Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Jan 17, 2017 – Real Science

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Medical science of chronic infectious disease is a corrupt pseudo science. Wild Apple Leaves prove it. They can’t explain a single thing that wild apple leaves show beyond a doubt, starting with the worms, and ending with the elimination of all the diagnosed incurable diseases. All money spent on medical science is thrown away in that light. What the hell is going on? For starters, Wild Apple Leaves take the torch from the failing hands of medicine, and even at this late date in the evolution of that pseudo science. Where does it go from here? Wild Apple Leaves point the way to vector parasitology. Bugs and biofilms play a larger role than anyone ever suspected.

Medical science has been unable to cure colds or flu for all time. Wild Apple Leaves instantly show why. For example, there is a bug going around as is common at this time of year. I know one person who caught it on Boxing Day and transmitted it to me. That person is still sick, and getting sicker. I blew it all away in hours this time. Last week a school kid was over with something new I felt. I don’t know how he’s doing, but it was similar. Just a reaction for a few hours.

Wild Apple Leaves can cure obesity. Just reading peer reviewed papers at the Sigma Aldrich site providing the European Pharmacopeial reference standard for phloretin at $1 million a Kg. I could not even find USP standards for phloretin or phloridzen dihydride. We are just scientifically too far behind the curve to catch up. That stands to reason since there are more MRI’s in Lithuania per capita than Canada by far. We don’t even have access to tools to analyse what Wild Apple Leaves are doing given our own standard of “science.” They don’t exist to our pseudo medical science!

heartTalk about disappointing. Now you see my frustration here, banging my head against the wall trying to get this out there. When our scientists are too stupid to figure it out, and they don’t even have the tools to start to see, this is truly the Land of The Blind. Reluctantly, I have become the only man who can see. They can’t even offer a one eyed man to confirm. I kinda feel sorry for the old fellow next door, surrounded by idiots, and forced to look through a stethoscope at a freight train bearing down on his 20. I don’t feel so sorry any more when you parse the fact that he is blinded by money.

vaccineBack on track here, look at this. What the hell is going on when the same thing is going on 116 years later? That is supposed to be a science? Duh! Stop all their funding now! They’re useless! Send the morons to Wild Apple Leaf school before they kill more. Just how many more failed experiments do they need? Like all criminals they try to shift blame. “Smoking killed her!” This is the most horrifically failed science ever, and now they want more money? One side effect of Wild Apple Leaves that doctors will really hate is that they make you livid at all medicine, because you will discover first hand that they are all idiots at best when it comes to infectious disease and real physiology.

richardCall them on it, demanding where their patient group of people over 110 years old is. Repeat it, and don’t let them get away without answering. Clearly something is horrifically wrong if they can’t explain this glaring exception to their “wisdom.” He smokes 15 of those cigars a day. If they say you are anti science, ask them what science can’t explain physical reality? A fraud science. He isn’t a freak of nature. They are. They advise you to eat lot of fruits and vegetables, yet the entire produce aisle is poisoned by fungicides on their watch. If that isn’t premeditated murder, it is gross incompetence on their behalf. “Oh, we didn’t know” doesn’t cut it when they are supposed to be the source of health advice.

It is all insane. Every time you go to a hospital here. you wind up sicker than when you went in. Understandable, they say? Hell, no!!! They fzck up with alarming regularity. All my friends are dead now or have left. This is a cry for help from the highly over rated first world. What the fzck is wrong with this picture? All you young people ignoring this will find out when it is far too late. One lady posted her x-rays online and said the doctors told her that there was no break in her distal fibula. It was clearly visible in her post and it was a bad break. Any medic could see it, but our doctors are sooo smart. They’re the best 4th world rejects we can afford in a public health care system now.

Lastly, here they are.
















Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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