Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Jan 12, 2017 – Safety Kills

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I am remembering a personal near death experience 10 years ago as I plan a New Zealand scientific expedition. It is about Health Safety Environment (HSE) while working to locate volunteer wild apple trees. I came across a MVA where a biologist had rolled her pickup several times end over end and it was in the ditch. She was trapped in the wreckage compounded by being all tangled up in her high visibility safety clothing. My first assessment as first responder on the scene was that she was a paraplegic for life from that whole mess. Compound that with the fact that all the experienced first responders were on Christmas vacation for safety, and the replacements didn’t know how to work the safety equipment, such as the jaws of life.

Loose high visibility clothing compounded the problem 7 years ago when an operator got it tangled in the hydraulic levers of a piece of heavy equipment he was unloading and the machine ran over him. I predicted something like that would happen a month and a half earlier. Nobody listened saying don’t be silly.

High visibility around wild apple trees is essential, but make sure it is that tear away Velcro stuff. The reason is that deer will be around, and hunters will be around looking to bag or even poach those deer. Hunters know all too well the lure of wild apple trees for deer. You can get tangled in those wild trees and could strangle yourself as well. I have a tear-away safety vest and safety tear away GPS lanyards too. These days I keep it on my electric scooter. The GPS is essential to document the location of good wild trees.

Quads are dangerous when you are out hunting down wild trees too. In the oilfields, they banned them only to find the replacement vehicles like Rangers were just as dangerous. The nut behind the wheel is the dangerous component. They tried to speed limit quads and it wrecked our whole fleet of quads by blowing the motors. The more safety, the deadlier things get. If you can’t see the problem maybe you should spend a few nights alone with a destroyed speed limited quad in the bush too far away to get back on foot safely. Just think if you break your leg, how are you going to get out of there? Do they have e911? Do you have a way to charge your phone, such as solar, or a spare battery? Can you even get to the battery? Do you even have a phone and service there? All factors to consider. You may think it is common sense, but why is it so uncommon then?

Insects at largeI’ve heard so many people say that will never happen only to have exactly that sort of thing happen. Just imagine how many ways you could kill yourself there, then a new way you haven’t thought of will show up sure as shzt. One is insects. You have to eat wild apple leaves to protect yourself while picking wild apple leaves. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, even though we are harvesting a cure for cancer. Do you want to get an unfamiliar Lyme strain in a foreign country when they can’t even deal with their own stuff at home? Worse yet, they don’t even know about it. In this case, Wild Apple Leaves themselves are PPE, personal protective equipment, and they are essential. Chances are if you are the outdoors type, you will be riddled with worms back to when you were a baby. The leaves themselves will show you that.

Is Permethrin harmful? US Military families have the highest incidence of autism in their kids. All their clothes are soaked in or infused with Permethrin. This is a prime example where the alleged PPE is maybe more dangerous. Safety danger is real. Nobody even knows how dangerous but Wild Apple Leaves themselves expose all sorts of unknown danger, and even to the AFPMB. Those are the ones that they let you know about. Scared enough yet? WitchYou should be. You will find out why people get sick and die with no explanation. At least you will know the explanation and are working to actively combat it. Doctors know nothing about this. You’ll understand why I go by Dr² M V Baker TMINAD. Trust Me I’m Not A Doctor, but have more PhD’s than you can shake a stick at in engineering physics, geophysics, geomatics, engineering Biophysics, and Forward and Reverse Biofilm Engineering. I’m not blowing my own horn too much by trying to play harmonica, am I? I even tried to cure my ex as she rode her broom out the door, but might have failed there.

There are so many variables, what can you do? You have to play it by ear and adapt to the changing situation. It’s all in flux. Any new place has new hazards. New Zealand would fall into that category. My friends went there to film a movie once and almost crashed while hang gliding. They were asking for it, but sometimes you aren’t and weird things still happen. They got nominated for an Academy Award, 1976 I think “Off The Edge.”


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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