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Weds, Feb 1, 2017 – No Lifeguard

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No shzt! There is no lifeguard on the gene pool. Knock yourselves out. Fill your boots. Engineering 101. From what I have seen, the average score is 00%. Look at this idiot for example. He is going to wean himself off oil. Get a filthy electric car to save the environment. Thermodynamics not his strong point. Environmental engineering either. Make a water powered lawnmower. Make a solar powered car! Smarter than centuries of engineers! Energy density just a bull shzt statistic like battery storage efficiency. He’s such a genius he thinks he can warm up the planet too much! It’s freezing outside but his politicians told him so. That’s more because they need idiots to take the other side of their energy futures trades, but who am I to question politics as an arbiter of weather, climate, finance, and engineering minimum entrance requirements?

Amaranth bet the farm on global warming. They were the greatest hedge disaster in all history. A decade ago was all different in climate speak! Here we are doubling down on stupid. A broken clock is right twice a day! No matter how bad shzt gets, one thing for sure! It will be Trump’s fault because we are liberals and we are so smart! Solengo! First Solar! Look at our track record! Solution: Toss them in Saskatchewan in February with a tank of CO2 and a pup tent. Warm your globe, enviro mental case. Give ’em enough fresh, hot anvils to float their boat in that gene pool.

Having trouble with a bug disease? Show us how smart you are by stinging yourself with bees. The parasites will be alive in those stings until you die. Hope you are rich because you will buy $100K+ arthritis drugs now! Per year! I linked wasp and bee stings to arthritis, but you’re smarter than that. You told us so because you’re a <insert politics here.> Your ego is so fragile that if CNN said you were stupid, you would end it all and do us all a favour. CNN won’t because they know you have to be an idiot if you even watch them.

Most people are killing time treading water in the gene pool. Enter Facebook. A new sport, Synchronized Drowning, is taking the world by storm there in the Olympic sized Gene Pool. It’s getting to the point where you can stand on The Dead Failed Liberals in the deep end there. More join them every second as they scream for Fresh Hot Anvil Life Preservers. Why does Trump have to kill them when they are so good at doing it to themselves?

trudeau-naziEngineers recognise AI, or they ought to, when it is being used. The surest route to disaster for a paradoxical enemy is to amplify them. Facebook gives them that and more by spreading it far and wide. Liberals lean into it making it an even larger disastrous crash and burn. The latest by their paradoxical screaming is that Godless Liberals are for Child Abuse, Sharia Law like stoning women for being raped, and wiping all Jews from the face of the earth. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is pictured here in Full Liberal Regalia on the streets of Montreal circa 1940. I think he is making a statement on the importance of Genetics and Breeding. Funny he should mention that.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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