up what useless shzt they are doing, fire them, then fire all the bosses that fire them. Send them a test patient with Lyme Disease, bart, babs, and RMSF for their performance review. That would be week one.

Start all heart patients on biofilm reduction instead of just loading them with stints. They should all be on the mend by week two as the gallons of liquified biofilm snot pour out of every orifice and half of their worms drill out everywhere.

kirlian-leafBy week three, all cancer will be on the way to being eliminated. Set up week 4 as a solid string of news conferences to show the proof and brag, and introduce the RICO indictment legal team to tear down the insurance rackets and GMO poison scammers. Play the Trump card. Hand out tissues to sop up all their snivelling, and make sure it is that cheap prison toilet paper shzt. Note that it is the Dark areas on the leaf I have identified as responsible  for eliminating Dark Matter robbing nematode species, but they are all sooo smart. They’ll argue about it for centuries until their gene pool tanks.

appleBy week 5 there will be a labour shortage because everybody will be employed locking all these bastards up in FEMA concentration camps with warden Sheriff Joe from Arizona. Pink will be the new White. Get bidders to provide every edible wild apple leaf there is from Tierra Del Fuego to Auckland and back. If they won’t buck up, send the military in this War on Pharma Thugs. Ship medical prisoners to a Tasmanian penal colony to pick Wild Apple Leaves morning to night. By Valentines day, America will be so great and healthy, you will be sick of winning exactly as predicted. Forget about a wall. You’ll be able to feel and see the slimy biofield from any worm bag foreigner from a football field away. Set up a border shooting  gallery for hyperactive teenagers with rewards of pop and beer for bagging illegals. Make Mexico pay for everything, not just the shooting gallery, with gold tequila.

What would you do? It’s all so screwed up, it can’t go anywhere but up.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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