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Fri, Jan 13, 2017 – Everyone Has Cancer?

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Yes. They just don’t know it yet. They get it from bug stings and bites and fight it all their life. One fateful day, the cancer starts winning. This is what Wild Apple Leaves show you beyond a doubt. You can feel them attacking the tumours right from the start. You see the hundreds or even thousands of parasites come out from all those infected stings and bites from all your life. That explains why doctors have so much success with a 2.5% track record. The way they are going, in centuries they may find out, but then they will die from it anyway. They have no clue how to beat it other than irradiating it, and cutting it out, and that doesn’t work. Ask Dr Randy Wolcott for an update from themselves. Randy eloquently states that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. I’ve got both eyes working on it and have already sniped it right between the eyes. Wild Apple Leaves crack the biofilm so the pectic enzyme can get at it and unravel it from the inside, exposing it to medicine assault and above all, your own immunity.

It’s chronic disease. CD kills 4 people a minute in the US, the pinnacle of world health care systems. Lump them with the free world and it is likely over a dozen. Doctors love to pigeon hole diseases. This is more like trying to pigeon hole the ocean of borrelia that the bug parasite worms crap out in your system 24-7. That crap is mostly bacterial biofilm. Hey a worm’s got to eat, and it does all your life. Your lymphatic system eventually gets overwhelmed trying to be your body’s garbage disposal and you die buried in worm poop. Don’t you just love my cheery analogies, except they aren’t analogies. That is exactly what is going on. Wild Apple Leaves haven’t lied to me yet.

Dr. Bill Costerton grew up here, got cancer, and died. Pancreatic cancer I believe. I know him from my frat, Sigma Phi Delta, Theta Chapter, Vancouver, in second year engineering and rock climbing. That was 1977. By a strange twist of fate, here we are again. I got bit by a million bugs at work. We all say millions but is is more like thousands as the leaves show without a doubt. Those thousands of little parasites were fat dumb and happy in me most of my life. That is all fire under the bridge as we say now. Nobody has a clue about all this, so consider that as well. If you want to really expunge them, combine the leaves with smoking to make it work better and faster. The worms can deal with smoke but when you add wild apple leaves, lookout! They head for the hills lickety split.

duhThere is a slight warming trend outside here now. Strangely, in BC the worst season for tick diseases is January February they say. Right in the dead of winter. People must bring the tick eggs inside with them where they thaw out and hatch in the meting snow moisture, but I think spiders are a worse vector. I’ve seen webs full of ticks here. Out nasty azzed spiders eat ticks and people too. They have mosquitoes, mites, midges, and the occasional Yellow Jacket for a Luau. The web one built outside my window was full of ticks last June and July. Everybody is getting heart disease, cancer, and arthritis here. Coincidence? I think not. One of these days the bugs will get your number, unless you fight back with the only method known to man so far.

In related news, Robert Kennedy Jr. is described as a conspiracy theorist when  the DTaP Whooping Cough Vaccine maker clearly warns of autism risk in their vaccine packaging. Huh? I’m not making this up. This is typical of our doctors. Evil idiots. “Oh, but their intentions are so good!” The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions of idiots like this. Ironically, it is an idiot doctor that chides Kennedy in WaPo for quoting the vaccine manufacturer. It means that idiot hasn’t even read about the vaccine in question. I hope this is more of the stuff we will find as the swamp drains. Clueless media and doctors that don’t know the difference between real conspiracy and a theory. If you go to a hospital with tick paralysis they bilk the system $100,000 for a glass of water. Kennedy says “Make America great again.” These media clowns say “We’ll Fzck America irreparably next time! Honest!”

Look what Zen Honeycutt says from Moms Across America says. Health care has failed their mandate miserably. Expenditure is sky rocketing and life expectancy is plummeting. It is one thing to throw stones, but I have been throwing a proven solution for a couple years here, and have gotten bupkiss in return. I should start throwing stones with a stone throwing machine too. Something has to happen stat or we are extinct. You’re next. It explains why Wild Apple Leaves cure cancer so surely, rapidly, and silently. They get rid of the cause in a few months. Everybody will feel it and some may quit. But they’ll all have to cook those eggs to make this omelette if they want to live. All it takes is one biofilming bug to set it all off. Screw the tests. They can’t detect it until it’s too late. Start  the cure instead. It’s cheaper, and then you see what’s causing it.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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