Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Jan 27, 2017 – Peers?

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Thomas Nutman? I guess I’ll have to go to Tanzania. Not going to do that. This huge helminth infestation that Wild Apple Leaf has exposed here is right here, right now, and inside each and every one of you everywhere you have been bitten and/or stung by bugs, for all your life. A child of three will be able to see it. “Mommy! Bug bad! Worm Baaaader! Oh oh. Poopy pants!””Shaddup and eat your Wild Apple Leafs!””Wahhhh!” I feel for ya kid. Damn worms drilling out all over the place. Just be glad you caught them now or else they’ll be in there until you’re back to poopy pants like great grandpa.

I have no peers. Tell these morons about a food that can change cancer to sugar lumps, tell them how to make it (That was 3 months before the pectic enzyme though) and try it in a day or so, and they would rather lose their house to a doctor with a 2.5% success ratio after waiting ten months to tell them how big the prospective sugar lump has grown. That’s bright. Oh, but it’s insured! Peer reviewed. You must be over this height to be peer reviewed on this ride. “Wahh!” Sorry, Skippy. We’re going to fry you to a crisp with several Grays of radiation first, then poison you with our peer reviewed %2.5% score chemo. There’s a 97.5% chance you’ll die, but think about that cool last wish trip to Disneyland! I guess I was incredibly lucky after being given up for dead paralysed alone 3 years ago. This whole turning cancer to sugar lumps thing was just a figment of my imagination. Never knew I was so imaginative. Sux 2 B U. Wo0+!

C’mon! Are they that fzcking dumb? Probably. They tried it and it didn’t work? No. They just bayer-advancednever tried it. Bayer says it is poison. They would know. They poison them for a living, and you dumb fzcks eat it everyday with supermarket produce and vitamins. To be clear, I specify *WILD* Apple Leaves, untouched by Bayer or Dow.  I did spend a year proving baaaambi-thar-she-b1oesPhage uptake in the 2015 crop, but those went to curing cancer and Alzheimer’s in two ladies. The lung cancer lady never quit smoking or doing more drugs than you could shake a stick at, I guess. She has disappeared coogin’ some 20 something douchebag, and she would be 54 now. The other is 97. They were both declared dying a year ago. Mother, their daughter and grand daughter, didn’t like the fact that they left temporary blemishes on her lovely skin where worms drilled out of bug bites she had from God only knows where. She is pictured here pissing herself at another one of my knee slappers when we made up her resume. I wanted to show that she still had teeth or else people might not have believed it. Too much I guess. Grandma still has hers. Not sure about Great Grandma. They think cancer and Alzheimers are just inconveniences like a common cold now, except less. Doctors just thought their combined wisdom was in error that one time, twice, in the same family. Genetics. That explains it.

me4Since then dozens have died on their watch. Beware that Apple Leaf Phage Engineer Ko0K! You’ll get Genetics!!!! That *was* a Wild Apple Tree above my left shoulder there. Rocket surgeons cut it, and a cool million, of medicine down because it threatened their cucumbers. That’s OK. My pet deer shzt on their zucchini. lol They may have poached her orphan baby bear though. I think it was Chinese poachers. They bagged him for the paws and gall bladder. I only heard one shot in Aug 9, 2014 when they poached mother deer. They bagged baby bear some place else. This is Sept 2013 before Chris died from brain cancer in Jan 2014. It took me a while to find out why, and a few more months to cure. I think I had it too. It’s from bug worms. Maybe the skin cancer there on the left side of my nose bought me time. This pic doesn’t show it so well, but man it hurt after twelve years when it first showed up. I was hit in the face by a pine cone that started it, then worms drilled out. I think they were behind the whole thing. This is when Mother thought I was the reincarnation of Bon Scott from Karaoke. She’s a huge Bon Scott fan. That night her, Iola (camera), and I blew up Karaoke in Sicamous. A year later, three worms came out of the knee joint where that leg brace was. They were from Yellow Jacket stings in the 60’s.

John Chapman Appleseed was also a fan of the natural apple tree. This leads me to believe he also discovered what I did about eating the apple leaves. His inexplicable behaviour becomes instantly explicable. He would have known about parasites in bug bites and stings. He would have known instantly that they were above all medicine of that day, as they still are today. It explains why he followed the religion of a mining engineer, Swedenborg. It is something else people will never understand until they eat Wild Apple Leaves and Bark themselves.

Here is a video posted to YouTube about Filariasis. Thanks to Robert Wolfe for the heads up on this. It is but one of several vector parasitic diseases carried by local culex and tropical anopheles mosquitoes. It is more prevalent and widespread from air travel these days. That is how all these tropical diseases show up in Canada and adapt to transmission by local vectors. If you or even acquaintances like to travel, you are a ticking time bomb of vector filth imported from everywhere you travelled crossed with everywhere everybody you travelled with travelled. No, you can’t just wash it off. Apple Tree Bark treats these conditions, while Ivermectin along with Albendazole or DEC wallops it into submission.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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