Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Jan 11, 2017 – Protecting a Recipe

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LeafsCan you do that? The short answer is yes and no. Can you just go and patent this? The short answer is yes, but you have to cut me in on it. If the patent turns up and I can show I was the source of the prior art, and AFAIK I am, I can nullify and void your patent. There isn’t more public a disclosure place than WordPress. All this is searchable by google. Type “Wild Apple Leaf” and there I am. Cigarettes an’ dope and mustard an’ baloney… Liquor and Whores!!! I can’t patent that because Bubbles had it all there, but it’s actually all here too!!! It’s part of my 13 Different Herbs and Spices. Not very obvious, but essential to the outcome when nematodes flee this lovely palace of fame and fun.

What?!? A patentable recipe that cures cancer? smokinkillsWhy not a pharmaceutical? Too much hassle. They want clinical trials to go on forever with half the people dead from getting placebos. This way you just buy a pack of cigarettes with 4 AppLyme™ in them packaged Cracker Jacks fashion along with them. Solves that product seal problem economically too. If you don’t want the AppLymes, just sell them to a non smoker for $1,000 a piece. You have a built in placebo group of dying non smokers anyway. Use the 4 grand for more cigarettes an’ dope an’ mustard an’ baloney, liquor, and whores. You can keep the cigarettes. They still work once all your worms are skunked out, and still protect from additional vectors. They may not if you’re a whiny non smoker, but who cares, and wouldn’t that be too cool?

It has some side effects like it thins blood, cures by reversing strokes, and prevents heart disease. It treats everything nematode parasites cause, which is everything. The smoker’s paradox is what it is. I’m watching “Transformers” on Netflix and I feel like Sam carrying an AllSpark Cube of Wild Apple Leaves here, gubmint CGI robots destroying everything all around trying to get at it. Fat chance, Feds. It’s a Michael Bay-ker type movie, but it seems eerily real. The outgoing evil Decepticon Care administration dies hard in a molten pile of pixels in HD after cramming an AllSpark load of leaves where the sun don’t shine. lol Then there is the CIA Decepticon Sequel, where they attack the friendly Autobots. Kelsey grammar is the evil CIA dude. Optimus Prime is hanging out in a ranch in Texas somewhere, recuperating from a CIA Decepticon attack. Optimus hangs out as a cabover White that’s seen better days, with backyard inventor/engineer Yeager. They call all Autobots that  show up hiding out as Lambos and Bugattis. Sounds legit. Then the Autobots take revenge on the gubmint. Go Autobots. It’s some light believable diversion from Wild Apple Leaves, which are relatively unbelievable.

Well, I digress. Back to the grind. It has been two years, 5 months, 11 days from July 31, 2014. How could this happen? Watch Captive for 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Dugard Story on Netflix. In retrospect, that should have been 18 Days. Here I have known for over two years how this could cure all these things and people don’t believe it. Now I know just how something so idiotic can happen. By August 2014, they too would have known what I found out on Days 1,2, and 3 of taking Wild Apple Leaves. You are born with cancer. Wild Apple Leaves make your body digest it. Stop shopping for groceries because you wont be hungry for months if you are as old as I was when I started. You’ll be living on hidden tumours the size of a 2″ T Bone for a couple months straight. You can feel the accelerated Apopstasis immediately and exactly where as the tumours start burning all by themselves. It will take medicine centuries to realize let alone prove this. I hope I have eaten up all my tumours, but there could be more that Wild Apple Leaves just can’t touch. They must be pretty sneaky and pervasive because I could feel all the other ones burning up down to the precise millimeter where they were.

Now get this. Do these things ever stop? No. Som,etimes you get new bugs that still bite you to9 drink your blood, thrnm thry rxplode. Then a worm comes out if it got into you from that bite or sting. Sheesh. You’ll have to keep it up to keep all the damn things out. It takes a lot less though. Only a few a week AppLyme turfs the new ones. Back to recruiting horticulturalists to do a field trip to New Zealand. I’m looking for volunteers who know how to recognize a volunteer Wild Apple Tree when they see one. I’ll buy the tickets.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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