Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 16, 2017 – Penny Wise

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BCTF.logoPound Foolish. Think about this. BC Tree Fruit Growers spend all this money on an IPM Strategy (Integrated Pest Management) to protect a hundred thousand dollars of Apple crop profits, poisoning literally billions of dollars of medicine in the Apple Leaves and Bark. Talk about way more than Idiotic. Forget the apples and they could become rich beyond belief. They could throw out all the apples because the leaf crop is thousands of times more valuable, let alone the bark. When you look at all the chemicals applied in rotation to the trees just to prevent the VI fungus, It paints a horrific toxic picture, and they claim the fruit is edible? I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a ten foot pole. Everybody says they just wash it off, but that is what surfactant additives are for in the chemical spray. They prevent it from being washed off.

People simply don’t realize that infectious disease that is treatable is poised to explode and wipe us all out. Doctors have no way to test for what becomes instantly obvious with Wild Apple Tree fibre. It is both the test and treatment that treats whatever you’ve got, and in the process will destroy whatever your previous opinion of all medicine was. You will quickly realize they who do not start this treatment are doomed. People are all worried about Planet X but they won’t have to for much longer. This dwarfs everything they have ever dreamed of that will happen surely if left untreated. It is the messenger of doom for everybody but the person who finds out that exact message from the treatment. It does not matter if you are a doctor or a doorknob. Dozens of pounds of worms and biofilm are eating you alive, and no doctor has ever discovered it.

I watch people worry about UV blocking so-called “chemtrail” canopies. If they aren’t there, those same people would already be dead. These parasite worms eat them as they ignore the worms, totally oblivious to them. The chemtrails saved their lives for that, but they will likely be discontinued when the chemtrail crews find out about Wild Apple Leaves. They will realize that there is no point, and it is futile. Might as well let the idiots die of starvation while crops die, and skin cancer runs rampant instead. It has been that way since physicists warned the government that would happen from the H-Bomb testing in 1953. CFC’s just made it worse. The global climate change scam pays for it all.

When you think about it, this new crop is arguably worth more than cocaine or heroine. It is intentionally destroyed in a similar fashion by poisoning and eradication, yet it is the most desirable medicine in history. The science has all been done on the properties side for cancer and Type II diabetes, but none has been done on the underlying dermal nematodiasis side I concentrated on on the prompting of the local deer population. Like pigs find truffles, deer find wild apple trees. Truffles are also very lucrative as a cash crop at up to $4,000 per Kg for prized white truffles. One rare specimen went for $14,203.50 at auction. Another crop of opportunity is magic mushrooms as is marijuana. None even come close to wild apple leaves while wild apple leaves are 100% legal. The price of pure heroine is $60,000 US per kg while pure cocaine is $150,000. Truffles are $2,000. Phloridzen Dihydride is on par with pure cocaine at $114.50 a gram, while phloretin is $1,000,000 per kg. Those two are the active ingredients in wild apple leaves, the main one being phloridzen dihydride

If this were judiciously managed by manual harvesting of leaves with apple scab as an alternate IPM strategy, along with food safe VI fungus control such as Potassium Bicarbonate and my discovered Phage Treatment, I could turn this whole thing around. I can’t do it alone though. I have also been crippled by Lyme Disease which doesn’t help matters much. Ironically, this is what made me seek out and discover this known analog cancer cure. Yet it is the huge Off Label potential where the bulk of the money is. The phloretin link has 94 peer reviewed articles extolling the virtues of phloretin, which is the metabolic product of phloridzen dihydride from eating Wild Apple Leaves and Bark.

It really boils down to how much you value life. Find a Wild Apple Tree and start eating. The apple scab fungus actually increases the medicinal phenolic compounds in the leaves. While the value has been calculated extensively as the most expensive medicine there is, Ediethere is nothing to stop you from just going and grabbing it, other than commercial tree growers. The commercial crop is poisoned, no matter whether it is organic or otherwise. How do you put a deer on a leash? I need one for my own personal “Truffle Pig.” A little Roe Deer would be ideal. 😉 You could put a Garmin Rino on a full size deer as well, but the cool factor of having a pet deer is awesome. Low maintenance too. They mow the lawn grazing if you don’t spray any chemicals on it, between scoping out Wild Apple Trees. I couldn’t give them away, but in medicinal value, they are bar none the most expensive pharmaceutical in the world. No wonder pharmacology Professor Dr Mindaugas Liaudanskas and I are on the same page. When you actually eat them, it becomes instantly obvious.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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