Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Jan 19, 2017 – Edutainment

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It is a made up word of education and entertainment. I see that there are lots of these things on Netflix. Neil deGrasse Tyson has one such new physics documentary up there. “Edge of The Universe” is another. They all talk about finding something out that nobody has found out before. I am at that exact same place after discovering Wild Apple Leaves, and the parasites they expose that make up 10-20% of a typical human. They came from various vectors, and until now, humans are totally defenceless to them. They are behind every chronic disease in the book, and several that are not, on top of that I suspect. Something is obviously going on beyond just chemistry here. The parasitic tube animals are intelligent enough and spatially aware enough that they can remember the way they got into you, their host animal, because they mostly access out the same way. There were some exceptions such as an spider vectored species that got into my foot in a dwelling adjacent to a Mexican jungle.

This is all completely new to me learning medicine from scratch, as most of the participants at the Ottawa Conference of last May complained with good reason. AFAICT, all vector parasitologists in Canada are focussed on tropical disease while everything I have discovered is decidedly domestic with a few exceptions. Like these physics documentaries, this is all new and has never been discovered by anybody. All the existing physics and physiology is obsolete in the light of what I discovered, and with good reason. They know absolutely nothing about it. I have lost count at over a dozen incurable conditions cured simply by removing the nematode parasite that was apparently behind it. I bet the whole book of medicine will have to be appended in this light until they realize they have been on the wrong track for centuries. A few cancer patients were cured while waiting 10 months for a scheduled consultation, but then they disappeared with no thanks or feedback after I specified it was a requirement for me to part with my 2014 and 15 stash of manufactured medicine.

Yesterday I was on about leveraging my organic chemical process engineering background and how doctors are subservient to biochemists who create the drugs they prescribe. It is really my physics background that is more relevant to what is underlying all of this. That is because it is all new. Add biofilm engineering and Richard Longland, and the picture doctors paint is that they are stumped by it all. There understanding and approach will go nowhere akin to using a fork to build a train engine. If they can’t use a scalpel their assessment is that you are done. Not so fast skippy. It is time to start listening and stop preaching. The biggest thing I discovered after the parasitic bacteria farming worms was stickerhow they built their farm out of polysaccharide biofilm. Snot, the same thing, is pectin or starch, and pectic enzyme can break it up. As soon as you ingest some, it becomes obvious that you plug up with the deadly stuff as you get older. It causes ageing and there is no argument about that. Cancer tumours are lumps of snot, calcium, and proteins of opportunity. Minus the snot they get consumed by the body as they should have been in the first place. Ditto for heart disease. Wild Apple Leaves and pectin enzyme repair the cholesterol metabolic process that went so wrong when it got inundated in snot. Hey, I’m not the person who decided that our diet should be starch, starch, weed killer, and more starch.

There is no way around it, so I dismantle it all in situ and hope for the best. every doctor I asked here that would even answer has no clue about the fact that their supermarkets are full of the stuff, nor do they want to know because it is so good for business. I discover bayer-advancedmore worms were hiding in all that snot. Instead of a diet, it is probably a lots smarter idea to get rid of the worms behind your 30+ BMI. The get rid of the snot they built your body out of for them to eat. I can only hope all the fungicides in the vegetables will go with it. Doctors say eat more fungicides out of the fake produce aisle.







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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