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Weds, Jan 18, 2017 – Metal Roof

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.I live in the Canadian Rocky mountains. I remember when we came out here 53 years ago and change to stay. As we would come down the hill on the highway into each little mountain valley town, the buildings all had one thing in common. They all had a metal roof. Later I would find out that it was because of forest fires. All the asphalt shingle houses had burnt down. It was survival of the fittest on display for all to see. In the winter, every time it thaws the snow slides off the roof. You have to be careful outside under the eaves. A warm front moved through last night. A lot of snow had built up over the last month and a half. Well, you guessed it. This morning, off it is sliding. It has to be pretty boring to write about snow sliding off the roof, but it is a relatively big thing in this sleepy little town. The warm front has moved in, and it is overcast and gloomy out there. Rain is forecast today, clearing for the rest of the week, but on the upside, pretty soon I will be able to get the little electric scooter going again if all that road snow starts to melt off. By soon, I am thinking in March, maybe. That will be the best wild apple leaf time in New Zealand for sure, where the deer likely provide plenty of volunteer apple trees.

None of these city slickers here have metal roofs. That is like Fort McMurray where the whole town burned down May 3, 2016. One local city style subdivision/strata demands cedar roofs. That isn’t going to end well. It will all burn to the ground if a big forest fire starts up. Likewise everything else here is asphalt shingles. The snow keeps building up and won’t slide off. I have seen it get build ups of over 4 feet of wet snow here. I think in the 60’s, a local flat roof hardware store collapsed under the weight. It made the national news. Later here the rain now has stopped. They say the globe is warming. It didn’t seem like that the last couple months. I can see them lying about temperature just to bump the price of oil up now though. Fort McMurray is back to a trailer town for a while now while they get it rebuilt.

In reality, weather now is not much different here than when I was younger. It is all over the place in the mountains here, but the swings seem the same. The insects are increasing, but that is more a function of the ever increasing chemicals used than an oil futures trading scam. Bugs are spread far and wide from international trade and travel now though. Likewise, wild apple trees followed the hum populations travelling around the globe as they also brought deer. All the deer in New Zealand were imported by people. Yet there is still the total mystery of nematode parasites transmitted by insects. Innes and Shoho discovered them in 1952 and they were promptly forgotten until last year in spinal fluid from MS autopsies by Dr Alan B MacDonald. I actually discovered them on July 31, 2014, and tried to tell everyone I could but I was not in the parasitic nematodiasis cocktail party loop. To be fair, you could count that loop on 1 finger at that time.

drugpricesMore and more I notice that real medical revelations are coming from the chemical realm, and not doctors at all. I have discovered Wild Apple Leaves which is a biochemistry thing. I missed my calling again I guess. A lot is being done on the dangers of vaccines from metal toxicity at this late date as we live in the age of vaccines. Personally I have discovered the properties of the diverse bioflavinoids leading to a completely unknown field of vector parasitology and its role in human chronic infectious diseases. It is more prevalent and responsible for more illness than ever suspected by all medical science ever. I can cure COPD, asthma, Parkinson’s, cancer, arthritis, and much more by simply exploiting biochemistry. You can see prices there exaggerated by Bernie Sanders, but you get the picture. I discovered a way to amp your intelligence chemically to the point where all doctors/insurance stooges not only look like idiots, but their failures at treating anything become obvious. You  instantly know why as the real problem is physically exposed as vector parasitic nematodes.

I intentionally did  degree in Mining and Mineral Process engineering to get more chemistry. It should have been a double degree at over 126 units, or more than two science degrees plus a thesis. They also offered surveying which was to become my undoing, but I made 6 times more money at the time than a junior engineer. In 1986 and 7 I worked on the GPS project as an engineer at Texas Instruments but again left for 6 times more money. My father wasn’t happy, inexplicably saying I would never make any money at that level in geophysics. I went on to invent a new geophysical instrument to discover diamonds and gravel that my brother threw out last summer. My whole family is fzcked with Lyme. This time, these idiots can’t throw this away. Have you ever tried to throw away a cloud? Literally, stick it where the sun don’t shine, azzholes. :p

Doctors are our salesmen. We are the chemical and biochemical engineers and on a plane above even that, we are the process engineers with a human mineral/maceral processing plant. When some condescending doctor tells me what to do. who the fzck do you think wrote the book on that medicine you just prescribed, skippy? They are our bitches when it comes to chronic infectious disease, not the other way around. The fact that we had the foresight to have a metal roof puts time and physics on our side. Wild Apple Leaves make this so obvious after 72 hours that if they actually catch on, buy shares in gun manufacturers to rake it in when all doctors all buy guns to kill themselves for being such conceited idiots. You could also buy ChapStik shares when they come around to kiss my ass.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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