Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs Jan 26, 2017 – IRL

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fbWell, there ya go. lol In less than a week, the politics has stopped. It’s all back to an altered reality on FB. The haters hammered themselves into submission with their backfiring hate, reminding themselves that they were the problem and not the solution. Hillarity even played a part. Rodney King, RIP, reminded us that we CAN all just get along without burning the shzthouse down. The Skidder in Chief skidded the entire state department. They’ve had it coming since Alger Hiss. On a medical front, that swamp is circling the drain. Let’s find out how much they don’t want you to know. Keystone’s a go. Dakota Azzhats out in the cold. They fought a hard battle to save their oil companies, and got squashed like a bug with more than twice the oil of Saudi Arabia to ice the cake. In less than a week, America not lookin’ so great again for them. More fit has hit the shan than in the previous 16 years, 911 included.

0bombWomen marched over the cliff in lockstep with their fearless standard bearer trying her hand at Community Riot Organizing. FIAL! Mexico is scrambling to build a wall AND a moat, Rio Paquito. There’s still another day left. Apparently they have 22 million US shined up and trained employees on the way stat to help them do it. She has been too apoplectic to get the memo about Wild Apple Leaves I guess. Any idiot on the receiving end of Canadian Public Health Care could have told them that Affordable Care would go over like a fzrt in Church! That’s why so many went south or overseas to skip the lines or get a second opinion to confirm we couldn’t count our balls twice and get the same answer here.

What really matters now is Wild Apple Leaf season coming up in the next 90 days in Australia, New Zealand, Tierra Del Fuego and South Africa. In any physics experiment, you are looking for repeatability. When repeatability breaks down, you are looking to re examine the experiment, and then the observers. Here there is a case for a Quantum outcome such as the famous double slit experiment designed to resolve the light particle or wave argument. The answer is light behaves like either, depending on the observer’s bias. When bias is removed it behaves like both. Here we have a worm or no worm biased outcome with a quantum duality outcome behaviour. Worms themselves are biasing the outcome based on self preservation by altering the observer’s perception. This explains seeming bizarre behaviour of doctors, as does horrific corruption or extortion, again a move based on self preservation. I have a case for all of the above. Wild Apple Leaves drain the swamp figuratively to resolve the paradox, and you find evidence of worms fleeing all over the place. Pay no attention to these men/worms pulling the wool over your eyes. Gauging from that Ottawa Conference last year, the patients deserve to tar and feather the doctors, yet doctors can’t see why.

Compatible vectors for these worms exist from the arctic to the antarctic so there is no place where they are geographically excluded. Worse yet there are borrelia spirochaetes in all of them. Wild apple leaves make you feel like a professor holding the key to the test because they afford you the luxury of knowing all the answers before the test is even held.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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