Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Jan 20,2017 – Blood Brain Barrier

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I discovered how to permeate it. Ethanol and Wild Apple Trees.

CaliforniaYes it is that simple. It took less than 72 hours and a hangover to wipe out brain fog. I ate a whole salad and had a little too much tequila. I also solved the California Fence Lizard paradox. Wild Apple Leaves from wild trees growing along California Fences. California Fence Lizards do not get Lyme Disease, and it baffles scientists. They eat wild apple trees that grow along California Fences. Duh.

It is the same way Mexicans will permeate the Trump Cabesa/Brain Barrier. They’ll just tunnel under it. You could build it as high as the Empire State Building, then meet the Mexican cleaning lady on the 104th Floor. On the plus side, I guess it will keep seismic crews busy looking for tunnels in perpetuity and it will be Mexico’s largest construction project EVAH! outside of El Chapo. They’ll just print up more stacks of pesos to pay for it, and impose a stiff duty on Tequila. lol

The chemistry of wild apple trees is such that the main active biochemicals dissolve in ethanol. Medical science will be stalled for centuries proving that. I just did it. Got ‘R Done. AppLyme – There’s an App for that!™

baby-blenderOther everyday chemicals zap through the blood brain barrier like a hot knife through butter. The most obvious one is nicotine. Finally a good explanation for the smoker’s paradox where Wild Apple tree chemicals piggy back for enhanced antihelminthic action. There is no doubt that it works better for smokers as well as drinkers. This may not be the case for marijuana and other psychoactive drug users. Email me if worms drill out of your temples, neck, eyeballs, etc. faster if you smoke really good shzt. We are talking Baby Blender Agnes Strength stuff here. If Wild Apple Leaves force you to stuff the kids in the Cuisinart, I’d be sceptical, but I’d still like to hear the story. We’re always looking for fraud artists and bat shzt crazy lunatics to fill all the extra empty jail cells and psych wards up here.

My own Supermother™ Apple Cider Vinegar penetrates the blood brain barrier like shzt through a Canada Goose. It can make you feel a bit dizzy, and may make you feel like honking. It’s honey, vinegar, Wild Apple fibre, and whatever I feel like at the time. I take it sparingly. Not really a nice feeling, but it works. It’ll likely get banned in a majority of States and BC. It is that mind blowing. It’s an acquired taste, better used with a teaspoon or even an eye dropper sub lingually. I’m thinking it would make a kickazz Bar’B’Que marinade/sauce with cayenne and tomato paste.

The blood brain barrier is about as effective a barrier as the Rio Grande here. On a side note, aren’t you curious as to how that wall is going to play out? They worried more about me. I got turned back for being a threat to US jobs. I’m not even a threat to Canadian jobs, but I can see how US Doctors will be scared witless about their cash cow hitting the grill. I see now Lyme Disease is worse than  cancer. You never get rid of it or the threat of remission. You have to keep up the Wild Apple Leaf defence against new bugs. Bugs are a fact of life in Canada, and you see what the trouble is right away. Infected bugs bite you and die from the Wild Apple Leaves. I do not know if the bark does that yet and I am still testing. It will be a good time to try because I have a spoiled batch of organic leaves that have mancozeb, mycozeb, polystrebin, and dithane contamination. I have enough Wild Leaves to see me through, but I want to know about the bark first hand. There is no more T4effective test than me it seems. This is coming up to my 25th year after ACA Herxheimer showed up on May 3, 1992 in Ciudad Valles, Mexico, a guaranteed late stage Lyme Disease condition. In ten days it will be 2 and a half years that I have backed up the clock on this lifelong worm infestation. To get this far, I literally have dissolved and digested gallons of biofilm since Day 313 June 6, 2015, when I really kicked into high gear with pectic enzyme. The fibre and the enzyme work in a symbiotic fashion that they will take eons to parse. Who knew even more worms were hiding out in the biofilm itself? I do now anyway. Wait until you see how many you’re packing and get a good digital scale. Mine made up 15% of my old body weight. Since I was an old bug bit surveyor and geomatics engineering type for so long, I may be a worst case scenario other than our loggers. We went into all these places nobody in their right mind would go if the survey didn’t make it a requirement.

richardI suppose nobody has been here before. Trust me, I looked, but nobody has ever heard about anything even remotely like this. Bugs. Worms. Parasites. Sounds legit. Wait until you see it for yourself. If you don’t, I know one thing for sure. They’ll kill you.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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