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Sat, Jan 21, 2017 – Multi Vector Borrelia

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Dr Alan B MacDonald makes a convincing case for it. Other doctors make a pathetic case for borrelia being exclusive to ticks. In the forest and even domestically, I have seen mbigspiders make webs that catch all manner of ticks. They are known as the bad spiders that make funnel webs. They carry many diseases including necrotizing fasciitis, flesh eating disease. Although that link doesn’t show that, the violin spider is a known vector. This is common shortcoming of medical science. Absence of proof doesn’t mean proof of absence as Dr Natasha Rudenko points out when outlining the multiple borrelia tick vectors of Canada. Borrelia is now proven to literally cause all the top diseases in the book. The book doesn’t even point that out.

Fleas carry borrelia. Show me the evidence? Exhibit A. Wild Apple Leaves. All the borrelia farming worms will come out of your skin. A lot of these nematodes are invisible under the microscope, yet the endosymbiont borrelia inside the worm sticks out like a sore thumb. The worms are transparent like a jellyfish. Far from being a worm disease, the borrelia spirochaetes have a DNA exchange going on inside the worm. Farmer and flock relationship. All medicine, allegedly Lyme Literate or not, is horrifically disingenuous, assuming the chickens run the farm because there are more of them. Duhhh! You could go on all day about that alone, but would you buy anything from that idiot, let alone let some government flack that puts them in consultation with you on anything medical? If you do, fill your boots. We don’t need more swimmers in this gene pool. We always get our wish too. Eventually they all die. Stupidity kills them, and every single one of them. They pick out their own food because it’s pretty. Like I said.

A billion bad looking apples make good wine or apple sauce. Why don’t grape, peach, pear, cherry, plum and olive leaves do the same thing? My guess is that they don’t have Phloridzin Dihydrate for starters. It is a parasitic worm’s worst nightmare. Add pectic enzyme for good measure, and their immunity to even medical idiots vanishes. The enzyme alone multiplies the effectiveness of any medicine, but with the wild apple tree fibres, it demolishes the biofilms that are largely made of pectin. Your teeth are coated with insidious biofilm that causes plaque build up. Want to get rid of it easily and chemically without grinding your teeth by brushing or getting it chipped away by a dentist? Chew wild apple leaves or tree fibre. It’s a side effect. If you need proof just brush your teeth with apple fibre powder instead of toothpaste.

yellow-jacket-illustration_1950x1518Most biting midges can host nematodes, adults, nymphs, or eggs. My own personal experience exposed nematodes from Yellow Jackets and Bees. Another forgotten vector is aquatic bacterial biofilms on floating docks responsible for transmission of Duck and Swimmer’s Itch. These parasites live for decades, not two weeks, subcutaneously, and are smoked out with Wild Apple Leaves over 55 years after the fact. There were so many thousands of them that I thought they were dirt coming out of my skin and pores, all from Wild Apple Leaves at up to 2 dry grams a day. All these additive infections cause ageing, and you feel younger as the nematode masters leave by the dozens from where they have hidden undetected for over half a century in my case.

smokinkillsNow for the “light” Saturday angle. “NO NON-SMOKING!” All the non-smokers I know are all dying badly, or dead. Like House MD says, “Everybody Lies!” They all say they are doing perfect, then the next thing I hear is that they had a botched operation and that they died. Wild Apple Leaves convert tobacco smoke in to the most amazing medicine ever. It blasts through the blood brain barrier. It smokes out all the worms from bug bites since you were born. Worms love non smokers… Good eating! They could eat a dozen apple trees and the worms wouldn’t care because they’re sooo smart. Their doctors are all non-smokers, and they’re rich. They rarely last over 72 years. On one episode of “Bones” on Netflix, they ask for anyone who has a lighter or they will all die on an airplane, and it turns out the stewardess confiscated one. Wild  Apple Leaves are like that. It’s God’s Plan. All Non Smokers will go to Hell after going through Hell. They forgot Man is the only animal to use fire. Smoking ensures there is always a source of instant fire. The nicotine ensures that any parasite will be a tourist when the apple fibre hits them. I’ve been to the future, and no non smokers are there. Everybody smokes. Something killed all the non smoking boy scouts. Somehow the Georgia Guidestones don’t seem so silly after all in that “light.” How do you kill 7.8 billion people? Wild Apple Leaves and Smoking. QED.

It’s a paradox. Make people kill themselves by not smoking. That must be why they call me Doc Doc. Dr² Baker – TMINAD. Now you know these worms are a higher intelligence than mankind. So why waste time on this blog? Somebody has to write the new Bible after it’s over and done. lol





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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