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Sat, Jan 28, 2017 – Environmental

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The word means “Thinking about the Environment.” Well, I see there is none of that here. They denuded the Riparian zone, and created mosquito swamps. That’s perfect because doctors here don’t provide WHO Essential treatments for all manners of arbovirus. That makes them a non functioning health care system. Hey Canada. Way to go.

Meanwhile, Mildura, Victoria, Australia is like the antipodal version of Shuswap Lake here. It will be 105F, and 107 Monday. Great apple growing weather. Bring an umbrella for that sun. The leaves will be bubbling with proteolytic enzymes making them more powerful each day as April harvest approaches. The whole SE sector of Australia should be good for Wild Bligh apples. I don’t know, but I am thinking about that environment now. Great swimming if there are no crocodiles. Do kangaroos eat them? They are herbivore marsupials after all.

Just remember Organic is NOT Wild. The fungicide on organic tree fibres exacerbates Parkinson’s Disease, and may in fact cause it if you eat too many supermarket fruits and vegetables. This has actually destroyed the Apple Tree Fibre Medicine base, and shot the wild untouched tree fibre price through the roof at over $100K per dry Kg. at Sigma Aldrich Equivalent prices for just one of the many beneficial components. They also do not include any phage that is taken from the soil and incorporated in the tree fibre. Medical “science” will be centuries getting to the level where they can even detect this, but the results are screaming it out. They won’t even try because there is no money in it. The WHO tags it at 3.5 billion people infected but that is low in my experience. It’s closer to 7 billion with over 99% of the world population infected. Only one person was unable to smoke out worms with Wild Apple Leaves. Later, it turns out he mistook a cherry tree for a wild apple tree. Doh! I’m starting to think it is like masturbation. 69% of people are plagued by it, and the other 31% lie about it! lulz

smokinkillsWhen you step back and look at it, people are truly mental about the environment. They have no idea that H Bomb testing incinerated all the ozone starting in 1953 before air conditioning even got started. They think chemtrails are a bad idea when they would all be blind and starving without them providing a UV umbrella. Real rocket surgeons. They have no idea that they have been worm food since birth and still are at this very moment. Granny here is tougher than nails though when you consider she still has all the lead from leaded gas in her system akin to smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day. Also consider that the old gal is 10%+ worm weight. The upside for the rest of us is that Wild Apple Tree fibre is reputed to capture sequestered heavy metals in your system.

michellMeanwhile, the social media environment is still a lil’ mental. lol

I wasted all Sunday catching up on social media and waiting for a visit with groceries Watching “Papa” on Netflix about Hemmingway in Cuba.






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