Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 30, 2017 – NECE

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michellIt stands for (US) Navy Entomology Centre of Excellence. They would know about wild apple leaves. They just aren’t saying anything. Otherwise I am CECSME – Canadian Entomology Centre of a Shztload More Excellence. We got Worms! Our veterinarians generally know bupkiss though. Most of this work is in the US and I assume from Dr Rudenko, the former Soviet Union. This is definitely Department of Homeland Security work, and is Top Secret. Shhhh! lol Now it makes a helluva lotta sense why they won’t let *me* into the USA. I outrank them all. Threat to *Their* US jobs! lol

dhsThe Invisible Invasion. Nature is far more cunning than a Trojan Horse. Bugs with worms packing endosymbiont borrelia, but the fact I discovered is completely unknown. The worms make biofilm. It is their brain and their intel and their troops. It is the whole army. It owns human beings from birth. There is no defence with permethrin or otherwise. Current treatments are akin to dumping the entire pharmacy into the septic tank. Ring a bell?

The nematodes can survive without the human or other mammalian host. They are timeless if they can transcend that barrier, and Wild Apple Leaves make them take that leap of faith. Eventually, all humans get infected. It causes them to die. People are unable to get that through their thick skulls without a Wild Apple Leaf injection like a phage and chemistry carbine to the brain. It is both those that eventually expose the whole sordid mess. It is a Death Sentence from Birth if you do not interrupt it. It is the meaning of life 1.0.

stickerThey’re all too clueless. This is a full court press biological attack that is unknown. Can YOU help me find the perp? Your life depends on it. Medicine is even more clueless to the point of being co conspirators if they don’t smarten up. This has evaded all medicine for all history. I have my theory that it is chemical companies by their sneaky actions. They continuously move to thwart and bayer-advancedobstruct government regulation and justice, if not medicine. They have a sordid century plus storied history of pulling off the same game through two world wars and more. They laugh at major indictments and come off unscathed with financial slaps on the wrist. These two psychotic companies are murdering you along with Dow Chemical.

Meanwhile, people are all blissfully unaware all this is happening while Facebook explodes in a sea of hate by the stupidest with the highest opinions of themselves as they die in accelerated fashion. They’re not paying attention, a deadly decision. I thanked God all yesterday they will all be gone soon after spending time to survey the situation. There is no lifeguard on that gene pool.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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