Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 15, 2017 – Countdown

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Only 30 shopping days left to Valentine’s Day, or “Happy VD” as it is also known. VD can also stand for Vector Disease. Wild Apple Leaves make you discover that Lyme Disease is actually a Vectored Nematode Disease or VND, contrary to the CDC assessment that it is an STD. You CAN catch Lyme Disease from a toilet, making it a TSTD. Vector gets biofilm pathogen from common toilet, then bites you. How else could Lyme run through families merged after divorce like our family? Trust me, there’s no love lost there, let alone intentional exchange of bodily fluids in any way, shape, or form.

Insects at largeThe common toilet, and even shower, is a great breeding ground for winter vector propagation of disease. Lots of fresh room temperature water and biofilm. You could have a full time job cleaning it and not make a dent in that. The deal that makes LD special is that it can jump from warm to cold blooded hosts and vice versa with impunity. If that is the borrelia spirochaete, so goes the nematode egg with it. Lysol may not even touch it, just giving those endosymbiont nematodes a free alcohol buzz. Any day is Happy VD to nematodes in winter that way. Killing the insect vector also does not necessarily kill the endosymbiont pathogens.

If mankind does not smarten up, this is a countdown to extinction. Chemical over spraying of pretty GMO crops kill the natural daisy, chamomile, apple leaf, grape leaf, thistle, and other medicinal plants, creating a larger viable host reservoir volume in the wild life that thrive on weeds as food and medicine. Orchard botanists know that certain fungicides create unrelated insect trouble for example. There are more unintended consequences of GMO’s than ever suspected. David Suzuki has been warning you for decades and this falls on ears deafened by money. A supermarket is now closer to a Hollywood movie set than an actual food reservoir. All that “Photoshop” equivalent food will kill you.

yellow-jacket-illustration_1950x1518Why do Wild Apple Leaves make this so blisteringly obvious? You gain an IQ bracket a day for starters.  You will also see hundreds to thousands of parasite dermal exit wounds as the nematodes drill out of your joints, muscles, organs, and eventually skin. They are all different sizes just like the bugs that stung or bit you. Bee stings have a special two part surprise as the nematode comes out, followed weeks later by the stinger. If you can’t remember bee and Yellow Jacket stings, the wild apple leaves don’t forget, as the nematodes will never forget it. Like House MD says, all people lie. Prepare to get busted if you ever had bee venom therapy. If you decide you shouldn’t do wild apple leaves, adios. All those nematodes will kill you slowly and miserably.

The entire human race is infested with vector disease or The Other VD. It becomes clear as all these incurable diseases get cured when the vector nematodes come out. Apple Tree Fibre is the source of the most expensive cancer medication in the world, made so expensive when purified or synthesized for intravenous use. In the Wild Apple Leaf form, it forces all those nematodes behind lethal chronic disease out of you. The chemicals sprayed on fruit trees threaten a whole class of pharmaceuticals poised to save the world. They complicate a situation already so complicated it has defeated all medicine for all time.

Why is this like a bad dream? This is Canada where dreams usually go to die, not America. This is the American dream too, destroyed by chemical companies selfishly converting a miracle cure into toxic waste to make poison fruit look pretty and edible when it is anything but. They are also destroying the hidden crop of medicine. What should be a cause to celebrate becomes like picking wild mushrooms in the dark. They also expose a poison produce aisle in supermarkets making them all toxic “brown warehouses.” Where is all the food safety on this? They’re AWOL with toxicology limits set by the fungicide manufacturers. Then there are GMO herbicides with polyethyl oxylated tallow amines hidden in them. Doctors say eat fruits and vegetables which make everything worse. The only solution is to make your own wild or untreated orchards, but then the government forces you to cut those down.

It is gloomy here though when it shouldn’t be. I’ll get around all that somehow. When I went looking for synthetics some were so expensive because they are known to cure cancer. I know I am on the right track and stand vindicated, but was trying to downplay the cancer thing because nobody would believe it. The cancer society has buckets of money but don’t give any of it away. Heart and stroke foundation is a similar scam. I am losing all faith in humanity. Maybe I should just quit so all those evil pricks die faster, but that won’t help all the suffering people now. It deserves to be headline news how this is all unwinding but everybody will die waiting for that. You get drowned out by the flood of mundane BS that doesn’t matter to anyone.

This cures, not treats, the top two killers. You will have to cure the 3rd top killer yourself, medical error. Then it also cures all the next top killers, lungs,. brain, and gut, plus Type II Diabetes for a kicker. You try to tell people and it always ends in *their* argument “Everybody dies!” even though you just told them Wild Apple Leaves cure the top causes of that. Peer reviewed ad nauseum. You just want to tell them to fzck off and die then because you’re so smart.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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