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Sat, Jan 14, 2017 – Media Chaos

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It plays into observational bias. People keep searching until they find stories they agree with. It creates chaos, which leads to dictatorial control, and government dysfunction. When people lose faith in all these media lies, the fake free press system of government breaks. The media cowers behind  the first amendment to perpetuate their monopoly on information.They couch their obvious political bias abusing that privilege. Now it has turned on the media itself.

I keep on the Robert Kennedy Jr. story because those vaccines wasted my brother. Almost 70 years ago after a Whooping Cough vaccination in June 1947, my mother knew something was wrong. He was eventually diagnosed with Autism.The media has come out strongly on the side of the drug manufacture calling Kennedy a crackpot. They are using their bully pulpit to kill much like doctors do. Abuse of privilege for money. The public is irreparably damaged and from available information, they know the truth. DTaP Vaccine causes Autism as the drug manufacturer was forced to warn in the product literature by the FDA.

Wild Apple Leaves expose the parasitic vector injected nematodes behind the curtain. If that infant acquires that nematode in the 6 months of life before the vaccine, he or she will get autism. I surmise this because my mother was living under intense vector pressure in Mississippi and Alabama in 1947 in a trailer after he was born. Unfortunately, wild apple leaves are worth a billion words, and you will have to see for yourself. It is far too big a story for the media to handle. At a million words per picture, Look up “Wild Apple Leaves” in google Images.

Watching “Eat This Question – the Frank Zappa Story” on Netflix, he states the fundamental tenet of fascism is to thwart or forbid your opposition’s message to be told by interrupting it. That is interesting because when you put this all together, it is adding up to a fascist dictatorship, but that is the outgoing government. they are vehemently opposed to the incoming government, but like all malignant narcissists, they fall back on projection, blaming their opposition for what they are guilty of themselves. It worked for them when a Community Riot Organizer took the government by storm, and now they are right back to square one, organizing riots with fascist disinformation for moneyed lobby groups that have been recently evicted.

They hide the message that any 3 to 5 year old could tell you after Wild Apple Leaves. Those worms cause every disease in the book. That exposes a media and medical system with a collective IQ that is below that of a 3 year old. If you are diagnosed COPD, you find out instantly that worms are behind it, their biofilms cause it, and AppLyme cures it. All medicine says it is incurable. Same with cancer. They both seemed way easier than Lyme Disease, I’ll say that. That could just be because they don’t give antibiotics here any more, although they immerse cattle and pigs with them. I guess they feel we get enough of them second hand any way. Then there was the thyroid worms, the brain worms, the neck worms, the knee worms, the ankle worms, the back worms, the hip worms, and the mumps exploded, but I’m boring you with all the details. There’s gallons of biofilm spat out there too until I stopped keeping track.

There is a dearth of Veritas on the media news. You have shill portals for political agendas. Worse yet, you are paying for the channel, and the commercials on top of that. You can say fuck on Netflix though. No commercials either. Media news is dead. Hire Julian Assange as a producer. Netflix pays for it all with perfect ratings inherent in the delivery system. It’s a cable/satellite killer. They know exactly when and where their viewers are. Their viewers operate on their schedule, not the networks timeline.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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