Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Tue, Feb 28, 2017 – LD Forensics

Forensic Science never lies. Such is the case with Wild Apple Leaves. The worms may say it’s entrapment. To them I say so sue me. It’s MS, ALS, FM, Alzheimers, HD, Celiac and Crohn’s, all Intestinal, too many Cancers to list, and Arthritis Forensics too. Like all forensic science, they just don’t know it yet. Doctors come off looking like the Keystone Cops in this investigation, with the twist that they are forced into criminal compliance by their professional associations. Medical science coyly states that Borrelia is the causative agent, when wild apple leaves clearly demonstrate that is just worm poop from the hundreds of worms living unfettered inside you all right now. Trust Me. I’m NOT a Doctor!™ Rather, I am the lead forensic scientist that has them all dead to rights. Like all criminals, everybody lies. The trick is to catch them in it.

Criminals are asked to take a polygraph. By refusing, their guilt isn’t assumed, but suspicion is raised. All doctors are bumped to prime suspects. Wild Apple Leaves are also the cure they refuse to administer. Let them hang themselves with their own flimsy defences, largely based on conspiratorial chemical company criminal data. Counter to them all the medicines they administer based on procyanidins.

All humans possess the attributes of Noah, the last of the long lived antediluvian patriarchs who lived 950 years. Moses only made it to 120 years. Wild Apple Leaves get it back to antediluvian. You have to keep it up though. The Silutrians rediscovered it and built Pyramids. The time unlock offered by Wild Apple Leaves allowed them to span to Grecian times. Of course the Muslims sacked the Pyramids they built partially for the smooth marble they built their Mosques out of. Wild Apple Leaf forensic science catches these horrific perps dead to rights guilty of genocide, as sure as worms are my witness. For worms have super antediluvian lifespans. This is not so obvious. Breaking down their communications is the key to time.

You may say it’s all nuckin’ futz but I don’t care. We sure don’t need any more smart idiots. I’ll let God sort ’em out with that great final exam in the sky. This isn’t a grey area like forensic hypnosis. It is hard living evidence that live worms are living inside you as we type here. Maybe hundreds are. You would see, but you have to start getting rid of them first. Wild apple leaves don’t only expose a smoking gun, but they deliver the actual murderers, interrupted live in the act of robbing and murdering you with the multiple terrible and painful diseases they farm.

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiYou can grow your own wild apple trees, and they start to produce a medical foliage crop in the first season. Replace chemical pest management by actually manually managing pests and fungus by harvesting the leaves continually. There are 5 seeds in every apple, but that apple variety was likely grafted onto a rootstock. You can buy a young rootstock apple tree ready to go at a nursery. We want the foliage and not the apples. We can use the pectic enzyme to make apple wine or cider instead from them. Varieties that are resistant to apple scab are desired for more phenolic medicinal content in the leaves and tree in general. It is the leaves that have enhanced anti helmintic properties that we desire. The helminths are the dirt on nature’s dirty needles, insect vectors, that cause virtually all human disease. This becomes obvious once you start eating wild apple leaves from your own tree. In March, it is the time to get started planting apple trees here.

WitchPharmaceutical grade Phloridzin Dihydrate is hard to come by. This is because of apple harvesting. The Phloridzin Dihydrate crop is destroyed by deadly chemicals to make apples pretty. It becomes clear that the apples themselves are the poison lymph glands of the tree. Let everybody else eat that crap. We’ll be better off without them anyway. Change your thinking to a mindset that apple trees shzt apples. That is why worms crave them. The apple leaves will make you have pretty shzt instead. I would much rather have that scenario, but I’m still not going to eat shzt. I’ll leave that up to all the other health care rocket surgeons. I’m just a regular rocket surgeon, and the forensic science of Wild Apple Leaves does not lie.







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Mon, Feb 27, 2017 – Smart Idiots

They’re a busy bunch polishing turds.They run a tight ship at the dump.Who are you going to call to deal with a perfect mess? Some smart idiots, that’s who! You need an honest liar to get to the bottom of the top of this shzt. Call 511 for a Wahmbulance to stage a Chinese Fire Drill for a real emergency. It may not be a real emergency yet, but it sure will be when they’re done with it. That’s what happened with Lyme Disease in a nutshell.

These imbecile geniuses discovered worm shzt comprising biofilm and spirochaetes. None of them have discovered nematodes yet. Wild Apple Leaves are way over the heads of these sharp dullards. They threaten the multi trillion dollar Government Medical Industry that keeps these gifted retards employed. It’s about time something did.

Slack jawed mouth breathing imbeciles are the best intelligent gift that keeps on giving to themselves. You can try to correct them morning noon and night, and they’ll fzck it all up anyway because they are too smart to teach. They are the best thing to happen to themselves. Might as well argue with them now because they’ll all be dead soon enough on their own watch.  I just wish they’d hurry up. C’mon idiots! Show us how bright you are. Tell us how many worm exits you’ve had. I’ll spot you 1% each one, when it should probably be more like .5%. Nothing makes a dimwit feel better than a good pat on the back. It’ll give all their worms a warm fuzzy too. You have to feel sorry for the poor lil critters being stuck with such a prize as that.

The worms offer that its not so bad. Even an idiot can keep the food dish full. One man’s salty starch junk food is a full course worm meal. They’ll just have it with a main course of brain cells. It’s not like they’re being used for anything else. The idiot will make up for the lost cartilage with chondroitin sulfate to make it to the store for more. They eat all the extra neurons out of their fat to leave cellulite voids, but the idiot will plump it all up for an unlimited supply until it is time to move on. Oooh look! Head Cheese! Hey idiot! Pick some of that up for sandwiches! We crave brain! Duh!

Pity the worm. Pity the po’ idiot too! It’s all a sad state of affairs that Wild Apple Leaves rip the gauunchies off of in unceremonious fashion, but hey, what can you do? Wedgie? The whole sordid affair isn’t worth the smug satisfaction of a worm riddled shzt striped idiot wedgie deluxe if you ask me. YMMV! WhatEVAH floats your boat as they say. You may start a stylish trend if you can culminate it in a top knot bandana. You may even get an arts degree credit from UBC! Somebody has to staff the government service sector.

trudeau-liebensraumInvite refugees to lord over. Get a helmet to cover it up. Give them a bucket of balls and a new Biggest Big Bertha driver in a tile bathroom for edutainment. Give them a free reign with a short leash. You’ll have hours of enjoyment with your smart idiot. Ask them how they like President Trump? Point out he’ll only be around for 8 more years. Have a mop handy for tears and saliva. Both the idiots and yours. Be careful with smart idiots though. They’re the proverbial rabid animals in the petting zoo. They’re like a loaded bear trap with a plush toy for bait.

As bizarre as it seems, like an episode of Forensic Files on Netflix, these criminal idiots think they are smarter than  everybody else. This is how medicine plays patty cake with Lyme Disease in Canada, essentially getting away with murder for money. It’s so obvious that the police have to be in on it, intentionally looking the other way. The forensic evidence never goes away though. New direct methods like Wild Apple Leaves get discovered. Better DNA methods come up post mortem to revive the dry blood evidence. Forensic Science lies in wait for these smart idiots. I’m all over the whole science of Lyme Disease forensics. I can expose the sentinel event along with the first parasitic worm that caused it all, but the question remains which one of the hundreds was it? It’s your call there.



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Sun, Feb 26, 2017 – A Tidy Mess

psychelpGod help us, but God had nothing to do with creating this mess. Man is 100% responsible. Doctors are hapless when it comes to treating chronic infectious disease responsible for all leading causes of death, other than medical error itself owning third place. First and second leading causes are heart disease and cancer. Then it goes down the list respiratory, Gastro Intestinal, and Urinary Tract Infections. We know all that, but the bigger picture is that we live in an increasingly toxic world as more chemicals get used to less intended, and more unintended, effect. All the maximum safe concentrations have now been exceeded. The entire food supply has been destroyed. Worse, the heritage genome has been contaminated with GMO’s. The weed genome just shrugged it off by out evolving the chemicals leading to super evolved weeds. Vehicles transport both worldwide in dirt on their undercarriages, polluting the entire genome.

How do we put this genie back in the bottle? I am not sure we can any more. I tried to suggest an antidote years ago but it fell on deaf ears. We see the results when we can, but it is all being covered up. Expenditures are exploding while life expectancy is eroding at an alarming rate. Autism is also exploding. We are helpless to stop it, as is the RFK Jr. Commission focussed on Vaccines, but not really looking at GMO’s. Both are to blame in my estimation, and not an either or thing. Then there is the huge Make America Shztty Again contingent dead set against draining their festering swamp. Terrorists also claim to have a solution, but I don’t think they got around the sustainability part yet.

Just got off the phone with a retired medical professional. After slowly spelling out over twenty words, I just said if you can’t spell or use Google, you are going to die. It is that simple. The Lyme epidemic has functionally retarded nearly everyone. I found a 72 hour cure, but even though it is a million dollars a Kg, or free if you have a wild apple tree, they are still asking questions over 2 and 1/2 years later. Lethal ignorance. Proof of Darwin if there ever was one. There comes a point where you just have to stop blocking them from entering the gene pool, and leave them to drown. Start asking questions back, like what colour of urn do they want their ashes in, and what should we offer at the reception? Cold cuts or hors d’hoevres? Cheese and crackers? Do you want me to detail how you ignored treatment for Alzheimer’s until then at the Eulogy added to all your friends that died that I also offered to help, but you reassured me how well your doctor buddies were doing with them? Get them started making their own memorial video. Leave a tidy mess.

It’s a total oxymoron, but a tidy mess is the best we can hope for. Organized chaos, with a flat out measured response of a gentle hammer. A precise rough smoothing of a good bad situation. A clear drained cesspool of antiseptic worms, massaged by politically intelligent medical science. A brilliant haze that’s smart like a pretty mud fence. A fastidious pig pen, with cute ugly attributes. A prudent blitz through a safe battlefield of mean extremes. It’s a candidate for a Vigorous mud dusting.

I haven’t got time for that shzt. I’ll delegate it to smart idiots. :p





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Sat, Feb 25, 2017 – Why Wild?

BCTF.logoI am hoping that Wild Apple Trees will be natural, and not sprayed or treated by chemicals. Apple Trees are the most horrifically chemically laced food plants that people eat. Even organic orchards are laced with chemicals. They spray them before and after the fruit growth cycles to get away with it. They spray the leaves and bark. Here I am lucky enough to have volunteer apple trees seeded by deer eating apples. The deer are somewhat protected from hunters by the Rocky Mountains themselves being too difficult to access, and also by sparse population. They also have a very keen sense of smell to avoid the chemical treated trees. This is also telling a story about tree fruits in general that should be alarming to all. People are blissfully ignorant about the whole thing.

Add our discovery to this and it adds up to more people peeing in their own pool. Wild Apple Trees contain chemicals that cure cancer, peer reviewed. That is just a side effect to the live anthelmintic action imparted by eating the leaves. The on label use of phloretin is too expensive to do that at $1.07 million CDN a Kg., but it makes it worthwhile to seek out all the volunteer apple trees you can find because it is the same product, once metabolised through the small intestine. It may even be worthwhile to seek them out internationally.

Funny you should say that. They are ripe for the picking in the Southern Hemisphere right now, and will be for a few more months even to the point where they fall off the tree during autumnal senescence. You can also identify the trees from the ripening of the fruit. I am going to branch out and store them in the GPS personally this summer now that I have a semi off road electric scooter. I still suffer from MS/ALS symptoms. Undoing that is proving to be way tougher than cancer and arthritis even, also tougher than cancer. YMMV, because it becomes painfully clear everybody will be as different as their own personal bug bites since birth, not to mention bugs that continue to sting and bite you, and for which you need a continuous supply of leaves to nip the nematodes at the sting or bite before they get started. It is the ultimate vector defence I have also discovered. It goes way beyond any hapless and futile Action Plan proposed by government.

Now how about that Venturia Inaequalis fungus that they spray for? Isn’t that poison too? Ironically, it is not. The only reason they spray with deadly chemicals is to make the fruit look pretty. Trees that are bred for natural Apple Scab VI resistance have more valuable phenolic content though. If you want to grow your own wild orchard, select a cultivar of apple that has a higher natural scab resistance, along with climate compatibility. Damper climates have more trouble with apple scab infestations. Otherwise, the local Agricops may make you cut a multimillion dollar pharmaceutical orchard down to protect a thousand bucks worth of their apples, because they are so smart. An apple a day keeps you dumber than a multimillion dollar stump. All the chemicals on them keep the doctor away too, because they generally stay away from dead patients.

Now there are sources of phloridzin that are claimed to be organic, but I haven’t tested them. Some I have and they failed, leading to aggravated symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, like shaking hands. It may be different for you, but that is the warning flag to watch for. You may feel it is worth weathering that to alleviate peripheral edema caused by inflammatory cytokines, which phloridzin is good at regardless. I didn’t have that problem with wild tree fibre. Also, nothing seems to really have the live anthelmintic action of wild leaves, which is the real draw to leaves versus bark and roots. Mind you, most of my worms were cleared out when I tried bark. It seemed like it may do the same thing, but I am certain the leaves do.








Fri, Feb 24, 2017 – In A Word

Worms. They’re stealthy. The most successful ones have eluded medical detection for all time. Name a human organ, and there is a worm that robs from it. Name a chronic infection and there is likely a worm behind it. Outside of medicine they exist from the Mariana Trench to the top of Everest, and from the north to the south pole. We exist in their world, and the other way around, despite medical assurances they do not.

Military Intelligence. Medical Assurance. Definitive Oxymorons. Wild Apple Leaves are the only way to cut through all this guff. It is all a lie for money. It becomes all not so painfully obvious, except figuratively. All that health care money is wasted without a sweep by Wild Apple Leaves first. They may not get every helminth out, but they are surely a good start. What they show will take all medical science to the next level. Moreover, the step up will be larger than all preceding medical technology put together. You too will see all current medical science is akin to fixing a Swiss Watch with a pipe wrench. Really stupid.

The best thing is that Wild Apple Leaves stop worms from defecating in your circulatory systems. Then you can use existing medicine and enzymes to mop up all that crap. Hopefully you do it before they make Swiss Cheese out of your neural fabric. Worms are your own personal evil Shadow Government. They own you. They own Trump and Clinton They own everybody. Except me. I gave them their marching orders 31 months ago. When they straggled, I upped the ante. Any worm here is a tourist, and many have tried since then and failed. You must be vigilant. They’ve owned mankind since Eve was created or was a mutant monkey, ignored her creator or monkey daddy on the advice of the worms, and we all suffer. To this day, or the first day you find a Wild Apple Tree. Then you can be an atheist sack of worm shzt. It’s a start.

It all comes down to reclaiming your body from the worms. And their shzt. Worms ate their own shzt like a hungry dog. That’s where the pectic enzyme comes in. Liquify all that worm shzt and hope your body can expel the chunks of corn in it too. That’s not a pretty picture, but unfortunately, that is what it looks like. At least the pectic enzyme converts some of it all to monosaccharide sugars, making it less viscous. The big picture is that a significant percentage of biting and stinging insects have viable human parasite worms in them.

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Thurs, Feb 23, 2017 – Why?

Why do they do this to us? I have my theories. Lyme Disease is incurable to the alleged last medical science resort, and Wild Apple Leaves show exactly why. They cure everything else that medicine can’t like arthritis and cancer. The easy explanation is insurance fraud. It is the oldest motivation in the book, as old as insurance itself. Insurance fraud is about half of the motivation for all murders. It is a way to get money out of death. There is a large resulting impetus to kill the insured party created simply out of greed. On the other hand, the loss can be from disability, and you just want the disabled patient to die quicker, giving unions a huge motive for murder of their base after retirement. In a public healthcare system, they distribute the murder, falsely believing that it can dilute the crime. No so fast there, Skippy. You’re all getting life.

Even the tiniest contribution to murder can get you the electric chair in death states, but they eliminated hanging in Canada. Fine. Let ’em rot for life with no possibility of parole. Some folks think that is preferable. Ask them afterwards. Would you rather do that or die? It begs research, and I am your faithful scribe willing to give you scads more data to help you make your decision. I have them dead to rights on murder one or conspiracy to commit same, and Wild Apple Leaves are the self evident forensic science that nobody would ever believe was possible to catch them in the ultimate cover up. I would quit if I had anything to do with a hospital now knowing what they show, because I would know I was a culpable party, thumping their tub of murder. It goes beyond barbaric, and it’s hard to believe they didn’t know. I have been doing nothing but telling them publicly for over 2 and a half years, and they’ve been doing nothing but saying it is crazy. Sound familiar? That is because it is like almost every single episode of Forensic Files on Netflix. They all claim they are innocent, and the cops are insane, you know.

“Oh, we didn’t know!” Plausible deniability, when we have you on record saying the people trying to inform you are being declared insane by you? That implies plausible conspiracy through defamation. What happens when it turns out to be 100% correct, and it always was? The best punishment is to put you in prison to die being denied any Wild Apple Leaves or derivatives to treat it. Then you will find out how insane it gets first hand. And you will deserve it. You ARE the Weakest Link. Bye bye.

Forensic Science raises a million questions we can all figure out the answers to lickety split. Wild Apple Leaves are the new age old forensic science that catches a huge slimy group of thieves and murderers in the act. There are the animals, parasite worms, the doctors that ought to know about them, but don’t, and their entire support network of pharmacists and nurses. When such a simple forensic test shows that they are all on the wrong track, the possibilities range from total incompetence to being incurious or ignorant for financial gain. In short, both ends of the scale are bad, with the middle being doubly bad.

The trouble with such a test is that it requires consent to perform. By simply denying consent by not ingesting wild apple leaf anthelmintic to see the results, all interactive and ingestive forensic testing could be denied on the same basis. Thus your body is a safe haven for murderous parasite worms, and medical science goes nowhere by default. It is in fact why medical science is going nowhere and cures nothing. Every single man woman and child is a sack of bug parasite worms that have absolutely nothing to fear until that sack ingests wild apple leaves. Then Lucy! You got some ‘xplainin’ to do!!!

Y220px-Nobel_Prizeou can lead a doctor to Wild Apple Leaves, but you can’t make one eat them. The first skilled one that does deserves a Nobel Prize. That doesn’t mean they will get one, but it will get them closer than they could otherwise ever hope to be. Such is the case with Dr’s Sapi and MacDonald. Both doctors have Lyme borreliosis. I know exactly what they are going through because I have been there and done that. Nobody will listen even to another doctor. Chin up guys. Let’s lock them all up in the crowbar hotel instead. You may not get a Nobel Prize, but think of the warm fuzzy you’ll get from torching all existing medicine in a heartbeat, and showing beyond a reasonable doubt obstruction and defamation, incurious behaviour, and leading to outright premeditated murder charges. I can’t think of a more deserving bunch of conceited douche bags screaming any louder for fresh red hot anvil life preservers in the deep end of the gene pool. Hey, that’s where THEY took it, not me.





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Weds, Feb 22, 2017 – Boring

Another sunny day. Time to break out the tequila. Simulate a Mexican vacation in this frozen paradise. Facebook is all about living in the past, so screw that. Zuck wants us to all community organize, but I feel disenfranchised. I’m not much for stoning women, fetus dumpster 24-7 services, or kiddie porn bastard Presidents. “Sharia” and “Like” their pages, you know. Tequila and Mexico, even when simulated, are a welcome diversion.

trudeau-meme“Hitler: A Career” is up on Netflix. Boring. It’s the same old Ottawa Liberal propaganda. It’s so “Superbowl” dated. Can you say one trick pony? He’s the Son of an Ottawa-ustrian Civil Servant, so certified Master Liberal Race. Sure, they’re a race of losers, but occasionally they win one, fzck it all up for everybody, and eat their young like over breeding Hamsters. It’s a requirement. It also passes for entertainment in Boringville waiting for March. That’s when they really get the spring in their Goose Step. Then they belly up to an Easter Feast of each other’s babies! Sure it’s boring because they always do the same gawdam thing, but it’s fun watching them shriek and squeal at the horror. Pass the cranberries. Eventually they burn Parliament Hill with themselves in it out of Schadenfreud. Boring.

Canada is a little slow on the uptake. There have been delays with the new solar book fire starters. Instead, the great Liberal mobs huddle in the chill around piles of books, looking for a match. C’mon Libby. You are the ones you have been waiting for. Wiki wiki!  Get on with the Joo roasting. Don’t look at us we’re broke. You claimed you had all the matches! As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t shaddup about it for years. See above. Now they burn piles of pixels on FB. Nobody cares.

What it takes away from is Wild Apple Leaves. They are all dying horribly and they will never find out the cure is so simple to explain and implement. It’s not like I’m going to tell them, as if they’d listen anyway. And in that respect, it’s all good.