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Tues, Jan 31, 2017 – “You’re Fired!”

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It seems some people just don’t understand what just happened on Facebook. I think I can help. Here is the movie set of “The Making Of A Liberal President (1952) Oh, Cum All Ye Faithfull!” a Progressive Fundraiser from that scorched earth Truman Korea year. Sweating Liberals are taking a Kool Aid and cookies break from this gruelling Liberal Reconstruction Era fundraiser filming schedule. Like all Early 20th Century Liberal shzt, it is Cut and Dried in BlacKKK and White, and is a musical with no sound. Dwight Eisenhower had just demolished a proto Sec. State Adlai Stephenson. Liberals were broke and broken. They needed children to rebuild the party from scratch. They would have to stop aborting them all for a bit.

Hark! “The Donald” Liberals Sing Lyrics

from Christmas Carols

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Hark! the Donald Lib’rals sing,
We have just lost every thing,
Lost the Senate. Lost the House.
Lost the Gawdamn Supreme Court!
Hateful, all ye Mo0nbatz rise,
Let us Riot Organize;
With Satanic host proclaim,
“He Kicked Azz! Stole Washington!”
“Fzck! The Donald!” Liberals whine,
“We have squandered all our time!”

0house“Christ! The Owe Bomb has been Fired,
Christ! The Donald fired Him!”
Late in time – Birth date He forged,
Offspring of some Kiddie Porn.
Conceived on Straight 8 in Hawaii;
Later Born down on Kalihi, In
’53 or ’54?
Left stretch marks on the kiddie whore!
Hark! “The Donald” Liberals hate,
Hawaii was not yet a state!

Hail, the Whorehouse Prince of peace!
Hail the Nobel Committee!
Hope and ¢hange to all he brings,
From Her tighty preteen wings.
Mum would take the load of Frank
Marshall Davis in her tank
Choom Gang made His Blood shot eyes
Born to Riot Organize,
Hark! “The Donald” Liberals sing,
We have just lost EVAHrything!


It begs 57 or 58 verses… One for every Liberal state! And each prospective Father! Two more to go, but don’t we have bigger fish to fry? This crap is so ’09… like Ann Dunham! Hell! She done EVAHryone! Move On!

Wild Apple Leaf worms don’t like like their thunder being stolen by FB Liberal Kiddie Porn gang bang fundraisers. One thing those worms don’t have is Liberal amnesia. They remember exactly where the door is to get out fast. What is unknown is whether they feel Wild Apple Leaves are like a Hawaii ’50 “Vice Raid” casting call in the middle of a good Liberal Fundraiser gang bang “shoot” at your expense. The amazing thing is that they sharpen your memory back to when you were a toddler as you remember serious injuries that the worms use fibrinogen from to fortify their fibrin/biofilm cocoons inside you, and you can feel again as the worms struggle to get out of like running from the Military cops faster than being caught with a juvenile in an early 1950’s Honolulu Elementary school/whorehouse. You can’t pick your parents. They might be able to pick their host though. Who knows? If they can take over a human brain, a bug brain is a little simpler and falls into the Progressive “Steal Everything!” mantra actually.

After this, Progressives won’t touch Wild Apple Leaves with a ten foot pole. That is actually a good thing, and they’ll die drowned in worm shzt. I couldn’t think of a better way to get rid of another Mo0nbat genius. After 9 solid days of their yammering about their plans to euthanize us all and kill all the Jews again, it gets a little dated. Besides, they have all miraculously converted to Islam overnight, minus the Martini and Pork ban. I don’t think they can do that! They’ll gleefully rape all their women and stone them. The women will all absolutely *love* the Spring 2017 Burka Collection… or else! Perhaps they’ll simmer down, but I doubt it. They’ve gone from “Gee… Had!” to Jihad in one swift kick in the azz.

They’ll make up for that huge virgin shortage for Islam, Peace Be On Them. What do you call an Islamic Virgin? Ugly 3rd Grader. Praise be to Owe Bomb! Praise be to Allah! I guess I’m old fashioned. It was my intolerant Western upbringing where I was taught not to throw rocks at girls. Instead we threw crab apples at cars and gave girls Valentines, chocolates, and flowers. Now the new progressive way is to round them up in lesbian Harems while packing turds in little boys to train and ease their natural movements for the full Liberal LGBT experience. Not my cup of tea bags. I’m just a mainstream politics guy, supporting Winning, and not extremist Liberal Jihad nuckin futz turd burglars inciting Quebec Liberal Nazi National Front lunatics. Of course, that is only expected when they are fighting to garner a forever shrinking voter base. I don’t know French. I just know they’re nuckin’ futz, and steal Western money for a living. These days, being normal is being Far Left AND Far Right at the same time! I think they’re a little more than off their meds. Now I see why they need a wall. We need one too to put around them all and lock them up!







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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