Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Jan 10, – Newest GM Diseases

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It is said that Mother Nature is an old pro, providing services in the oldest profession. The new kid on the block? GMO’s. They are messing with Nature. One thing I found with Wild Apple Leaves is that they expunge anything that isn’t supposed to be in a human body. Cancer is one such example. Arthritis too. Lead and other heavy metals are another. All these foreign things cause cancer, or mess with calcium metabolism, so out they go. That is the simple explanation. Any new pretender gets the Windows 8 and ME treatment. They get the fast track to the trash heap. Like all the thousands of nematodes, they can’t fool Mother Nature with a GMO. Wild apple leaves are Mother Nature’s enforcer, and gauging by the reaction of those worms, they make it hurt excruciatingly badly. That is likely because they tried to screw with Ma for nothing.

It isn’t such a tortured analogy. All sorts of diseases get their knuckles broken. Why don’t borrelia spirochaetes then? Are they a GMO screw up that tricks Wild Apple Leaves too? GMO’s trick weed killers and pesticides not to kill the GMO plant. The unintentional consequence may be rampant Wild Apple Leaf resistant borrelia, the first unintentionally genetically modified disease. That is the consequence of messing with Nature. You’ve gone from getting your legs broken to being killed. Slowly. Painfully. Bright move, geniuses. You think you can just make a pill to solve it? Where is your pill  for good ol’ natural cancer then? Alzheimer’s? Heart Disease? GI and UT Disease? Arthritis? Joints? How’s that going for you, Skippy?

I already have a tussle with GM Disease. Trying to mop up GM Biofilm. All the starchy GMO’s are leading to thicker and deeper body wide biofilm diseases. You need a miracle cure to even discover that these things exist. Luckily I already have that, but some day the way things are going, I won’t be able to pull any more rabbits out of the hat. All medicine couldn’t for all time, and you want me to pull off a do over? Are you the sort of douchebag that wants them to put ten more minutes on the clock after the Superbowl is over too? Like a bookie says, you’re gonna look funny picking up your teeth with broken arms and legs. It’s a little hard to un-ring that bell.

Why do *I* get stuck with this mess all the time? Doctors are clueless but that is like saying the sky is up. Getting out the scalpel is going to be like taking a pipe wrench to fix the laptop. If you are banking on a doctor to fix it, I just know that isn’t going to end well.It also looks like I will be too busy hunting all these “off-label” cures by Wild Apple Leaves. Like the lady at the Ottawa Lyme conference said, none of us signed on to be doctors doing this, but now we’re all way past them. She also pointed out that we are Canadians and should be leaders. I have found anything but. Go looking for parasitologists and they all have their brain somewhere tropical while it is hundreds of times worse right at home. Why not scam all the research money to get out of this God forsaken frozen hell hole if you could?

So I am looking to emulate Canadian scientists. I want to screw everything here and go to Auckland. Meanwhile, The Colonel sold a lot of chicken, with a secret 11 different herbs and spices. Analysis showed it was salt, pepper, water, flour, and monosodium glutamate.  AppLyme™ has 13 different herbs and spices. You know some of them from here, but good luck with the other 11. It’s finger lickin’ good too. 😉





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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