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Sat, Feb 4, 2017 – FaceBook Burning

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pkbThis appears to be what is happening. It is a mental illness called Psychotic Malignant Narcissism. The lunatic when cornered projects exactly what they are guilty of on their accuser. It seems to be more prevalent with crystal meth, cocaine, or opioid drug  addicts. Groups of this type are Ernst Roehm’s SA Brownshirts and Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Liberal Fascists. Of course it is just a coincidence that both these narcissists are gay. One converted a minority position into government with 38% of the vote in a multi party system. The other stole his opposition  donations and continues to harrass the donation base to this day, fomenting hate.  Narcissists crave supply. Eventually they get in way over their heads, prompting them to get more grandiose in their supply seeking motions to keep their psychological psychotic Ponzi schemes alive. Roehm was given a Luger to execute himself and Hitler himself took complete control over his SA supply. Trudeau will likely be disgraced, if not beaten to death, by his own supply at  a Liberal “Leadership Review.” He will be outwitted and stripped of his supply by a more accomplished psychotic malignant narcissist.

trudeau-naziMalignant narcissist fascists crave propaganda. They burn Reichstags and take advantage of mass murders to blame their opposition with. Weak news is manufactured to fit the moment. Liberals create insane phrases like “White Hispanics”, “Bloq Quebecois Conservatives”, or “Gay Conservative Nazi Jews” to incite riots, creating sick sexual satisfaction for themselves. They create fantasy races to fuel their hated, such as their Ontario Quebec Liberal Master Race, or Pure Liberal Berkeley Race. Invariably, they inevitably ban all religion after using it to co opt and feed their narcissist supply. Pierre Trudeau is shown proudly strutting full Liberal regalia here, amplifying the credence they put into Liberal Master Race privilege and Genetics. Luckily, this new one doesn’t look like Mick Jagger. It got the full dollop of Malignant Narcissist genes that run in the Family. Such is the Proud Heritage of Liberal Fascism in Canada, flame suppressing silencers in teeth, even though they don’t know which way to point their guns. They do know the pretty Fascist Bang Sticks are Louder than shzt. They are delusional that if they ban guns, only Liberals will have guns. Luckily we have a completely undefended border and tons of fire bombs 5 minutes away to deal with this same old shzt. They can always create a Kiosk at the Pentagon to deal with the Canadian threat in seconds when pressed. They have bigger fish to fry.

One such fish is Fukushima. Liberal Fascists will placate western Liberal Fascists and use their propaganda to discredit “Conservative junk nuclear science.” A select Master Race Breeding Gene pool will cower in their shoddy Lafarge cement Ottawa Bunker while the rest of their bad seed get fire bombed Liberally. The Pentagon has done this before, as has Wall Street through their Soviet creation, whenever the lunatic Privileged Fascist hordes congeal in their inevitable bunker. Democrats drowning in the gene pool demanded we all throw them some fresh hot Anvils. Mexico can be solved in seconds by establishing a demilitarized zone, on the Mexican side, and as advertised, they will pay till it hurts.

The cornered malignant narcissist, and by extension, their entire narcissistic supply network, exhibit bizarre behaviour beyond belief. A gay conservative speaker at a narcissist supply university was enough to crash their already dysfunctional little meat computers. The Greg Gutfeld Show encapsulates it well, serious satire. It is the white hot ice of climate change. It is the liberal muslim jew fascist analysis that rips the duct tape off the stitches that leaves us in stitches. It is the Dakota Access pipeline over Dakota Oil Monopolist land, using useful liberal idiots to fight their battles. It is the Wild Apple Leaf of Mental Illness that makes the problem and solution self evident. Two Words: President Trump.










Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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