Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 23, 2017 – A Shzt Science

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TrypanosomeIt never dawned on medical science. The reason for their stellar 2.5% success mark with cancer is that they are focussed on the wrong thing. Wild Apple Leaves scream, like Andrew Dice Clay, “Hey Goombah! We are the Worms! We’re all over here! Look at the size of – that – head! Hey everybody, get a load of the size of that fzckin’ head on this Doctor! That is a huge fzcking head! We’re over here! Get your pumpkin head out of that three looper I just laid out in this dumb fzck’s brain!!!” I’ve gotta side with Dice on this one. They’re real fzckin’ idiots. They haven’t got a clue what is really going on. It’s a farm run by farmer worms. It has borrelia biofilm shzt everywhere. Wear your gum boots. That is until Wild Apple Leaves smoke them out.

They are also a biofilm catalyst that starts the biofilm breakup. There is no substitute for wild apple tree fibre unfortunately. So-called Organic fibre appears to be contaminated with dithane, which aggravates Parkinson’s Disease in mammals. Dithane is used to control apple scab on apple trees, destroying billions of dollars of medicine in the process. You should worry because the more fruits and vegetables you eat from the supermarket, the greater the risk. Dithane is a fungicide used on most fruits and vegetables. Manufacturers use surfactants in a proprietary fashion to protect their cash cows. The downside is that many are Class 1 Carcinogens when ingested. This all happens on the watch of the health care system in North America. Ask Dr Stephanie Seneff. She has done great work to blow the lid off of agrifood herbicide and pesticide contamination. Commercial and Organic <cough cough!> Orchards use Integrated Pest Management. Test the leaves for it.

This is an awful state of affairs. Supermotherâ„¢ Wild Apple Fibre Fortified Vinegar may come to the rescue. Acetic acid mobilizes the metal ions while the fibre should chelate them. The manganese and zinc in Mancozeb/dithane is wreaking havoc with people. Doctors don’t help actually reccommending more contaminated fruits and vegetables, exactly the wrong thing. Any 3rd year engineer can figure that out on a beer and pizza break. The trouble with organic apples is that they are also the source of the deleterious minerals from fungicide contaminants.

Now you know why Pure Phloretin is $1 million a Kg. Agrichemistry pollutes the largest source of natural analogs for it in the form of Phloridzin Dihydrate. There are Wild Trees everywhere where the deer and the antelope play though.







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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